Meditation: At the Threshold

Man Glimpsing Through Threshold

“Turbi e orbi”  Latin means “whirlwind of world” in English (loses the meaning somewhat).

“Threshold: The esoteric significance of the threshold relates to its position in the passage from the external (profane) to the internal (sacred) state.…

“To stand at the threshold is to indicate one’s readiness to obey the rules by which the place is governed. …

“To stand at the threshold is also to place oneself under the protection of the master of the house, be he God, grandee or peasant.

“Crossing the threshold requires a degree of bodily purgation and purity of mind and soul, symbolized, for example, by the removal of one’s shoes before entering a mosque or a Japanese house.

“The threshold is the borderline of the holy and participation in the transcendence of the centre.”

 -Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant, The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols, trans. John Buchanan-Brown, 1969

And Thanks to Susan Guthrie for finding this quote and art.


2 thoughts on “Meditation: At the Threshold

  1. This morning I came into my living room and for the first time ever a hawk was setting on my handrails on my porch. It looked right at me and just set there. I know this has to have a meaning and I’ve lived here for 15 years and nothing has happen like this before. I tried to take a pick but got so wrap up staring at it as it was me. Then when I try it flew away. But this has to mean something its never happen before. Anyone out there care to give me any words you think this means? Thanks.

    • I have the same experience and I asked the same question. I hope you read all the comments because I’ve answered most of all the questions we have in all these responses. I think you should recognize it as a positive visit one of reassuring message. For whatever comes you are to be as the hawk, look up, stay sharp and remain positive I believe those are the attributes of the hawk. If any message is to come of this it is but you are to keep yourself wise ready and alert. Blessings on you. Read the other comments please.

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