Two lovely gifts in two weeks.


On a morning daily walk with Suzi, my Shih Tzu doggie, here in The Shores, we crossed paths with  a young mother pushing a stroller along with her little son who was my guess about four.   The little boy lifted up his hand holding a little bright yellow toy semi-truck smiling and saying…”see?”  I commented “isn’t that a beauty!”  As they continued walking closer he stopped and held it up again. I smiled. Then surprising both me and his mother who looked astonished, he took two steps toward me and slowly put his arms all around me and then just held me tight!  It was amazingly tender! His mother’s mouth dropped and then smiled proudly and I was smiling as our eyes met in the joyful wonder of it all.  He held me for a full minute at least pressing his head next to me. I was SO loved!  His mother smiled and then urged him to move along.  He skipped along and looked back smiling and holding up his truck again.  I was in love!


This week I was on a daily long fitness walk with Suzi on the Bay Walk just next to The Shores where we live, when an elder woman with her sit-down stroller was sitting on the parapet resting I presumed. She commented immediately on how Suzi was so beautiful and began to ask me questions of her age, breed etc.  Which most often people do if they aren’t running or on a walking sprint.  After answering the general questions and expecting to move on our walk this woman began sharing more personal things about herself; she was from Portland, lived in a rest home, and went on talking about that a bit, at which point I decided I better sit down with her on the parapet and listen.  She continued by telling me she had been diagnosed with MS several years ago but she is now 86 and she believes healed. She explained she was a “charismatic” and continued with information that she was here visiting her daughter who lived just over the way-she pointed about half mile up the walk-and proudly that she was the senior vice president of management operations at Kaiser Permanente.  She continued telling me of her “charismatic” life experiences. To her great dismay she has found people who are adamantly against the Catholic religion.  She told me a story where four Catholic priests (one her priest) came to her unit/home to ask her to pray in tongues over each one of them.  She was very moved and did so as they sat in pray among her many icons in her prayer corner of her living room. She spent more time telling me the details of her experience seeing a boy who had scoliosis healed right before her eyes.  After those stories she moved closer to me to ask me to hold her hand then gave a beautiful prayer for me and then I for her.  She said, “did you feel the electricity in our hands?”  I nodded and said I did!  I did. I often have this sensation in my hands while praying with someone.  It is a small thing but a reminder of the power of love and kindness to say the least of the mystery of how God works in our lives.  We were both moved and pleased that among the many we had this little visit next to the Bay. It was a blessing for us both.

That was my first experience in both cases of a total stranger and in odd or unlikely circumstances giving a me a gift of such heart-felt love.  I am truly blessed!

It reminds me of Dame Julian’s famous comment, “Nothing is done by luck or by chance, but
everything by the foreseeing wisdom of God.”  (Julian of Norwich)

And  “All things shall be well, all things shall be well, all manner of things shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)


Follow up on Hawk post

So what was the message? Well I haven’t deciphered that as yet. It seems I either missed it or just don’t get it. Anyway I should think I would recognize a “message” wouldn’t you think?
If anything the message is to “Stay the course you are in good hands.” So I will accept that wholeheartedly!