Dear Hawk Friends,

This past year we have had many conversations and stories that have been so encouraging to us all.  I want to thank you all.  Let’s keep on looking and watching for our hawks while staying positive in all we endeavor.  Talk to ya’ later.

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  1. Diane,
    I have a hawk that watches me constantly and a bald eagle that happened flew over my home one day, This falcon hawk was on my power line watching me and I knew something was wrong and felt protected. We both looked and stared at each other for a little bit and then I was like in a trance, I went inside my home, The hawk was still on the power line for about 1/2 hour or so. I have had these kinds for the past few years, Now, I feel protected and reading some of your messages to others and it is true on what you say. I do believe in it. Please stay in touch.

    • Carol, Glad to have your comment. You are blessed! Your awareness and presence to the Hawk is wonderful!
      I’m sure your message will be clear to you if not the one that you are well protected. Thanks again, I am always happy to hear of people’s experiences with hawks. Blessings are yours.

    • I was called by my wife urgently to look at what is on our deck i thought at 1st it was a person as i ran to back door of deck a low and behold it was a big bird i have never seen i took a picture through window then i got brave enough to open door amd take a closer picture it mever flew away it just sat there amd let me tale picture come to realize it was a hawk but i mever seem one with white feathers with brown highlights i thought it was strange there was one in my area i can share pictures with anyone im sure it was a baby one i still never seen the mother but the kids say it’s at the end of our dead end street..

      • Thank you for sharing Malcolm. You may have a blessing in your life that is something in your heart already…see this as a possible confirmation.

    • Yikes! Well they are predators that we know! What that may mean for you I’m uncertain. My guess is that it is not a visitation to you with any intended message. But you might keep a look out and see if the hawk makes a special visit for you. Best wishes, thanks for the comment.

    • Hi Kamai. May your pregnancy be a good a d healthy yimr for you with a safe wonderful birth. The haeks ofyen ride the cutrrnts of air which are circular. That is why they fo that so as to cpnserve energy while searching the trees & bushrs for dinner. The fact of your noti ing it maybe taken sign for youas you know now for breeding notes Hawks represent good messages. They are assigned of good things to come so take heart you need not be worried. All is well. Blesding on you & your baby.

  2. I live in a highrise with windows from floor to ceiling and a couple of weeks ago several Hawks were circling the window I was in front of… It Happened again this past Sunday..while I was studing the Bible with much difficulty..Being upset and trying to finish what I was reading..I didn’t pay to much mind..Something drove me look it up today..The next time it happens i’ll be sure to say Thank you Thank you Thank you..and Thank you for this wonderful insight..”WISDOM”

    • HI Gina, what a wonderful gift as you were reading the Bible. Remember the promise that whosoever asks for wisdom in His Name will be given it. See James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”
      Your hawks send you this promise. We need to follow up and pay close attention to the Spirit within us as we seek wisdom. God is faithful!

  3. My daughter-in-law brought a 3 D sonogram home of her second child. In it, I see what appears to be a hawk with it’s head and beak resting on the child’s head. It appears to be protecting it. It may be an eagle but definitely a raptor. Since then, the baby arrived and all is well. Just wondering what kind of symbolism may be involved here. Thanks for any insight!

    • Wow! That is amazing to see that hawk image let alone the idea of a 3 D sonogram! We humans have an uncanny way of seeing images in what may be to others an amorphous cloud or tree or in this case a sonogram. But it is my belief that what is in the eye of the beholder is the essence of our inner selves. That may sound a little esoteric but really it is true; it has been said that the world is a mirror unto ourselves. Thus the warning “not to judge others…at least too we may be seeing our own faults in various ways staring back at us. In
      this case you see a Hawk in a protective and loving position on the fetus. How endearing and joyful! A promise of “good and bountiful life” for this little one who will be “watched over” all its life! What a beautiful blessing for the mother, father, and family all. You are all living a blessing! Always keep sensitive to the workings of the soul and watch and listen for God’s little messages.

  4. I live on second floor condo with a flower box full of a fake arrangement, a few wks ago I noticed the Lillie’s were being torn along with some greens, it happened happened again and the arrangement was flatter, I walked out my door yesterday and nesting across the entire box was a red tail hawk, slowly raised to a sitting position turned her head to look me in the eye for quite some time, screamed then flew off screaming her lungs out, ”as if to say what took you so long to find me’. Commemts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Hi. well that is something to tell about; a hawk nesting in your fake flower arrangement in a balcony box. Well why not. Looks like you might have the opportunity to witness a nest and birthing of babies. What a treat for you. I hope you will let the mother hawk keep your box for her next. If not a nest a warm resting spot. The plastic probably holds the heat from the sun.
      As to a message well it is a visit that’s for sure. I think you are to be alert and watch for a positive blessing coming your way. Don’t miss it…it may be subtle…but positive.
      Keep us posted, okay? Thanks for the message. Diane

  5. Something got my attention to look out the window, and I saw this huge bird looking right in my window! I was so startled, and mesmerized as I watched this hawk, looking right at me. I went to get my camera to capture this awesome sight, but he flew away. I would love to hear your input.

    • Barbara, your hawk visit reminds me of mine. It surely qualifies as a hawk visit in my book. I suspect you have read many of these comments and my replies to other people and thier experiences to get the idea that you have something positive in your near future. For me the hawk visit is a wonderful confirmation of the Great God Spirit that is alive in all the Creation. And most significantly now sent you the “messenger bird of good that is in your life.” Blessings are on you in a special way now. Stay alert and sensitive to those around you…your life is in Good Hands.
      Blessings. Diane

  6. about 6 weeks ago while I was making breakfast, I looked out of my kitchen window to the wooden deck outside, and to my amazement, a beautiful hawk (I think she was a redtail hawk.) landed on the railing. She was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, and I sensed that she was feminine or a female. She stood there looking at me through the window (which was closed, it was a cool early June morning in Minnesota). I stood there silently in awe. I whispered to my husband “Papi, look, it’s a hawk on our deck.” He came to the window “Oh yeah!” he said loudly. The kids were jumping up and down shouting, I was afraid she fly from the noise but she stayed right there for several minutes, just about 6 feet outside my window. And I swear, she was looking at me and I could feel her presence so strongly. I took my daughters cell phone and I got two pictures of her (although the screen is visible, not very clear, but you can plainly see her there. I can send them to you if you like.) My husband opened the patio door and she flew off.

    I have been trying to get pregnant again and I think now that I am, so I’ll take this as a sign. I often ask God and the Blessed Mother for Courage, strength, humility and wisdom, because I know that we all will face great challenges very soon. Just to see that lovely bird, the sweetness in her eyes as we gazed at each other, she gave me strength and courage, I know that we will make it through the dark times, come what may.

    • Dear Susan, Thank you for sharing your hawk visit. I am sure you are blessed with a message of courage, strength, wisdom and humility for all that is coming your way. May you truly find peace in your situations and may your children and husband find peace and joy in the face of New Life for them to nurture and share in. How gracious and wonderful is the Creator. Your note is filled with peace, gentleness and wisdom already. May Blessings continually fall on your family.

  7. About 2 years ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table and I saw large yellow claws hanging from the kitchen window siding that was vinyl. I couldn’t see the rest of the bird, but could clearly see the claws were caught in the siding of the kitchen window frame. I went out through the sliding doors in the kitchen, came down the deck steps and around the corner, the hawk had landed to the ground and walked two feet closer to the deck. It scared the heck out of me because of the size of it and those eyes. I stepped back a bit and just stood there scared and uncertain what it was going to do. I put down some bird seed in front of it but it was not interested in that. I talked to it a bit and then went up the stairs and back in the house. I was going through a tough time with losing my job and nearly committing, suicide but didn’t. After reading these messages, I now understand what the visit was about. But what an experience. They are beautiful too.

    • Wonderful report Joan! Thank you for posting. And congratulations to you for making the right decision about committing suicide! Your hawk visit should confirm to you that you are watched over and your life counts! YOu are important! Every step you take, every person, animal or otherwise that crosses your path or reads your writings will take away a positive message! Your life decision will not doubt save another life! How important is that! God is blessing you Joan. Stay sensitive and alert and above all in Peace and Love with safe keeping.

  8. Twice I have seen a hawk sitting on a stump in the back of my house. Tonight I looked out my living room window and there was the hawk sitting on top of my swing. My husband passed away 21 months ago. Is there any connection?

    • Hi Michelle,
      Interesting you have had this sighting of hawk twice and on a personal item in your yard. I wonder if the swing was something you husband particularly favored. The fact of your question as to if this visit maybe relate to your husband’s passing I can only suggest that because you find the connection that there is your answer. I personally would acknowledge the Spirit in bringing you a hawk message. I think folklore interpretation tells you the hawk is telling you to keep positive, alert and wise and open in your perspective of life.
      The hawk is known for it’s natural abilities of keen eyesight, soaring with the winds, and its selective wisdom as a predator for its food. Maybe the fact that this hawk has rested on this swing makes the connection to you and your husband personally. The double visit may mean you are to be certain this hawk is bringing you the good news of renewed life. Only you Michelle in your spirit can really be the interpreter, because the Spirit speaks directly to the one the message is intended. Scripture tells us that God will speak to our hearts before anyone else gives us a message of direction or whatever. You can ask for confirmation too, He is faithful. Blessings are on you Michelle. Be still and know you are being cared for and watched over.

  9. Hi Diane, Me and my husband was sitting on the veranda when a hawk fly pass us into the house. It fly to my bedroom and sit in by the entrance for awile and went to sit on my dressing table when I took a photo of it I want to leave the room, as a pass the hawk it fly onto my chest and sit there with it”s wings spread over my hole chest. I walk outside and when I stand still on the veranda it fly away.

    • Wow! That is amazing! That certainly would be a personal visit! I am stunned! I think you alone can know what a message this may bring you Marie. As always these events may be of some natural cause of disturbance or health situation of the hawk. Needless to say this hawk seems to have been healthy at least to your recognition. You must have a very loving and approachable heart whereby the (may I dare say) vibes or frequencies of invisible sounds from your being brought this hawk to you in what seems a very protective nature. A mother bird of all kinds will cover their young and beloved with their wings to protect and keep them warm. If anything that may be the message to your heart. You are protected and covered by the Great Spirit and you are to recognize that and I would then think return the honor and praise of a thankful and grateful nature. You alone Marie know what is on in your life and the visit will touch that and bring it to mind. Sometimes the message is so simple to us as we like to complicate life in all its details. In any case your are very Blessed! Give Thanks! And walk on in that knowing and love. Blessings to give!

  10. Hi Diane, We have lived in this house for 10 years, and have been blessed with a mated pair of hawks living in the trees next to the house. We have watched them raise their babies year after year. I have seen them fly over head with their prey in their claws. About two weeks ago, I was walking through the back yard and one of them came over the horse pasture right at me and flew right over my head about two feet above me, then over the house. Since that incident, every morning when I leave for work they are both sitting in my front yard on the ground and watch me leave. I can stop the car and roll down the window and speak to them and they will both call out. On one occasion on my way home one of them has crossed in front of me on my way up my driveway, within a few feet of my windshield. They have never in 10 years been this close.

    • Thank you Sandra for sharing your hawk experience. I’m wondering how you are interpreting this new closeness of the hawks in your life? As far as I can tell you are being given a blessing of encouragement. To me this natural visit of the hawks in or life is special as in Folklore we can be happy we are recognized and being given confirmation that all will be well in our lives. It can be that you are to be keeping your eyes alert and clear vision so you can be sharp in all your activities. Maybe you can return a message to us of what you may find as a result of this closeness of the hawks. God Blessing you Sandra.

  11. Hi Diane,
    I was sitting on my back patio yesterday afternoon.
    A hawk flew to the top fireplace on the house behind mine.
    Then it flew over one more house to top of its fireplace.
    At this point, the hawk was perfectly lined in front of me as I sat on patio observing the hawk, on top fireplace two houses away. (approximately 100 ft) I was also on phone with a friend.
    The hawk appeared to have its back to me, both times it had landed.
    The hawk all of a sudden took off, and it appeared to fly away from me.
    Then it swung around flying towards me (very fast), snatched a hummingbird from mid air, almost smacked into my plants, windows, and myself on the patio.
    I heard a loud thunk, when it dropped the hummingbird on my patio table.
    It swung around to avoid the windows (within 2ft), looked directly at me, while just nearly missing running into me. It happened so fast, but was an awesome sight to see. I was very upset because the hummingbird was dead
    and I witnessed it being preyed upon, and its demise.
    Please let me know what you think of this and has this ever happened to any
    of your other readers. Is this good sign? What do you think it means?
    Thank you,
    Pattie S

    • Patricia that was quite an experience. It doesn’t seem to me that this counts as a visit from a hawk to you personally. From your explanation what I can tell that hawk was in the process of finding it’s meal and not in an effort to extend a visit to you directly. In this case I think you just witnessed a part of nature’s ecological balance. It is difficult for us to watch the cycle of life and death in nature and not cringe at the violence it seems to exhibit.

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