Thresholds of Dark Corners

“It ís those between-places, the closing of one door and the indistinct threshold of you-know-not-what-yet that stir up debris usually settled along the dusty path of consciousness.”    Susan Guthrie

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.  A. Einstein

There have been so many references to thresholds lately in my reading and thoughts that I wanted to comment briefly on the threshold of the darkness of suffering.  The illusion we have is that dark corners of understanding, the dark places of suffering from whatever it may be, tell us that we are without hope; we are not fully advanced as a “human being.”  It is during those very dark predicaments of life wherein the “dust” or debris of past illusions can get swept up into our limited focus we have at the time.

St. John of the Cross explained how light is really darkness. It is in a dark room when some light is entered that we see not light but dust and debris floating round in the mist. The unseen light reveals the debris, the dust. As light of understanding emerges ever so slightly in our dark moments of understanding or times of suffering, we don’t recognize the light at all rather we begin to see the dust and debris the illusions of our thinking, the illusions of our ill founded faith in the belief that we are to become more human.  The belief that being a true “human being” is the ultimate goal of the journey of life.  It is this belief that humanity at its best is the ultimate reality.  This  idea that  we are on a journey to become “human,”  or ” perfectly human,” has been generated by many theologians.

I see this is as an illusionary faith. St. Peter was expressed this kind of faith in his fellow mankind, when he refused to think or accept the fact that his great all powerful and wise Teacher would be put to death by the authorities especially the church authorities.  His All Wise Teacher tells him his faith was ill placed! He calls this kind of thinking as being associated with “Satan!”  The opposite of Life giving thinking.  He is pointing to Peter telling him  it isn’t in being more humanly kind, or in trusting in human kindness, wisdom, or justice, rather one’s faith is to be placed in the “unknown” the dark light of following the steps into suffering from the humanity to find the true Life eternal.  This is so obtuse to human thinking and still is today! A completer reversal of our modern prosperity, live to find happiness, et cetera.

This is place of darkness is a threshold we all are brought to many times over in our journey of living among our fellow humanity and world existence.  Do we let the True Light reveal the “dust’ of our illusionary faith and then repent?   Are willing to turn and let the suffering, the disgrace of following the kindness, the true justice of our Teacher be our guide?  Can the debris be cleansed and removed?  Jesus says Yes!  Follow him to the cross carrying  our own cross.

This is so against my humanity.  Only can God give me the Spirit to follow Him.  Come and get me oh True Light, reveal the debris in my life, let me follow into the night, but help me!


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