New love heart in my life..Doodle Smooch

Doodle Smooch 5:22:2016

My new little five year old Shih Tzu retired from having pups. Her AKC name is Gardens Heavenly Spoonful, her nickname is Doodle Smooch. She is adorable, right?  I loved her from the moment I saw her and I believe she took to me right away too, curling her head into me as I held her.  Now two weeks together it’s apparent she has adopted me and keeps very good care of me. And of course I pamper her to all her desires.  I am so grateful to have found her and grateful Karen her owner was willing and ready to part with her as she has other mother Shih Tzu’s she is breeding.  It wasn’t easy for her to let go but I am so so happy with Doodle. She will go everywhere I go that’s for sure. Already she loves to sit in my shoulder bag and she is the darling of all who see her.  Give Doodle a “hello” won’t you?