A Reader’s Hawk Visitor

A visiting Hawk
Up close cropped photo
20160124_130410 - Version 3

Visiting Hawk

A reader of this blog sent in a comment about the hawk who has been visiting her family home daily for about a week.  She then sent me a photograph she took of the hawk to share.   We see it perched on the roof. She said it would look steadily in the house at her and her children playing. Her husband began to put food out for it daily.

It looks to me to be a female Rough-legged Hawk. It doesn’t have the black banded belly that Peterson’s Book on Birds says the male often has.  However, the feathered legs, the small feet and the coloring identify it as the Rough-legged Hawk. Similar to this hawk is the Red-tailed Hawk, and the Northern Harrier.  Notice though this hawk doesn’t have the red feathers a Red-tailed Hawk. So I decided to identify it as a female Rough-legged Hawk.

This is a wonderful photograph and I appreciate Carol sharing this with us. To see more details of the Hawk I cropped the photo (see top of the page). Isn’t she a beauty!  What a blessing for this family to have a hawk visitor for a week!  Thank you Carol for sharing.



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14 thoughts on “A Reader’s Hawk Visitor

  1. I was on my way home from work one morning riding my motorcycle and out of nowhere a hawk was on my left side flying along side me that was probably the most amazing thing ever I just wonder if their is any significant meaning to that

    • James that was a wonderful experience I am sure! Wow! How marvelous. I hope you take time to read many of the comments on this blog and my replies. I think you will find your answer. Briefly I would say you have had a wonderful Hawk visit! Take that as a positive messenger that has graced your life. It would seem you are to be vigilant and insightful. Above all keep your eyes open and your heart sensitive to what is happening around you. Be open to the positive people and occurrences so you won’t miss them. Blessings are with you.

  2. I was walking my mom to her car on 8/16 2016. And I just happen to look up and there was a Hawk on the Light Pole. And it was just looking at me ,my mom got out to see and it turned it head.She said take a picture and it just sit there and let me .She started her car I walked away and it flu away
    From Reading Up On It Means A sign of Your on the right path

  3. 10 years ago I was sitting in my family room with my 7 year old son doing a puzzle. Our backs were to a double sliding glass door that leads to our backyard. I felt a “woosh” of wind over my head and knew something flew in the house (I thought it was a small bird but the “wind” was substantial). When I looked in front of me, a Red Tail Hawk had flown into our kitchen area and looking at us. My son and I leaped and screamed and jumped over the back of the sofa out into the yard. The hawk flew over our heads and up into a tree in the yard. We calmed down enough to catch our breath and we just stood there incredulously looking at the hawk, and he looked at us. It was only for a few seconds I suppose before he flew off. That is my hawk story. I have no idea what this means. In my recent discovery of my birthparents I learned of a grandfather with Apache roots. In looking into these roots, I came across info on many animals but the hawk information is of course drawing me in because of my incredible encounter. I still wonder what the significance of this might be.

    • Sounds to me like you have a very direct visit from a hawk. I would take this as a blessing from your grandfather and especially from the Holy God. We are always
      somehow to be reminded even in little ways that we are being watched over and our lives are meaningful as long as we trust in God Almighty. Blessings are on you ! You are not to be afraid.

  4. Hi Diane i know it has been awhile since anyone has posted but i have to share my story. you see last week i was going somehere with my grandchildren and we were stopped at a light i noticed a hawk on a roof right in front of me i thought it to be strange but beautiful anyway he dove at my windshield and kissed it. i was afraid it was dead it was a pretty hard hit but he flew off now last night my husband came to me and told me there were two of them singing outside our window i did not think anything of it until today when my daughter picked up the kids and there they were again flying from one pole to the next and everyone noticed them i live in bellflower california and we do not see alot of them here. i have read some of your post and it seems to me there trying to tell me something i am a very spiritual person and i am going through alot with medical situations and have some big decisions to make could this be that the decision we are making could be the right one we are deciding on whether we should move how can i find the answer ?

    • Dear Patty, thanks for posting. You well know there is no one on God’s earth that can answer that question with any real qualification. ButI can reply with is the confirmation that the hawks that have come to you seem to have made a direct personal visit bringing (according to folklore) a promising message. As you read in my other post replies this special visit is understood to be notice of a positive message coming to you. One which may include the attributes of the hawk itself, where you are to be cautious as the hawk in its search for prey, staying high and lifted up with keen eyesight for its prey. This suggests to us that we are to be watchful, thoughtful, and keen in our overview of things in our lives. Watching for the answers, the directions, the positive and certainty of that which we are seeking. It says to me you are 1/ being watched over 2/ you are to be diligent and patient at the same time 3/ sensitive and keen not to overlook anything and 4/ you will find your answer (prey) and to be confident in it. I hope you read somewhere in my replies that the true way to decide a matter is to test to see if your spirit, your gut, your inner person, is at peace. If not with that decision then wait and move on to the next option and wait until you have that certain sense of peace, just as the hawk will have as it sights its prey and moves then with deliberate and certain flight to its target. The hawks seem to be telling you you will be making the correct decision and will be watched over. Trust your Peace guide in your heart.
      God is with you Patty. He is assuring you if nothing else that you are in His care! A paraphrase of Jesus, “Even as the sparrows do not hit the ground without his knowing, so you are more important to Him”…(scripture New Testament). Blessings are on you! Diane

      • Thank you so much for your reply i know what you are saying to be true. I will be vigilant and alert on this journey. i prayed last night to both God and the hawks for protection and knowledge and there were little signs i have been seeing today. i will check back with you on my return God Bless and thank you.

  5. I had an encounter with a hawk last week. I came out of the grocery store and a hawk was sitting on top of my truck. He sat there for a very long time , until I was very near the truck. The young girl carrying out my groceries also noticed the hawk and said it was a sign. She couldn’t remember what the hawk sign meant , but that it was a good sign. I did think it was unusual to see a hawk in a very busy parking lot in town. I also have cardinals pecking at my windows. I am a Christian I believe in Jesus that he died for my sins. How does animal signs and Christianity fit together. Are these signs from God?. I just found your website.

    • Good question M.J. Our New Testament epistles & Gospels don’t literally address the reading of animal visits. However we are to understand these sort of ideas as seeking God’s will as it were for us in means other than living in the trust we are encouraged actually by faith that we are to live in and by. So seeking God’s will or some message of the future might be understood then as hedonistic. I can’t disagree with that. Nonetheless so many unusual hawk visits and I suppose other unusual animal visits Spurs our imagination to believe there is some significance in them. There are accounts in Bible stories of a few prophets who were engaged by visits of birds or animals that were understood as bringing with them interpretive messages of one kind or another. One was fed by Ravens for a duration of famine and exile, another story is the story of the lion and honey, another the dreams of the baker and cup bearer of black birds. So there are indications that God may in fact, I.e. based on those Biblical accounts, use animals to extend significant messages. They are usually of encouragement and/or wisdom. As seekers of truth and God’s will for us remember our Lords words “seek and ye shall find”… also “knock and it shall be opened unto you”. All of His teaching requires faith, that is unwavering belief that we live and move in His Life. Therefore we have no need to fear anything whatsoever. “Commit your way unto the Lord, acknowledge him in all your ways and he shall direct thy path!”
      Many answers are given to us as we rest in our Lord’s Life Giving Words. I hope this gives some clarification M.J. May God richly bless you!

  6. Hello, I found you blog after an unexpected visitor showed up this morning- a very large red red tailed hawk. I was home on a very rare vacation day from work and doing dishes when I noticed it, sitting on the middle layer of the triple layered deck attached to my house. Immediately began praising God that he would bless me with such an amazing experience. Ran to get my new iPhone and prayed for help figuring out the camera. First pictures were not good, the images of the hawk were partly blocked by the deck rails. Went and got a step ladder to get a better perspective,and the hawk flew up to me, just feet away. It stared at me for several minutes before flying away. I have been praying for wisdom and direction in my career and possibly missions. Just two days ago I shared this with a life group that’ I help lead and asked for prayer. I am a Christian but am also part Cherokee and part Irish. Lately I have felt a desire to know more about my families Cherokee heritage. God speaks to me often with prophetic dreams and visions. When I saw the hawk, I stared praising God instantly, sensing that it’s visit is significant and a message. It is reassuring to find out that historically this is true. I am wondering what the hawk visitor turned out to mean for you?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Merrie. I first searched online for the meaning of such an encounter then wondered when I would know “the message”. Well no light in the sky or special awareness ever came. However I hung to the thought that there would be positive results or something positive was ahead for me. I was in deep debt at the time just struggling along bearing the burden. Shortly after the hawk visit I was encouraged to find a consolidation company that led me out of that debt! It took 4 years to get out of it but it happened with great relief to me and my life became unburdened by that bomb over my head. So I believe my hawk visit was a heavenly note that all will be well I am to keep my eyes sharp. I did and found a way out of debt!

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