About me

About Me

Diane Stavrum

Chaplain, Artist

  • Blogging since Oct 23, 2008
  • Female
  • Nov 3, 1944
  • Richmond, CA
  • United States

Born in German Town, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reared in Madison, Wisconsin on Monona Lake
Santa Barbara High, CA
University of Oregon 2 years/ Tri Delt
BFA and MFA @ Otis Art Institute LA, CA
Teaching Credential k-12  @ California Lifetime
Community College Teaching Cred. @ California Lifetime
M.Div. @ Church Divinity School of the Pacific Episcopal Church
International Federation of Christian Chaplains
Ordained, Rose Ministries California
Chaplain on Staff at Chaparral House, Berkeley, Ca



22 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Diane: I just have to tell you this cause it’s very unusual.My cousin called and said the other day she was sitting on her couch trying to put her grandaugther down for a nap., and all of a sudden a big bang hit her front door. She went to look and it was a hawk it knocked its self out than got up and stared right at her.Than it flew away. 10 to 20 mins later she heard another big bang hit her Dinning room window,it was the same hawk he fell down into the window well was stuck there for a while than he or she got out and flew to the driveway and stayed the for a little while and hit the window again.This Hawk was trying to get in her house.This went on she said for an hour and 20 mins.My cousin thought it was a bad omen but I don’t. She said that the Hawk hit the window so hard it left an inprint of its eye and peek.Even the neighbor called her and told her that a Hawk was trying to get into her house. What was that all about? it was really strange! any insight will be very heplful Thank You so much Love and Light Always Dee

    • Wow! That is some story!Thank you for sharing this with me. I am really at a loss other than what you can read in these comments in terms of direction. I do think it is possitive-always! That being said there is always the natural possiblity that the bird was sick. But that doesn’t really explain all the tried attempts at different doors and windows to the same house! It certainly makes one think this is a determined effort to get the attention of whoever is living in that house! So maybe there needs to be a concerted effort on those residents (your friends) to take a time out to be silent together to become more centered and focused to what may be coming thier way in a means of good! Not bad! In anycase a possiblity is coming for somekind of advancement. It may be that it involves helping the wildlife in the area which may bring with it new possitive relationships for those in that house…God moves in mysterious ways… and we need to be watchful and ready to act in whatever doors become open to us. May they assess what is available to them and open at this time and not feel hindered in moving ahead in that direction. The Holy One is with you all.

  2. Dear Dianne, Just last year 2012 I lost my job and I have noticed a regular visits from a red tail hawk in our area perch to a tree outside our window. I’ve lived here since 2009 and never seen this type of activity at all, and now another hawk has come to visit this time with a big thud to my sliding glass door. But before i had these wonderful sightings, i often dream of a shaman coming into my dream to heal me, and just 2 weeks ago I had a dream about meeting Jesus, in this dream it started out in a room with a little boy holding a spout that is filled with olive oil and some kind of seed, the oil actually spilled on the carpet, in the dream i was upset to what took place. I notice my mom and dad (both parents are deceased), and also in the room is my youngest sister, in the horizon i noticed a storm of some sort white luminous cloud approaching toward my direction, my husband shielding the window, as it finally reached us, my dream took me to another area in my dream i saw Jesus to my left eye, where i witnessed Jesus and people in line receiving a type of cloth soaked in this gelatinous substance, as i sat there and watch how it works, Jesus is instructing everyone to throw it in this narrow pathway, as this material ignites it lights up your way, as it is now my turn in my dream Jesus came to me as he gave me this cloth and as he instructed me to do the same thing, i was afraid and i told Jesus that i was scared, and when i told him this he told me to lay down and find refuge in this bed of cloth, but the gelatinous cloth was still in my hands it felt cold. As i woke up in my dream my computer came on at exactly 6:42 am, as i lay there for awhile thinking just my dream was all about, i then told my husband about my dream and as soon as i finished telling him about my dream, and trying to make sense of it all at exactly 7:19 am my computer shuts off. What does this all mean? I sent this message to a pastor looking for answers but have not heard from him at all. Please help!


    • Hi Lionilla,
      thanks for your sharing. I have been down with flu for five days now getting better. Will need time to think over your comment. I will answer you soon. I suspect your pastor might too. Best to you, Diane

  3. Diane,
    Thank you so much for letting me know, will be waiting for your response. Feel better get lots of rest and a good home made soup.

    Thank you! >.<

    • Leonila Alo
      Whew! I have had another seige of now a walking pnemonia thing so have not responded in timely fashion, I am sorry for that Leonila. I know you are waiting to hear from someone about your dream etc. I hope your pastor has answered you something in the meanwhile.
      My first response is to say the computer’s turning on and off by itself has nothing to do with your dream! It may seem coincidental but assure you it has no bearing on any meaning to your dream or a message to you!
      First I understand you had the hawk sightings after you had these dreams.
      The first dream you say tell us about is about a shaman coming to heal you.
      Then your second dream is about Jesus and a little boy and in which you see your deceased mom and dad and youngest sister. After being upset over the seed and oil spilled on the carpet you notice a whilte luminous cloud you describe as a storm on the horizon coming toward you. Your husband is there now and sheilding the window.
      Just as this cloud arrived you find yourself in another area.
      Now you see Jesus on your left side giving a line of people a cloth soaked in some gelatinous substance which will at his instuctions light their paths as they throw it before them.
      YOu talk with Jesus, you are afraid, he instructs you to lie in the cloth which you still find cold to the touch.

      I am wondering what your own explanation of all this is? How do you relate to Jesus, number one? Are you feeling good about seeing him, being with him?

      Both dreams have this figure of holy wisdom, the shaman and Jesus. You mentioned that they came or one did to heal you. Are you ill? Do you suffer under some desease or prognosis?

      From this dream is seems you are ill and that you have a religious nature in that you believe in One Holy Wisdom and that you are in this Holy Care. You are surrounded by life (oil and seed) but the spilling of it ont he carpet upsets you. Could this mean you see your life spent out in a meaningless way? You see you mother and dad who are passed on to another dimension yet your youngest sister is there with you and your husband. You don’t tell us who the little boy is? How do you feel about the little boy? Could this little boy be your own persona (most often in our dreams every person is a part of ourselves) which represents the loss of valuable seed and oil that is life? The spout filled with this oil and seed could be a phalic symbol most likely which implies the creative giving of life. The fact that the oil and seed spill into the carpet rendering it useless makes you upset. May be that you have felt a creative part of your life has been wasted or lost in a meaningless careless way? Then the storm comes….yet in appearance it is beautiful it seems not ominous or frightening. This could represent a trial (storm) that you will endure (luminous) and your husband is making every effort to shield you from it at the window. It does arrive!
      You then are by yourself with Jesus watching him help other people with a kind of healing (it sounds like) cloth. Your dream lets you relate to Jesus and you do mention to him that you are afraid, but you do seem to trust Him and follow his directions. These are positive signs of a good relationship. Then you wake up.

      Lionila, these two dreams as I already said have the connection of “the healer” in them that comes to help you: the Shaman and Jesus. You receive that healing although you are afraid at first. And before that you are protected by your husband from a coming storm and your family is present supporting you too. When the storm actually arrives however, you are on your own but in the presence of the Holy Wisdom and healing power of Jesus. Although our families are helping and with us we all must bear our own storms yet if we believe we can with our Lord’s healing presence.
      I think you should be encouraged if nothing else that these dreams, if they are in fact messages of a sort to you, are positive.
      You must know that there is wisdom in scripture that says we are to not put much thought to our dreams as they most often are not more than physical reinactments of our unconsious working out details of our lives. That said, we also know there are some great Bible stories of dreams being interpreted to kings etc. However, in the general light of our lives I do think we must caution ourselves in taking our dreams to be prophecy or anything of that sort. They do reveal our anxieites and often help us in solving some of the preplexities of our life situations. In that light Linoila I again say you alone can give the best interpretation to these dreams, but it is obvious to me that they contain positive, encouraging details of support, health, and a lighted pathway ahead!

      Best wishes to you and may your path turly be lighted with the Light of Jesus! God’s Grace and healing peace be with you and your family.

  4. Diane,
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart in responding to my email, I agree with you whole heartedly in not putting all emphasis in my dream. I have been going through some tough times, being unemployed pretty much played more of the major roles of my anxieties in general. I learn to take one step at a time, and hopefully forget not to breath in the process. Diane, you really hit the nail right in the head, with every emphasis of Jesus helping me lighting my way out off my darkest moment. As we surely know he never sleeps, nor slumber, if we need his guidance all we have to do is pray to light our way.

    Best wishes to you as well and always have God’s Grace and healing peace be with you and your family.

    Waiting for your response is definitely worth the wait. 🙂

    • Wow! Leonila that is some experience. It seems you & your boyfriend were in the right place at the right time for that dear hawk. Very likely the hawk had been glanced in a brush off by a vehicle that may not have seen it or felt it and it was left stunned. You say he was simply sitting on the side of the road which suggests that possiblity as most likely. It is true that birds when stunned or even greatly frightened will go into a kind of coma or death like state. The fact he was sitting means to me that he wasn’t hurt so much as frightened to death. This state can last as long as 45 minutes. It seems he wasn’t completley comotized but stunned enough that you could handle him. When he woke up a little more he flew up to the top of the truck and eventually to the tree.
      Nonetheless you both were the ones to come upon the scene and were kind and caring enough to check him over. He no doubt appreciated the care and attention.
      Now as to the significance of this experience for you as a “messenger” of good tiding to you may be harder to discern. For me this isn’t really a “visit” but a happen stance. In anycase in nature, well in life in general, a good deed brings a good deed. You care and willingness to stop and offer help will return to you. That you can count on! When and how no one knows; but the truth of that cycle is everlasting. So Leonila you and your boyfriend are blessed. Now that is a wonderful message wouldn’t you say?! God is with you!

  5. Hi Diane,
    I had a very interesting experience yesterday and I wanted to share with you and see what you think. I was on my way to Church and down the street from where I live, my boyfriend spotted a hawk sitting next to the road. We were concerned that something was wrong so we backed up to where it was sitting. I got out of my car and the hawk did not move, just sat there. I reached down and actually picked it up. It did not try to peck at me or scratch me in any way. It allowed me to pick it up and hold it. We were concerned that something was wrong with it, so I held it while my boyfriend drove to a nearby vet. While I was holding it, it allowed me to pet him/her, talked to him/her and continue to hold him/her without resistance. We decided to take it back to where we found him/her and see if he was able to fly. I got out of my car and the hawk just sat on my arm in no hurry to take flight. It moved from my forearm to my hand and then back up my forearm. He/She never tried to claw at me, snap at me or anything. I held the hawk for about 15 minutes or so on my arm. Several times we made clear eye contact, it opened his/her mouth twice, but nothing came out. Finally we decided that we would take it back to our house and put it on the front deck to hopefully see if it would be ok. When I started to get back in the truck, the hawk flew from my arm to the top of my truck and stayed there. I climbed back up on the truck and touched it one last time and then it flew off to a nearby tree and sat there and looked at me. I immediately felt like God was trying to tell me something. I have never in my life had an experience like this. I felt very blessed. I’m not sure what it all meant. I am going through a personal problem that has been going on for about 3.5 years. I am hoping that it is coming to an end and this was a message from God letting me know that everything will work out and will be over soon. Can you give me any advice as to what it means when a wild hawk allows you to pick it up and carry it and just sits on my arm for so long and lets me pet it and talk to it.

    Thank you and your response is definitely worth waiting for.

  6. A baby hawk keeps landing in my backyard in los angIeles. Its a yard with trees and grown dogs and cats, that skunks, possums, racoons frequent. My nephews and neices are 1/4 papago and 1/4 yaqui… Yet the baby hawk keeps landing near me…looks a wnile then flies away and returns the next day.
    (years ago a white owl lived on top of our date palm for about 14 years before it flew away.

    • It seems the blessing of the Hawks visit is for you Art. You have a blessing on its way. Just knowing you have rrcognized the sweet haeks visits tells me you are blessed.

      • Dear Diane, I have a question. We have a hawk who landed in our yard Christmas day. It looked through my sliding glass door at, I think, my 4 grandchildren who were playing. They decided to go into my living room where they started to play. I looked through my picture window and there was the hawk perched on my neighbors room looking at the children playing in this room. It looked like it wanted to see them. Or I must be NUTS. Well since Christmas, my husband has been throwing food out for the hawk and every day it comes back for more. A few days ago it perched on my roof for a better look in my house or wanted us to know it was back for more food. I guess I want to know if there is anything to this. I have mega problems in my life right now and have been doing a lot of praying. Anything you could do would be appreciated and I thank you in advance. This hawk is white with brown spots and is kinda pretty. Could you send me an email at the below address because I don’t know if I can find this site again. Thank you and God Bless for all your trouble.

      • Carol, sorry for the delay in my reply. As you no doubt read through the other comments and stories you have found that if you want to accept the idea there is the folklore that the visitation of a hawk(s) is understood as a positive omen if anything. The hawk represents a messenger of good tidings. The fact that a hawk is known for its excellent seeing ability (as is the owl and other predator birds) this relates to its message as being one of insight and depth. It also suggests to the one visited is to be vigilant, sensitive, aware, and open to the positive that is coming or is already present in your life. As you surmised I am a believer that when we pray and our hearts are searching for answers, help and encouragement we can be sure our Great Creator doesn’t leave us orphaned and does answer in many ways. The hawk visit is one of these ways of sending a message to us.
        Just as the word “angel” means “messenger of God” so is the “visit of a hawk” is meant to mean a “messenger of God”. Your hawk was particular in its appearance to you in his position and he/she did so more than once. Your husband and children and you seem to be the recipients all of the visit message. To me I would take this as a very uplifting message of encouragement and safety. One fact for sure is you can be assured your Creator is watching and listening and guiding you in very sensitive ways. Stay alert and open and positive. Most often we miss the blessing God gives us as we see them as menial and unimportant, however, people often look back over life’s experiences and see those details that made significant effects in their lives which at the time they were unaware. You can be happy to know you are in good hands.
        Remember this: “Underneath are His Everlasting Arms.” Deuteronomy 33:26-28 God is always with us and watching over us with Love!

  7. Thank you so much for answering me. It is deeply appreciated. The hawk is still here since it came of Christmas Day. It waits in a tree in my back yard for one of us to feed him or her. If you don’t see him, he will fly on the roof and look in my kitchen window to let us know he is back and wanting food. He then will fly back to the tree and wait to be fed. This happens every day and I wonder how long he will stay. I will send you a picture of him if I can. And again, thank you.

  8. My mom has had cancer for a year she is my everything. I have always loved Hawks and as a child my dad would point out light posts they would frequently sit on I always stop in awe when I see one and admire it until it flys away out of site. I have always wanted to find a hawk feather and have prayed for God to let me find one. About 2 months ago we found out my moms cancer has spread to her bones about a month ago I was at there house and went out to get the mail turned around looked down and laying on the ground was a beautiful big striped hawk feather. I have it hanging on a cross on a cross stitch my mom did of The Lords Prayer. This morning my husband heard a thump and looked over and a hawk had flown into the plexi glass of our deck. My husband went over picked it up and it looked up at him and passed away. My mom is also in the very end stage of her life home on hospice care. I know this means something anybody have any input please!

    • Dear Erin, my heart goes out to you. My mom was everything to me too, best friend, counselor, and dearest mom. She too died of cancer after 10 years of surgeries and chemo and radiation. But she was a true believer in our LORD as am I. I believe God gives us messages all the time. Now your hawk dieing in your husbands hands seems to me to tell you that you mom is dying, yes, and she belongs to the LORD and she will be in His Everlasting Arms. She will live as our LORD promised to those that are His and believe in Him. So you have a wonderful message telling you, confirming to you that your mom is entering eternal life and pure joy and love. She will always be in the heart of the Living One and even as we are now too as believers, we are never really separated from them as we Live the the True Living One. Sure we as humans on this earth, grieve over the human separation but you will find a comfort in your inner being Erin that only God can give you when you mom leaves this human body. She will be okay! So will you! You are fortunate your husband was there as that too is significant to me that he held the dying hawk. He will be the one to hold you up in this worldly body but God’s Spirit is holding you all up in those wonderful promises of His Everlasting Arms. Find the Peace in your hearts that only the HOlY ONE can give you. Blessing to you Erin, your prayers are answered. Glory to God.
      Bible verse: Deuteronomy 33:27 The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them.

  9. Diane thank you that was so beautiful. My mom has been such a Faithful servant her whole life I tend to be a worrier and she always tells me God is in charge, He’s got it. She has had moments of confusion and being scared in the past 2 weeks and I have questioned God where is Your promise of peace? But the past 2 days she seems to be more peaceful. The hawk looked so peaceful in my husbands hands. This is the hardest time of my life I’ve been begging God for signs and I am so comforted that He is sending them. I can not thank you enough for your clarity in helping me make sense of them.

    • Thanks for sending me this information. I haven’t seen the hawk that appeared at my house on Christmas morning. Things have gotten a little better. It keep looking for the hawk, but no luck.

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