New love heart in my life..Doodle Smooch

Doodle Smooch 5:22:2016

My new little five year old Shih Tzu retired from having pups. Her AKC name is Gardens Heavenly Spoonful, her nickname is Doodle Smooch. She is adorable, right?  I loved her from the moment I saw her and I believe she took to me right away too, curling her head into me as I held her.  Now two weeks together it’s apparent she has adopted me and keeps very good care of me. And of course I pamper her to all her desires.  I am so grateful to have found her and grateful Karen her owner was willing and ready to part with her as she has other mother Shih Tzu’s she is breeding.  It wasn’t easy for her to let go but I am so so happy with Doodle. She will go everywhere I go that’s for sure. Already she loves to sit in my shoulder bag and she is the darling of all who see her.  Give Doodle a “hello” won’t you?


6 thoughts on “New love heart in my life..Doodle Smooch

  1. Congratulations. Dogs are the best companions and she’ll fill your life with love.

    Thank you for the blog post of the hawk symbolism. I am going through great change – recently moved, grad school, career change, and highly critical comments that seem demeaning rather than constructive. A beautiful hawk perched himself on my fence last night as I viewed him with binoculars. I could see him very well without because he was about 10-15 ft. from my patio. He was amazing as he was observing all around him turning his head completely 180 degrees to look directly behind him as well as side to side. He hung out a couple of minutes then soared to the other side of my fence and perched. This morning he reappeared on a retaining wall across the street from my house. I did a search on hawk symbolism this morning. It’s all good.

    • Thank you Janet. It’s good you have been sensitive and alert to the hawk in your area. It would seem you have a blessing in store for you. I would accept this as a visit. Your awareness to the presence of the hawk is significant in the receiving of the blessing. You can be sure you are in Good Hands. Remember the Great Spirit doesn’t give us more than we can deal with and certainly with God’s Grace we more than survive we grow a deeper and more kinder character of spirit. You have no doubt are and will receive a blessing. We aren’t always aware of the blessing so the hawk alerts us to be aware, alert and of keen sight to all around us. Be swift in your wisdom not before and you will be blessed. Thanks again Janet. God blesses you!

  2. Hi, I have been searching for answers. Hoping for some insight.
    Today I was driving home alone when a beautiful ted tail hawk flew right out of the woods on my right side and at eye level and flew next to me for about a mile until I turned into my drive way.
    Hawks have perched themselves on my fence, in my trees to be seen and have landed in my dirt drive way when I return home and remain there for a good ten minutes before they fly up to a tree and watch my drive down to my house.
    They never make a sound, they just stare at me quietly.
    Seems to be happening more and more.

    When I leave my home, they will fly with me almost level for about a mile or so. What can this mean?

    • Dear Rosie,
      From your comment the hawks seem to be home very near you. I have had another comment from a lady who said a hawk flew next to her car also for some distance. It would appear that you are emitting a vibration that is attracting them as you are experiencing so many visits that in the end add up to a personal visit. The silent staring makes it even more likely they are there to give you the message to be aware of the greater perspective of your life. I say that because not only do the hawks represent “views from a greater perspective as they purvey their prey for some time from great heights, but also because in your case, they fly along side you for some distance. Also the insistence or the repeating of the visits may seem to suggest you’re ignoring the messages. I’m not saying you are but there may be some aspect of your life that needs for you to step away to create a distance from it so that you can get a better, (higher) perspective of the situation(s). Thereby your finding a positive solution or direction in which to continue in walking.
      Remember Rosie you are the one whom the hawks visit and so you are the only the true interpreter of the message. Something is already working in your soul, or mind and heart. It may seem small to you and not significant. But Hawk messages don’t have to be earth shattering or bugle sounding things in our lives. God doesn’t use lightening bolts to get our attention often it is by his natural messengers, like a hawk. Sometimes it is the little details of our lives that our Great God wants us to be aware of in a greater way. Also Rosie, hawk visits are bringing us positive confirmation to what God already has put in our hearts and minds. We just need to stay a little more still to hear the Love God is in our lives. Blessings are with you Rosie. Be Grateful!

      • Thank you very much for the insight, I am on a quest to find the answer/s. It is very important to me to do so. Hawks are majestic and can see above at great distance.

        My heart tells me to I need to look and listen farther.

        With the grace of God my blessings have been many and I’m ever mindful of such. A view of knowledge can be of great importance.

        Thank you,


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