Follow up on Hawk post

So what was the message? Well I haven’t deciphered that as yet. It seems I either missed it or just don’t get it. Anyway I should think I would recognize a “message” wouldn’t you think?
If anything the message is to “Stay the course you are in good hands.” So I will accept that wholeheartedly!

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12 thoughts on “Follow up on Hawk post

  1. This morning, just after dawn, I stepped outside into Maine’s mild February and saw a magnificent Northern Goshawk perched atop a tall oak at the edge of my field.

    I considered it a gift, and having read your quoted passage, “The hawk is a messenger . . .” I feel even more grateful for that moment.

    Does anyone know the name of the photographer who took the extraordinary panoramic image of the great blue heron and Golden Gate Bridge? I’d love to order a frameable print of it as a gift for my daughter, who now lives in San Fran.


  2. I was walking in the middle of a suburban road in Massachusetts, when I heard a loud swoosh sound. I looked behind me and above me but did not see anything. I was still trying to figure out what that noise was as I continued walking. About five paces later, I suddenly felt like there was something large coming right at me although I didn’t hear anything. However, solely on instincts, I ducked without turning back. Because I didn’t look back, I saw it was a giant hawk with about a five foot wing span that had swooped down and had aimed to grab my head with its talonsa and was now soaring back.up into the sky. Needless to say, I was pretty freaked out. This means the hawk swooped down at me twice. The first time he misjudged it but the second time would have been spot-on if I hadn’t ducked. This would have seriously ruined my holiday weekend. What could this mean? Is it a warning of some sort?

    • I suspect Jeff, the message of the hawk was you were to be paying closer attention to your inner life. You were being told in no uncertain terms to straighten up and pay attention, you must take stock of what you are about and what you are doing or where you are going. I hope you heeded the message and turned you life style around and made good of the message from the Spirit. God Blessed you to give you this message.

  3. Hello: To see a Cooper Hawk in my neighborhood used to be a rare sight; however, I saw one flying in the small green space across from my house on Friday. This morning (Monday), I saw a bird – a large bird- sitting along the curb side (same green space) along the side walk and it appeared to be injured. It did not move other than to turn it’s little head to watch speeding cars go by. I knew, instinctively, that it had to be injured. i have a very bad knee injury so it took me a while to get to it. I took a heavy towel so i could rescue it and take it to my local Raptor Rescue Center. It looked at me but flew away. It appeared to have an injured leg. I “shoosed” it further away as I did not want it to come to ill harm. I felt bad doing that but I since I could not rescue it (I decided it was a “her”), and because of my own disability, there was nothing more I could do. Was I wrong to do what I did? I hope not. I’m going through some major life changing circumstances at present and seeing this lovely creature so up “close and personal” made me appreciate what mankind is doing to “destroy” natural habitats. I’m a senior citizen and female. I’d appreciate a response. Thank you.

    • hello Barbara. I think you did the right thing your heart was in a good place to help an injured creature. Since it was a cooper hawk and it was appearing to be injured and it was in your visiting site and you seem to have a disability it may be that you could see this as a personal invitation to you to look for the best that is about to come to you.the hawk is a messenger calling you to rest & be alert in your spirit. The visit is always positive. You are blessed.

      • Thank you Diane. I fretted about this all day! It starting raining a couple of hours before I saw the hawk, the sun came out, I saw her, and then the cloud and rain reappeared a couple of hours after that. I never ever want to leave an injured animal. I love birds, all birds, and feed them on my back porch. I still grieve over the deaths of my two dogs, Spanky and Sydney. I was with them when I had to put them “down” – Spanky suffered a stroke and one year later, almost to the day, my little Sydney girl was diagnosed with lymphoma which was inoperable. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was say “goodbye” to them.

        Thank you for you kind words! Thank you for your lovely post. I shall visit it often.

        Peace be with you!

        🙂 Barbara

  4. Hi, my mom pasted away Sunday , but the friday before my dad signed a no recesitaion form. (I did not know) At lunch time when I was driving ,I looked to my left and there was a hawk flying at my window. Soaring at my side window, at the same speed as me. My husband said “I have never seen this before.”to bad my camera was not available. Then Sunday at lunchtime ,going for lunch in an other area the same thing happen. At me eye level to my left ,its wings wide open and soaring. I turn to my husband and said “mom just passed away” I recieved a phone call that she passed away at 6 pm. She is at peace now.

    • Wow! That is an amazing testimony! Thank you for sharing! You were sensitive to the spirit in the message of the hawks dramatic visit to you! Certainly you can be assured your mom is at the throne of God praying for you and your family! You all have been graced with the message of God’s perfect plan that all is well! Even in death and separation we can trust in our Creator’s perfect will! Stay in trust of that wonderful Grace! You are blessed!

  5. OK this is not a reply about Hawks, but I do have a strange story about a beautiful bird. I do hope that someone can help me because I am kind of scared to some degree but also happy on the other hand.

    Three days ago I was sitting in my enclosed courtyard when I noticed a small bird land on my glass balustrade. It kind of looked at me and hopped a little towards me and fluttered its wings. Landing on the balustrade as I said which was strange because it would have been extremely difficult for it to perch on 2 inches of steel with such tiny feet.However, it fluttered its wings and took off around a tree I was looking at which had not come into leaf. It swooped around the tree and landed on the far away branch from the tree I have described. It was something about this bird that made me watch further and he flew further towards me. I thought it was quite a beautiful moment and I said “Hi beautiful”…………Then it left the branch and flew directly at me, circled my head and flew out back into the garden. I was terrified because I had never seen this bird behavior before. It did not seem aggressive or angry with me. It was a sweet second but scary second.. I just feel that it had a message for me because of the way that it looked at me and swooped my head ( I was sitting at the time quite calmly just watching him/her. Is this a bad omen?

    • Dear Sue,
      I would not call that a bad omen! An experience that brings peace, wonder, and good feelings is not a bad omen. You said you were “terrified because you had never seen this bird behavior before.” Well your writings indicates you may have chosen the wrong word to describe you sensation. From what you’ve written it sounds more as if you were “startled” and “amazed” at a bird behavior that seemed so personal or friendly to a human. You go on to say ti did not seem aggressive or angry…so you must not have been “terrified”. Is so you would have screamed, run wildly into the nearest house. At least that is a natural terrified reaction to something frightening and awful. So “sweet but scary” you said. Well I think we all would agree that to have a visitor so close and apparently trying to get our attention would make us sit up and take notice and be somewhat amazed at it all. I wonder if he/she was trying to get you to help..? Maybe one of its chicks had fallen from its nest near by and this little bird thought…hummm here is quiet human who is giving off calm and loving senses…maybe i can get it (the to do something to help. Or maybe this was visit of a sweet angel (messenger in disguise) to answer your quiet heart felt unspoken desire (prayer of heart). In any case if you’re asking my opinion, I would say this was a blessed visit and one that you should take as a gift from God. You are being watched over. Do you know the song, “He Watches Over the Sparrow” ?….It’s based on the scripture where our Lord is saying that if God (and He/She does) watches over a little sparrow even when it hits the ground, so how much more does he watch over his loved children! So be not discouraged the song says. You are in good hands!
      Truly a personal reminder and blessing for you Sue.

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