End of a Special Companionship

Suzi lovejpegMy dearest companion doggie, Suzi, a Shih Tzu of eleven years has ended. She has departed this life and her loving spirit is now in the Eternal Grace of Love.  I miss her deeply.  Every step is without her now where before we were every step together.  It has rocked my life more than I had ever experienced.  Maybe all the deaths especially family deaths and other pets have culminated in this departure and it has become overwhelming. It’s been eight days and I’m now able to write about it and talk more reasonably.  Don’t let anyone tell you, “well, it’s only a pet.”  Sorry folks, you haven’t experienced unconditional love if you speak that way. A loss of a dear friend is deep and cuts to the core of our hearts.  I will adjust of course, we all do in time.  I have found that those people who express sympathy, know the truth of the loss as they no doubt have experienced the same kind of break in a relationship, yes, even with a pet. Here is a photo of Suzi in June. You see her one eye is blue clouded as she had the decline of vision due to the epidermal cells not working. She was the most adorable, loving, sweet, mellow spirited dog ever. She made hundreds of people happy, brought smiles to the faces of suffering rehab and dying people in her Therapy Pet ministry.  There wasn’t a place we walked, any place, where she didn’t bring a smile to people walking toward us. Many would stop just to talk to her. She won the hearts of all that knew her in anyway. She was a very special precious gift to me and to many.  May she continue to live in the Holy Spirit of Love for ever and ever.


BTW: Hawks haven’t been visiting me for ages now. But daily I have the crows or the ravens who come for feeding three times a day. The babies cry out for feeding even though they look to be the same size as the adult birds. I enjoy their company as they have become quite friendly and pet like.  They are very smart and sometimes they don’t squawk they actually make garbled sounds that sound like talk. Very entertaining.

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3 thoughts on “End of a Special Companionship

  1. I had a hawk dropped with a thud beside clenching its claws while sitting at table outside by myself it was just staring me in the eyes it’s eyes were yellowish my husband & son just left for the dump – I know this has a meaning wondering what it means

    • Thank you Mary-Ann. Your comment means a lot to me. I trust His Promises! Yes! Thank you for the reminder and the acknowledgement of your spirit to my need.

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