A Reader’s Hawk Visitor

A visiting Hawk
Up close cropped photo
20160124_130410 - Version 3

Visiting Hawk

A reader of this blog sent in a comment about the hawk who has been visiting her family home daily for about a week.  She then sent me a photograph she took of the hawk to share.   We see it perched on the roof. She said it would look steadily in the house at her and her children playing. Her husband began to put food out for it daily.

It looks to me to be a female Rough-legged Hawk. It doesn’t have the black banded belly that Peterson’s Book on Birds says the male often has.  However, the feathered legs, the small feet and the coloring identify it as the Rough-legged Hawk. Similar to this hawk is the Red-tailed Hawk, and the Northern Harrier.  Notice though this hawk doesn’t have the red feathers a Red-tailed Hawk. So I decided to identify it as a female Rough-legged Hawk.

This is a wonderful photograph and I appreciate Carol sharing this with us. To see more details of the Hawk I cropped the photo (see top of the page). Isn’t she a beauty!  What a blessing for this family to have a hawk visitor for a week!  Thank you Carol for sharing.