What does it mean when a hawk comes to you?

What does it mean when a hawk comes to you?

Hello there Mr. Hawk. Is your visit a sign?

I’ve had hawk fly right by my deck (very unusual) often these last weeks, and now a hawk has come and sat on my deck post and watched me take a picture of him; I was so excited thus the blur. I’m just happy I got this shot of him with my camera. He sat there quite awhile.

Humm! Not that everything that happens to me is significant but I thought, I wonder what it means to the indians or folklore people? So I asked the above question online and found these answers:

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“The hawk is a messenger bird. Usually when we see a hawk it means to pay attention because a message is coming to you. Hawks represent clear sightedness, being observant, our far memory and guardianship. They also bring courage, wisdom, illumination, creativity and truth. Hawks give us the ability to see the larger picture in life. They can help you to overcome problems and make wise use of opportunities. How does this all happen? Each animal carries what we call ‘medicine’. What I have written above is the hawks medicine. When the same animal keeps coming to you in real life or in a dream, it is bringing it’s medicine to you. You will be brought a message soon, a good one, to let you know you are on the right path. And whatever problems you are wrestling with, you will solve because hawks medicine has been given to you. I know this because I am a traditional Shawnee (American Indian) and I’ve learned these things are true. Many ‘interesting ‘ answers you got so far though. Good luck to you.

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“Blessings, blessings and more blessings. You have been blessed. Give thanks. . . . Hawk is a messenger of the Creator/Great Spirit/God. The Hawk wants you to be aware the Creator is speaking to you. Take notice. Only you know what the message is. . . in fact, you already know (even if you don’t realize it yet). God is sending you a message. . . but it is for you. Be aware; take notice. (People often think this is a negative, as if “awareness” is negative; it simply means not to be oblivious to your surroundings, dreams, etc). Personally, I have always given thanks to the hawk whenever  I see him/her. I once found a hawk feather and felt blessed. But the most dramatic experience happened after moving to Green Bay, WI from the reservation. I had an attached porch that was open on two side and closed on two sides. Had a table on the porch. Not the place hawks hang out. But one morning–6am–my son and I were leaving the house. He was a bit behind me when I stepped out to the porch. I had almost reached the steps when a hawk (who had sat on the table) flew from the table, touched my head/hair and then flew straight away. My son who was behind me saw that it was a hawk. As I looked up from being hit in the head, I could also see it was a hawk. I was verbalizing Thank you Thank you even before I checked to see if I was missing part of my scalp–I wasn’t–not a scratch–but my hair was messed up. I immediately knew that the Great Spirit was trying to tell me something but I had been too distracted to hear it/see. The Hawk hitting me on the back of my head was like God hitting me upside the head saying: wake up, pay attention! Every morning for days after the hawk sat on the table on my porch. One morning, I got a call from a neighbor saying: you won’t believe this, but a hawk is sitting on your porch.” Of course I believe it, it had sat there every morning for days. I started taking note of my dreams, did a ceremony and figured out what the message was. Once I figured it out, the hawk stopped coming to the porch. But, ever time I see a hawk, I smile and give thanks. Source(s): personal experience Serious matters to consider. “Decisions to make. •

drcurtis…3 years ago

“If you believe in animal totems (as typical in some American Indian traditions), most associate hawks and kestrels with WISDOM. So perhaps you have a wise insight into some of your life changes, so trust yourself and go with it. •

Majeska. 3 years ago

“Good sign! Hawk can pick out the details in the “big picture”. If you are going through changes, be aware of how the details of the change fit into the “big picture”. What may seem to be a big deal on a small scale may not be so overbearing in the broad scope of things. Never hurts to step back and survey the landscape when traveling into new territory. “•

End of quotes.

What do you think? Any other suggestions? I would love to hear from you!


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  1. I’m going through a lot with things in my life right now. I think that the hawk that I seen watching me a few feet away was telling me that Im on the right path and just keep going, don’t let anything stand in your way. But be cautious. Wish me luck 🙂 And thank you to all of you with comments on hawks.

      • I’ve taken care of my wife for a year in a wheelchair she was told she would never walk again shes been walking fine the past 2 years ,now 3 years later im fighting with her lung cancer she starts chemo next week, he past week a hawk appears on the wires as soon as i come out , now today i was in my yard and the hawk flew right up to me with my lawn mower running and watched me cut my grass as i talked to it was about 3 feet from me he stayed for a good 5 minutes

      • What a wonderful faithful & loving husband. I know what all that means believe me. I am warmed in my heart to hear of your hawk visit! Special of course. I’m sure you were and are impressed! I hope you have read a lot of the comments and my replies on this blog. To me you are given a message that you and your wife are being watched over. It seems the message is for you to know you are not out of the great design for your lives. Be trustful and positive. We never know the future but this is a special message from a sharp visionary that is always to be accepted as positive.
        So be of good cheer, relax, and be trusting in the Goodness for you. Keep alert but sensitive to the world around you in giving your loving care. Blessings.

      • Diane, around 2005 I got my family together to pray against generational curses that had slipped in before I was born, it took a lot of time to get everyone together; I’m catholic and this was my first experience in getting help from the healers of the past; the Indians I believe Cherokee. I was at work on a Friday and we were all getting together that Sunday, I was nervous as I went outside to take a break at work. I was standing next to an oak tree, the roots were so strong that they went through the concrete and sidewalk. I was praying at 3:00pm when I heard the sound of a hawk, the sound was coming from a wooded area, I glanced over and this Hawk flew all the way across the parking lot and landed on the bottom branch of the oak tree exactly above me, I glanced into his eyes and his voice screeched as he continued looking at me, “I screamed back at Him, “What are you trying to tell me? What is it that you want of me?” I knew it was related to our family getting together to pray that Sunday. He probably stayed on the branch for three minutes before he flew off and it froze me with peace and uplifted me. We said the prayers on Sunday and on Monday I went back to work.
        At 3pm I went back outside and went to stand in the same place above the oak tree hoping to maybe see the hawk again but instead to my disbelief, there were orange cones all around the side walk with yellow tape blocking off the area where I stood only three days ago. The property manager up routed the gigantic Oak tree over the weekend because the roots were so strong that it was damaging and cracking the sidewalk and parking lot. It was then that I turned my face towards the Sun and shut my eyes and said, “Thank you God for sending your messenger and for the enlightenment….for the Oak Tree that was strong and deep rooted represented our family tree but it also represented the strong generational curse on my family.
        The prayer worked, the curse was completely removed.
        The Hawk representing God the Father and His Son Jesus and the generational curse was pulled from its very roots and nothing remained except a new beginning for my family.
        Three years later I was praying at work for a battle another family was going through and I was helping them with their journey…. I heard a loud scream outside a hawk was fighting with another bird, and then I saw 3 beautiful hawk feathers in front of my car that had fallen during the battle, The feathers are at my mother’s in a glass vase. What should I do with the feathers?
        Thank you. I have other stories that happens recently with the Cherokee but not Hawk related.. Thank you for giving me a portal to share my story.

    • Hello Tara, I am 71 years old and live alone in a rural county of N.C. A hawk has been coming for a week now and sitting on my deck rail and a few feet away sitting on a fence post around my small garden. I have a low back situation and walk bent over. I like working in the yard and have several bird feeders which has become a chore to keep filled because of my back. One morning I walked around the house and the hawk was on the deck, he flew away after seeing me. He still comes every morning around 6;30 or 7:00
      and sits for maybe a hour. He make my day. I hope he continues to visit.


      • Sam Tara’s comment was in 2011, but I’m sure she would like to hear of your comment about your hawk visitor. Warm wishes to you. Thanks for keeping our conversation alive and up to date. Diane

      • OVER LAST COUPLE YEARS I HAVE SEEN HAWKS and thought it was due to just living in the country environment but there was one on the railing going down OUR ROAD here I came up Close to the hawk JUST SIT. stared at me I got 2 picture of it now when I drive in my car I always see a hawk there was one flying over my car today coming down a huge hill IN Indiana name Floyd Knobs and before I got to my destination this afternoon I seen one to the right on an old tree stump by the river when I was coming down the hill go from Floyd Knobs it flew over my car beside my car and then veered off to the right my husband doesn’t seem to believe me but I feel like God is trying to tell me something he just says it’s a hawk and there’s been so many wonderful things happening positive things I tell him HE JUST SAYS YOU HAPPENED TO SEE THIS OR THAT?HE still doesn’t believe me I’m just going to go with my gut and KNOW that this is a blessing. Sorry if spelling is wrong and seems confusing I am speaking to it into this get terrible service out here where we live

      • You bet Tammy! You are being visited often and its a confirmation of all the positive wonderful things you said are happening in your life. From what you said it might just be that these visits are to confirm not only to you but your husband that God works in mysterious ways and visiting hawks as a positive blessing is one of them. I hope you let your husband read all the comments people have written in about their hawk visits. Some need to be more aware like the hawk has superior eyesight. Some are given the blessing of knowing God or the Great Spirit or our Creator is watching over us and not one of us is left out. God is God and sees all and most importantly LOVES us! Don’t ask me why I just know it’s true. Your are to be encouraged you are not alone and your ARE BLESSED! Be sure to be thankful and stay aware (insightful) of what’s going on around you as you may be called upon to bless someone else too. Thanks Tammy for your story.

    • We have been having two hawks in our yard for the last few days enjoying our sprinkler sitting on our roof n in our yard wat does it mean

      • Linda, how wonderful for you. I suggest you take time to read the other comments and my replies. You will find your answer I’m sure. You alone can interpret if this is truly a Hawk visitation to you or not. And if so you will know in your heart. If so you can be sure you are called to be more alert to the bigger picture in your life right now and be positive. God bless.

  2. Hi Diane –

    I’ve been reading about animal totems and the one regarding the hawk somehow speaks to me. I have been unemployed for four months and have been job hunting like so many other people in the same situation. I have seen three hawks in the last week (it might be the same one) sitting on a telephone wire in the same spot when I drive to Lake Geneva. I wonder if these sightings mean anything?

    Thank you – Deb

    • I always believe optimism is better than negativism. A sign from nature for many many peoples have been read as omens or blessings. Various historic cultures have different meanings for different animals. However, that said, there seems to be universal meanings associated with many animals. One of those has been the hawk; a sign of coming blessings. So keep you head up Deb and remember all things work for good for those who love God. God is the Spirit of Goodness in all; so you can be sure you are in good hands! Enjoy your new walk in life whatever that may prove to become.

      • Diane,
        My Nanette is Diane.
        Yesterday a hawk landed on my patio fence,but he wasn’t alone,he had a pigeon in his talons , but the pigeon was not dead,he was almost standing,and alive,but it upset me,to see that.I’m in a hopeless relationship,and can get out,for I am poor.No carI live on disability,that’s why I can’t get out,because I cannot support myself on my income.I’m 55,years old,and was just curious about why this hawk landed on my patio,out of the many around me,plus the two trees right on the other siDE of the fence . .

      • Nanette, How hard it is to see a struggling animal for it’s life. That would upset anyone. I’m so sorry you are in a hopeless relationship you can’t get out of. I’m praying a door will open for you so you will find a way of escape even though being poor you feel you are stuck. Having no car and living on disability makes life very hard indeed. You do have access to the internet and that is something. Maybe you can make contact with the local churches or ministries to find a means of getting transportation to their places where they can help you develop a means of income just for you. The hawk coming to your patio should be a positive sign for you that the Great Sprit, God is watching and you are not alone at all. Keep sensitive and alert to whatever is going on around you. Just like you are with the noticing the hawk visit as some message. It is a positive one. Take hold and know you are in good hands. I’m 71 and paint so maybe you can do something like that at your local church or social organizations workshops and sell what you do in their shows and festivals. God always provides a way out…trust him..he sent you a hawk to give you that positive assurance, all is well.

      • Most likely Dannon it means the window is so clean and clear that the reflection that it creates of the outside trees and sky appear real to the hawk and it fly into it believing it is soaring in the wild. You should put stickers on the window that prevent this happening. You can find these in a bird seed store or a nature store easily. This is a common experience with birds and windows. Thanks for posting.

  3. I am confused as to why people believe in ‘optimism’…..and I get a strange feeling that they believe that many agree with this artificial pose…I don’t believe in either optimism or negativism…I just try to roll with the punches like anyone…I find it odd that there seems to be a collective agreement that optimism is best…
    that said, a hawk hovered several feet above me for quite a while in the air. It seemed to be enjoying floating there. It had beautiful markings on its wings I could see fairly clearly. when a passerby got close to me, it flew away.
    I am afraid of ‘believing’ in things, as I hope to avoid delusional thinking. Yet I don’t want to ignore things, signs perhaps from nature. From these writings I deduce that I am to try to develop a larger perspective…perhaps the Hawk felt a cameraderie…I am always trying to develop that perspective…just difficult because reality is hard to figure out and I suspect collectively created by water, air, earth, organisms, and we have a lot less freedom then we like to think we have…hard to face it

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, which lead me to think maybe you have left out the idea of the invisible influences we have on one another, and all that surrounds us at a given time. Such as the emanation of such emotions as joy, sadness, depression,or love. There are times I’m sure when you can “feel” when someone is depressed or negative, or just not fun to be around, or that a person needs to be alone…you can “feel” or “sense” somehow of the invisible “vibs” of that person. Or it might be in an environment; going to a certain room in a building, or a house,etc. There is also the modern concept of the “string theory” wherein it is understood now that all things, ALL is interrelated, actually more than related rather, one of another! A continuum of life interlocked together. If this has any meaning it could suggest not that there is no freedom, but rather we may attract people, events, etc, to ourselves by the very invisible emenation of our being. This may be like the old fable: “birds of a feather flock together.”
      Many other ancient sayings bear this thought. Something to ponder. Thanks again.

  4. Whatr does it mean when you dream of hawks? I rarely remember dreams. There were 3 hawks circling to the right of me. I felt in awe when I saw them. Their under wings were just beautiful. One of the hawks seem to have a design on his wings, i don’t think it was anything in particular that I coild recognize but was red or burgundy in color. Any thoughts?

    • I did reply to this Denise. Did you see my comment/ check over all the comments to see your name.
      I’m sure I did as I remember talking about the 3 hawks and the design on the wings.

    • Denise, thank you for your sharing your dream and question about color meanings. I am not an expert of color but I am an artist. I understand red or the likes of it are related to attitudes such as, industrious, outgoing, strong willed, seated with confidence, agreesive(positive). Also red or burgundy in color may sugest blood, or “life.”
      I suggest you might find some answers or direction in your thinking if you check out this
      site:http://www.sobrietystones.com/resources/Colors/colorsindex.htm It relates to the ancient beliefs and achetypes (meaning universal to all people) of consciousness.
      The color being under the wings and your positive emotional reaction to those colors and scene, would lead me to think of things like “protection,” “welfare,” as in Biblical metaphors of being safe under the pinons of God. Pinons beign wings or feathers. Here are some verses:
      Isaiah 34:15
      The owl will nest there and lay eggs, she will hatch them, and care for her young under the shadow of her wings
      Ruth 2:12
      May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.”
      Ezekiel 10:8
      (Under the wings of the cherubim could be seen what looked like human hands.)
      Matthew 23:37
      “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.
      Revelation 4:8
      Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings. Day and night they never stop saying: “‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ who was, and is, and is to come.”
      You see all very wonderful meanings to the metaphor of “under the wings.”
      Just some thoughts for you since you asked. Thanks again.

  5. agildkinFor the past few weeks I have seen this very large bird stopping by my fence for a visit. I was not sure about the bird nor did I think anything until this morning. My best friend and I is sitting outside talking about my husband that has left me 5 months ago how he just walked away and now he could be involved with a much younger girl (just a few years older then our son). As I’m crying asking her what does she think I should do… the hawk appears. She thinks this has been my sign. I’m not ready to walk away from our 21 years
    ..not sure what to do please share with me your thoughts. Thank you

    • Dear Sonya,
      My deepest sympathys for you! I can somehow relate to the heartbreak you are suffering but from different circumstances. There is no real comfort for a broken heart other than the love of God that does heal us in what seems like a long time. I am not a sorcer nor can I say that the bird (hawk) that is visiting you is giving you a direction. I do believe however that our lives are all interconnected in the unseen reality of Life. That being acknowledged it would seem your life flowing source of pain and brokenness has attracted this bird. Now the ancient American Indians as well as ancient cultures of the Eastern part of the world believe the spirits (life ) in animals could be understood and “signs” or “confirmations” of something.
      As with understanding dreams I think the person, in this case, you, have to be the one to discern (know) the meaning of this if there is any at all. The fact that you were aware of this visiting bird (hawk) on the occasions of your sharing your grief and brokenness may be understood as an encouragement that you are not left alone and bereft; God is with you! Now history in all cultures has shown us that the male husband who abandons his wife and family is to be pittied but rejected unless there is a change in behavior and a seeking of forgiveness. Without that you are considered a free woman in my book. It’s been 5 months you say; well you alone can decide the amount of time you will give him to reconcile and return.
      It may be he never will and if he did he will do it again. That is up to you if you want to live with an adulterer. The Hawk visiting may not give you those directions at all but that it visits often at such a crucial time of your sharing I would agree it is an encouragement to your freedom and protection and only good is in the future for you. Hope that gives you something to think about. You alone can be the determiner of your progress.

  6. Wow i have been struggling with many things The biggest is the murder of my sister that is still under investagation . I have seen a hawk a couple of times flying above sitting on tellaphone lines but this morning it was sitting on top of a car and it stared at me . then as quick as i saw it it was gone i looked for it then saw it fly to the east I did not think any thing of it until i came home i was thing of my sister and remember my visit this morning , but it was not the same thought that crossed my mind when i first saw it now im looking for what the meaning is let me know your thoughts thx Jill

    • My deepest sympathies to you Jill for the tragic loss of your sister. I can’t imagine the torment you must be feeling. The sighting of a hawk and that you noticed it flying overhead and then sitting near you staring at you would as you already are guessing a message of somekind for you. We know the American Indians believed that animals have spirits of medicine and when there is a personal visit that would mean to them the spirits are bringing “medicine” to you. Now in their tradition the hawk was a bearer of encouraement, blessings of a message that you are searching for. It seems to me as a believer of the Holy Spirit (the Life of all things) knows our very needs and reads our hearts and groans (New & Old Testament scripture), that you are to know that you are NOT alone, that you are being upheld in “the Everlasting Arms” ~ Deuteronomy 33:26-28 (read these lines in the Bible). It would seem your sisters prayers now at the Throne of Heaven has sent you the “medicine of encouragement” and that you are to rest & trust in the Love of God. God is with you! Peace to you.

  7. Hi Diane,

    In August of this year while I was 37 weeks pregnant I lost my soulmate dog. I was beyond devestated, I thought I was going to die. I stopped eating, sleeping, when I tried to drink water I thought I was suffocating. I was afraid to close my eyes and I became afraid of the dark at 33 years old for the first time in my life. I started suffering from terrible panic attacks which I had never had before. The guilt of feeling like this while trying to take of myself for my babies sake and not being able to was so hard. Long story short I started walking around my neighborhood in the very early morning hours in a complete state of panic, a need to run away. I live in a very bad neighborhood and obviously was not is the right state of mind while doing this. One morning while walking there was a hawk flying overhead, really it was like he was following me because he would stop somewhere and pretty much wait for me to catch up to him. This is really all I remember well from my many walks in panic. Not soon after I was blessed with the greatest miracle of my life, I found out that my soul dog was reincarnating back to me and I was finally at peace. He is already back in my arms at home (along with my healthy baby boy) and I know now for certain that that hawk was letting me know that I had a great gift coming! Just seeing that hawk was the only comfort I had at that time and I will always be so grateful.

    Thanks for listening to me!

  8. Angela my heart goes out to you and I am so happy you have found peace again. Isn’t it a blessing to know that hawk that led you along was a messenger of good and joy for you. You were to persevere and hang on and all would be well. I’m sure you realize that the significance of this experience although during a trying time was truely to remind you of the eteranl One’s care and love for you even in the midst of great trial. I do hope you remember this and can trust in that Great Caring Hand even whithout a visitor such as you were blessed with this time with a hawk.
    God be with you family now and may you take assurance and rest in the joy of the emabrace of God always with you. Diane

  9. Lately i have seen and heard one or two hawks,i think they are red shouldered or red tail hawks.My first encounter was that i was outside in the back yard with one of my dogs, when i spooked a bird and it flew out of my ficus tree,at first i thought it was an owl.Since then i have been hearing sounds that i knew was a bird but not sure what kind.About two to three weeks ago i was looking out my front window watching a two woodpeckers feeding on my suet feeder when a hawk(which i figured out later)swooped down and tried to grab one of the woodpeckers out of the tree.The hawk had the woodpecker on the ground but it got away.Since then i heard the hawk or hawks and started looking for them with binoculars and happen to see one in a pine tree.i started researching and listening to the sounds and i think it is a red shouldered hawk.I hear them more then i see them,even when i go to my mom’s house i sometimes hear them.This all happened after i got injured falling off a ladder,breaking my wrist and compression fracture of my back.have been out of work since Aug 23 2012.My wife has been unemployed since March and we have used up most of our savings and have medical bills and are behind in our other bills.What do you think the hawk sightings and sounds mean?We live in Port Saint Lucie Fl. and the neighborhood is suburban.

    • Again your sightings may have special significance for you since not only have you noticed them once but often and that your heart has been stirred to research the meaning. Surly I pray for you that those hawks are truely signs of good fortune to come for you. I do believe they are harbringers of good fortune, or as you will messengers of good meaning for you. Your sharing of your plight in employment and low funds leads me to think you are to be assured you are in God’s Everlasting Loving Arms. You are not alone and are not unnoticed by the Holy One. Sometimes we are given extra encouragement to stay in the race (so to speak) don’t lose heart, stay the course, keep fighting, stay true to the right and in the future all will be well as all is well now. Its hard to see our blessings when we look to the world and money for our support; our richest blessings are in peace and love. Stay true “surffisher,” God is with you.

  10. I had a hawk visit me in my home tonight. Today was my daughters birthday and my sons Godmothers funeral. The strangest thing happened at 8 o’clock tonight my daughter opened the door and hawk flew in our home? I hope it is a sign of good from the spirit world.

    • Whow! That was a surprise. Was the hawk injured? Did you have chance to see? Did it fly out then? Your story brings with it so many questions. But truly I do believe the experience is not coincidental. I don’t personally believe in coincidence. I do agree with the thousand of others who have had special encounters with a hawk that they are messangers as such of good things to come for you. A promise if you will of your being embraced in the Love of the Eternal Holy One. Good fortunes for those who love God and serve righteousness.

    • Martha I thought I replied to your wonderful sharing of the hawk flying into your home! That is truly an amazing thing to have happen to you all. It must have been startling and obviously lifted your spirits. I do beleive it is a sign of goodness to come for you. Who knows it may be an angel in disquise sending you blessings from your sons Godmother. Angels visit us unawares in many diquises. St. Paul reminds us to be generous to visitors as they may be “angels visiting us unawares.” That means in this world of senses we don’t see them as angels as we might think angels are to look like but in fact they are messengers of God. The word “angel” means “messenger of God.” Did you know that. God is with you and blesss you.

  11. Greetings, on November 17, 2012 a red-tailed Hawk appeared on my terrace in, of all places, New York City. It was a beautiful early fall morning and I was amazed at the sheer size of it. I immediately started taking pictures as it stayed there and allowed me to take them until I moved the terrace’s door handle and it flew away. Lately I’ve been very challenged and trying to make sense of a lot of things that are happening in my life. Like many I’m struggling with career issues, and it really has put a strain on my overall outlook. I don’t think there are any coincidences in life, so I’ve scoured the internet to see the message(s) this beautiful bird was trying to send me.

    Thank You

    • Greetings to you in New York from California on this day after Thanksgiving. Beautiful day here too.
      It is always a blessing to receive a visit from the great hawk. I hope some of the messages you read on this blog concerning this visit will give you hope and a ready spirit to accept the well wishes of the spirit world. It seems your spirit attracted this great bird and the message it brings you is to be assured you are embraced in goodness. All will be well, do not lose heart, stay alert and open to possibilities you otherwise might not recognize. God be with you. BTW could you send one of your photos? I would share with others if you would let me.

  12. Diane, I have seen hawks and felt a strong connection to them for many years now. When it first began I was in the country on a drive and one sat perched on a tree staring at me. I had to stop the car and stare back in disbelief for a while before moving on questioning the meaning. Over the years I have seen many and honestly I have become a little afraid of them because good things don’t always come from the sightings and I don’t want anymore hardships in my life. So today When I saw them I was surprised because this time I saw two together for the first time. They were perched on a telephone pole staring at me as I drove toward them one (I feel the male)flew of toward the east but the other (I feel female) stayed and watched me as I drove by and in my rear view mirror she was still there.. My gut said changes are coming and reflection is telling me it is related to a move I am considering to a house 15 min south east of where I live. I also wondered if the two together might symbolize my husband of 12 years and myself being together for life like the hawks are. I feel ok about it but as always fearful that something bad could come. Do you have any insight for me?

    • Stephanie, I thank you for your sharing. I can’t say I have any insight exactly in any extraordinary way. However, I do beleive that our spirits or as you will the very essence of our beings are constantly giving signals or vibrations of our daily situations. With that in mind it seems your spirit is calling out for approval, a confirmation of your move and live relationship. And according to many others and tradition the Hawks seem to respond to those kind of vibrations or spirit calls and therefore are a confirmation of that call therefore bringing you a “yes.”
      Another way people have expressed this message is “something of a good coming.” So either way it’s in one’s own heart thoughts at the time of the sightings or visits that I think give one the answer. It seems you have a “yes” to your inner desires of a good move and a faithful relationship. You should consider yourself blessed, I think; you are being looked out after by the Holy One-The All Wise God.

      • Diane, I wrote to you on Dec. 4th, Thank you for your response. Today when I looked out my window while on the computer my hawks were back. Amazingly the two hawks I saw while driving 4 miles away from here are now perched or nesting on top of a small tree 25 feet from my window looking at me and then just going about their business. I know it is rare to see two hawks together like this and I have now seen them twice this month. What do you think they want from me?

      • My first response was how do you know they are the same hawks? Then I thought they probably are since they are in the same vicinity where you first saw the two of them watching you. So NO nothing bad is going to come your way. The understanding is something GOOD is coming your way. Tradition tells us they are messengers of good tidings. This may be an enlightenment of something for you, a deeper insight that is positive, it may imply you are moving in the positive way.
        It is always possible it doesn’t mean anything at all. They may be a Hawk couple that is breeding in the area you just happen to be in the area also.
        But as all our discussions have shown, the native American tradition sees the visit of a hawk(s) as a messanger from the Great Spirit; an alert to you to be on the look out so you don’t miss some meaningful and positive direction in you life. This can be in a physical way or a mental or spiritual way. But know this Stephanie it is POSITIVE not a negative! Blessings are in store for you. Watch and be grateful!

  13. HI DIANE ,

    • Hi Viviana,
      I think you should tell your mom about the ancient Indian and other tradional lore (beliefs) that say the visit of a Hawk is a POSITIVE thing. It has been understood to mean that you are being looked after…that the Holy Creator is listening and watching you and you may trust in goodness for you. So the hawk is like a messanger letting you know that all will be well no matter what happens, all will be well. You are blessed.

  14. Hello Diane, I would like to share a story with you. About seven years ago, I was driving home one day when suddenly a hawk flew in front of my truck and was hit by my windshield. I was very worried I had hurt it badly. I got off my truck and went to see if it was okay. It was fine just a little stunned. I spoke with it and told it I would not hurt it. I was a little scared to pick it up but I could not just leave it there. I picked it up and put it in the back of my truck. We went home and by then it was fine and flew away. Ive seen a couple since then. Today I was sitting down watching tv when all of a sudden I saw a baby hawk at my window. It is a very small window. It was pecking at my window, me and my dog were just looking at him as well as him looking at us. I got up to get my camera when he flew off. He still stayed on my fence for a little while then left. I thought it was very cool and special. I was looking up the significance of my encounter and found you 🙂 Thanx for your insight. It feels nice to know others are experienceing they same thing. Im very happy to know im blessed and God loves me!!!

  15. Hello Diane. Today I was walking in my backyard with my 8 year old girl and my 6 month old baby boy (in my arms) when I saw a red tail hawk sitting in a small tree about 30 feet away. We watched him for 10 mins or so …. and he watched us. I decided to get a closer look so I slowly walked toward him (thinking that he would fly) but he let me walk right up to him. He sat there looking strait at me. Like he was looking into my eyes. He was only about 10 feet away from me. I had a strange feeling wash over me like he was trying to tell me something. A min or so later he dropped off the limb and flew off just to the left of me and disappeared into the woods. I blew it off as soon as the kids demanded my attention , but sitting in bed tonight i just cant get it out of my mind. Enough that I googled it and ended up here… ….any thoughts Diane ?
    …. pondering on my pillow

    • Hello Chris,
      As you probably have read all the comments and my answers you may have more answers to your questions already. If you haven’t read all the comments and my replys I suggest you do. Visits from hawks are in the fokelore of our country and in many others by the way, represent a kind of messenger from the Great Spirit. Now if that language doesn’t sit well with you think of it this way; we all are in a continuum of life and we are in that ether related or better said, connected or actually part of one another. That said when we as individuals are showing or expressing or our auras if you will are in such a pattern it often relates to the mystery of life in such a way that we are encouraged by the fullness of a greater wisdom. The hawk is there to let you know that you are not alone in your endeavors and that there may be something you need to pay attention to in your life that will result in postive circumstances, results, whathaveyou. IOW you are being blessed with a positive incentive to be more watchful to the positive in your life since there may be a blessing coming your way. Hope that helps you Chirs and settles your heart. The fact you were so taken by the visit says to me this truly was a messenger to you and your loved ones of a blessing on its way, watch for it, be attuned, relax in the joy of this blessing. Diane

  16. Thanks you so much Diane for your reply. It is greatly apreciated.
    There was a time not so long ago when I would spend alot of time in the woods alone meditating (sitting and thinking and sometimes just sitting) but seems that I have gotten so busy in the last years that I have no time for reflection. Maybe I should try to find some time? Because I feel that I am missing something.(just thinking out loud )……thanks again Daine. Glad that you are here.

    … Chris

  17. I am just ordinary person , yet in the past few years I have been followed by Hawks one day while walking a Hawk landed down right in front of me I thought he or she was trying to catch something but no it just kept on looking, a year later I had dream where two enormous hawks landed down in front of me one of them embraced me with his wings that seemed to be blue which I thought to myself that is unusually , I do not understand this ?

    • Sara, as you have probably read in my other comment replys dreams are best interpreted by the person who had the dream. However, much has been written by experts in pyschology along with studies of many historic documents of many cultures and thier imagery where it has been accepted that birds, especially predeatory birds, are archtypes (meaning universally accepted) of “messengers of God.” Many cultures see the “God” as the Great Spirit, the Holy One, etc. Many different names of the all inclusive Creative One. So therefore it seems your dream of hawks (now thought to be messengers of good things to come) not only came to you one of them embraced you with wings that seemed to be blue. Blue is another one of those archetypal imagery that has been accepted to represent, clarity, righteousness,heaven, openness, etc. [link: http://crystal-cure.com/blue.html
      It would seem that your sub conscious mind is at peace with clarity of mind and heart. You are blessed!

      Sara, remember in dreams, hawks represent our yearning for freedom and clarity and is often considered a message from the subconscious to use our intellectual power to obtain the freedom we desire in lives.

  18. Diane,
    I have had a hawk in my dream this morning. It was at rest, about to eat a large insect (which I cannot remember but may have been a large scarab or spider??) A small bird flew in and ate the insect. I myself wanted the hawk to eat the bird! The hawk instead of eating the bird, gently put its foot over it and watched. Could you comment?

    • Kamala I hope you have read my other replys to comments. You know then that dreams are best interpreted by the person who had the dream. That being said, there are accepted archetypal imagery that has been determined by historic experts. One of those is the spider or the scarab; here is a link to one meaning:[Link: ]
      Now the small bird swooping in and eating the insect is an action taking place on the beetle. Interestingly the hawk who is a messenger of good things to come (asking you to watch and be alert) is interrupted from eating this may imply you have too much of one of the attributes of royaly and it needs to be done taken out of your conscious being. In other words it seems to me (and this is dangerous to take this are the answer because only YOU can respond to what the true message is for you!) that the hawk is a messanger of the good that you will find in your life if you allow the foul( small bird) of the air (of life, circumstance, what may appear as an annoyance in you life) to take away or purge you of the large insect (the uncomingly attribute of royalty) in your consciuosess. It is a good thing for your life…either it is happening already (which it probably is) or you will find the “annoyance” of that attribute in your character taken out and away…which is to bring you greater good. If that sounds hullabaluie so be it…if one thing tingles in your heart or rings a bell in your concsious life then that may be the message. Pray on it…whatever it is a good thing Kamala! Blessings are on you.

      • Thank you very much for your wise words which do make sense. I did have a strong vision of work I want to do which means a lot to me and which has been thwarted in many ways over the last 13 years which I believe is part of my learning and growing curve, and recently I have put my dream aside to assist my father who is going to die soon. The royalty is related to the lack of confidence in myself resulting in giving away my power to others over many years whom I had thought know better than me and who recently have told me to do things that may not be in my best and highest interest. Blessings to you!

      • Your wisdom is great!! I posted on the blog my understanding and then walking on the beach today I encountered a great blue heron who confirmed my road to independence….I think!

        I am so glad I found you on the internet!

        Big hug,

        Dana (Kamala was the name a teacher gave me)

      • Thank you. Wonderful you have found a freedom and a confirmation.
        Remember in dreams, hawks represent our yearning for freedom and clarity and is often considered a message from the subconscious to use our intellectual power to obtain the freedom we desire in our lives. I pray for you to have the ability to be at peace with yourself as well as with others to obtain that freedom. Blessings are with you.

  19. Hello,
    My daughter who is 8 months pregnant just called me and told me a bird flew into her car window. She drove back to see if it was okay. She was very sad it was a hawk and it was dead. She is going through a super hard time with the babies dad not involved in her pregnancy. She is 18 and lives at her dads, and her dad is treating her bad to prove his love to his 20 year younger girlfriend he is dating. My daughter has been dealing with a lot of bad in her life her entire pregnancy. I wanted to know if there is any meaning to this?

    • I have been thinking on this since last night and need more time to give you a reply.
      You both have my sincerest prayers that you are delivered from such difficult relationships. Off the top I would say there is no meaning other than this hawk may have been blinded for some reason and lost its bearings. This kind of flight is very unnatural and would seem to be caused by some chemical in the air. As to the “meaning” of the event for your daughter I am finding that hard to interpret. It more likely is a freak example of what goes wrong when men fuss with nature. I’ll keep praying and thinkig on this for you. May God give you wisdom in your daughters situation; she may need to move to a more suitable and loving home.

      • Diane, in your message is the message for the daughter…..that people have been blinded and lost their bearings, perhaps daughter needs to focus on her direction. Sometimes we can’t see the message even as it comes out of us.

        On another note, I notice raptors, most red tails in my area. I will see them stoop for lunch along the freeway, kestrels hovering, etc, and no one else in the car will see them. We have I think 2 mating pairs along my route to work, there’s always one sitting on my route. We sometimes see them on the highwires or hunting.

        I think we also have a mating pair in the neighborhood that we see once in awhile….

        This afternoon, I am sitting at my desk and I hear a blue jay putting up a fuss…..go look out my bedroom window, just as a juvenile red tail swoops almost to the ground not 10 feet from me and then perches on my fence in the shade…..perhaps the jays have a nest, because the jay was that upset.

        To say that life has been hard for the past three years is an understatement. My doctors tell me that I have had 3 lifetimes worth in as many years. I am left with several chronic conditions that are not manageable right now and no meaning in my life. I have a life not worth living at the moment and along comes this hawk. I don’t even have enough hope to believe in an imminent good message, because it simply can’t outweigh the limitations, the medications, the side effects and the pain. And yet, I need something that can show me that there is something that’s worth it as opposed to another 50 years of meaninglessness.

      • Dear K DC…my heart goes out to you! As to the first question about the “daughter” I don’t know… I would have to go back and search the entries to see what discussion that was concerning. I suspect you got the idea all right.
        Now concerning you sightings of your hawks it stuck me that you mentioned that no one else seems to notice the hawks. That says to me that those hawks are there for you and for you to be encouraged that you are loved, a created creature of the Creator and that you are not forgotten in the billions of people in the world!!!! Such a small but lovely gesture of the omnipotent Creator to show you that you are loved and have meaning in this life!!! Life does is not valued by ledgers of accomplishments, positions, or financial standings, nor talents, or what ever our “world” feeds into our consciousness of what is important or of value!!! LIFE is LIFE and it is given and GRACE is GIVEN. YOU have been GIVEN both!! AND you have been graced with visitations of a wonderful creature that throughout history and other civilizations and heritages have recognized as a creature of good omens.
        YOur right, sometimes we don’t see or hear the message in spite of ourselves. I too can contest to that!
        We (meaning most human nature people–most everyone) are always looking for the lightening bolt, the voice from the cloud or sky. Well whose to say that may happen. But I think sometimes the most powerful messages come in tiny little packages….like litle blue flowers along the road way. Some of us are meant and created to just be and to find out that BEING is LIFE.
        K DC I fully appreciate you endurance of pain, medications, doctor visits, hospital visits, what have you, friends dwindling off, family perplexed,needless to say your own questioning, doubting, fearing, all of it. I know it goes on. But take joy in the hawks and in other people who agree with you in your LIFE of becoming LIFE. That is the great achievement…to love ourselves in the midst of being unloveble even to ourselves. To throw out all the “production thinking”, achievement, physical fitness, all of it. It’s a mirage really to the REAL LIFE. Hang on K DC..you are in the eyes of the Creator, thought about, watched, cared for, and given to BEING. Open you heart more and more….see more and more….you see the hawk is telling you there is a blessing on you! Take it!

  20. I had a friend send me a link to your page and thank you It is very interesting. I have had close encounters with red tail haws for a very long time. They would sit on the fence post in my yard and just watch me with no fear. One place I lived I could get 4 feet away and it would just watch me, one day I heard something looked up it was in a tree looking down on me. Over the last two months I keep seeing a red tail hawk and as I drive by I am not kidding it watches me. Then 3 weeks ago I saw it every morning on my way to school and on my way home. Then last week I turned on a rd and it was on a fence post (this is a rural country area nothing around) it was 10 feet off the rd I stopped put down my window and the hawk just looked at me didn’t fly away or anything, I said thank you and asked to what message it had for me.. As I pulled away the Hawk watched me and stayed on the fence post. Today on my way home in the same area I always see it the hawk flew out at my car like it was swooping down to get food I had to hit the brakes it was beautiful and then it was gone. I know it has a meaning, unfortunate I am not getting it. A lot makes sense after reading the information you have on your page. I see things very clear, more than I want to sometimes. I am very misunderstood by others and that is ok. I do feel something coming I just do not know what. I have stopped remembering my dreams for so long and lately they have started to become very active, and strange. I think I shut them off because I know what they bring and I do not understand a lot about how they unfold and end up manifesting. I want to see the Hawk when I am not driving so I can sit and listen.

    • Thank you for sharing. You are right to seek more time to stay silent and listen. Sometimes the message is so obvious we don’t see it as a message. It may be as you understand that you are to be more sensitive to having quiet restful sittings and to become more aware. You must not become anxious and worried; I think you are receiving these visitations in the correct spirit and responding wisely. In any case you seem to be blessed with these special visitations. Be thankful and watchful.

  21. Thank you Diane I believe that is true I have been under constant ongoing stress for 2 years, I saw them again this morning in the same spot and one coasted over my car as I passed and a few 100 feet ahead another hawk was sitting in the tree, As soon as I saw the one floating over the car I shut off the radio and stayed quiet most of my way to school. I had some interesting thoughts come at this time. One was my gggggrandmothers native american name, I found this very interesting. This is not the first time a connection to her has come to my in trying times. I am also going to start meditating something I know I should be doing. I am fascinated and waiting and seeking to see what comes. I had a dear friend tell me two years ago, that I just woke up and now is a new stage, I am starting to understand that more and more. I knew from the time I was a child, there was something different about me, but do not talk much about it and to only a few random close friends I trust. I never understood it so pushed it away, and now it is coming alive more than it ever has. Amazing the same time as I am seeing the Hawks. I know for me I became to disconnected to nature and direction, and now is the time to get back to what I know and be open to learn. I see things clearer, and more clear than I ever have, scary in some ways but also interesting.

  22. Dear Diane
    I was walking the fields on a beautiful winter day (2/7/13) when I looked to the sky to see over 70 hawks riding the thermals. The number was astounding, I could hardly beleive it. A calm come over me. I stood there for maybe 10 minutes watching them ride the thermals, so fluid, a slow dance amoung them.
    On the ground there was no wind just cold and still. I am used to seeing hawks but never anything like this. It was truely magnificent. It felt miraculous to see this. Is it unusual to see such a large number together?

    • Yes, it is unusual but apparently hawks have been known to do this in thermals as you wittnessed.
      I found this web page to answer your question. You may have found it also: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110108191215AALiKal

      There are seven identified Hawk species according to teh Peterson Field Guide to Birds. There are other similar birds that could be misstaken as hawks. Not knowing where your location is it is hard to say which kind of hawk you saw. The Peterson book is the best source to see the markings of each bird and where it thrives, to help you identify which species of hawk you saw.

      As to any personal significance I can only agree with anyone who would say you were blessed to be there to see the flight of so many together enjoying the thermal ride.
      Best wishes seem to be in store nonetheless for you.

  23. Hello? I’m Max From Nigeria I’ve Been Told That My Family Killed A White So Now The White’s Spirit’s Been Sending Me Messages Because I Believe In God And Has Been Very Faithful. Now The Point Is That People Die Endlessly In My Family And My Parents Just Told Me The Real Truth Telling Me I’m Not Suppose To Love Whites But I Get Along Well With Whites Than Blacks And So Everyday And Everywhere I Go ,I See Hawks And I Always Have This Feeling On My Skin So I Think I’m Safe But I Don’t Want To Die And I Want To Leave My Country To US As Soon As Possible. Please Believe Me

    • Hello Max. Thank you for telling your story. Of course I believe you. Your inner spirit tells you that you have the freedom of love for all colors of people and that is GOOD. Your family is not dying because you love white people. The consequences of your freedom of love to others is not your families to determine. It seems your seeing hawks often and being inspired by them is a good thing. I pray for you that the Great Spirit will protect you and give you a means and a way of getting to the US since this is a desire in your heart. God’s speed be with you Max.

  24. Hello Diane, we been seeing this Hawk every morning I looked at online what and found out ,its called its Coopers Hawk with Brown and white feathers just kind of curious why I see him every morning and sometimes in evening he just sit there can you please give me some answers..thanks

    • Hi Aji, Thanks for writting. I have to say of course the obvious reason is that this hawk has a nest close by and is simply on vigil for his nest. It is interesting though that you have taken notice. Most often people don’t see or care about birds. Since you have taken notice this hawk may have some significance for you as a messenger. As you hopefully have read many of the comments the hawk is representative of bringing positive messages. It may be that in your sensitivity you are to be watchfull for a new direction coming for you in the near future. Be sensible and act wisely you are in good hands. Be at rest and not anxious but watchful in your heart. Blessings to you.

  25. I, too, saw a hawk in repose a few mornings ago. I was sleeping at a friend’s, as I have done over the past 10 years, and never seen such a thing. He waited until I awoke to show me, and after I’d sighted the bird, it flew off — almost as if it was waiting for me!

    Within the hour, a man visited the house who had told me several unpleasant truths about the above friend several years ago. I called him my guardian angel at the time, but had not seen him since then. He is a distant acquaintance of my friend, but all that he told me about him was correct, and it helped me deal with some very frustrating and difficult matters.

    Yes, there are changes waiting in the wings, and perhaps the bird was saying, “Wake up!”

    • Thank you Lisa, for sharing your hawk visit and then the one you have called your “guardian angel.” After seeing the hawk within the hour certainly puts an exclamation point on the visit! I agree with you the bird was no doubt encouraging you to “Wake up!” I hope you listen and find your new freedom invigorating. Blessings are coming your way!

  26. I had a red-tailed hawk visit me while on vacation in LaQuinta, CA. I was sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling in the water. I had the grill going and was just relaxing while dinner seared. A red-tailed hawk flew down and landed on the pool’s edge across from me. I didn’t know what it meant but I instinctively knew it was a blessed event. The hawk sat eyeing me for quite some time and I debated whether to run inside and get my camera. Deciding that it wasn’t worth having the shot if I missed even a few seconds of this visit, I sat and watched the hawk watching me and enjoyed the visit. In the weeks following, back in PA…. a red-tailed hawk flew overhead three days in a row while I sat outside at a picnic table for my lunch hour. It was surreal. I’m always hopeful that another experience will come my way and I welcome the hawk as an important totem who’s with me on my journey.

    • Thank you Priestess for sharing with us. You have been given four visits so close together it seems you are to be clear headed and watchful as events come your way. Certainly you may feel comfortable that all will be well for you. Blessings.

  27. This just happened to me yesterday. As we were rounding the corner, something made me look up at our deck…and there it was. A hawk. I can’t help but think it was a sign. We were running a errand, and I so hoped it would be there when we got back and it was. It was so unreal. Just looked at us, as we stared through the window. I got great pictures. Never in 15 years have I even seen a hawk anywhere in our neighborhood. I couldn’t help but think it meant something…just by the way it stared at us. Crazy huh?

    • Not so crazy anymore! Your sensing the urge to look up is interesting. Isn’t that the feeling we get when someone is watching us? Yes. We humans have an uncany 6th sense, if you will, where we “feel”, “respond by looking.” Of course you’ve read my other comments and those shared by others. Let’s say you have been visited, you have been sent a message of encouragement to be on the alert and watchful for an important positive change or event coming your way. It most likely will be very sutble and you may not realize it all until you’ve made the transition; but you’ve been encouraged by the spirit you are in good hands. Thank you for sharing and Blessings to you.

  28. Hi Diane, How weird it is I looked this up and found this page with lots of cool stories. Today a hawk was sitting on a bush right in my window. Kinda freaked me out, then it flew to the yard tree. I remembered seeing one a few times in the same tree lately. I know I never really liked hawks because when I used to care for baby ducks I would watch them carry the little babies away one by one and I would just cry. I am a sucker for all animals but have a hard time with predators. I have been through the wringer the past several years but that brought me to faith which I desperately needed. I have been having trouble understanding all the bad things going on near and around my life that I have been living in anxiety and fear. Oh I could go on and on but I cried out to God today in desperation and tears. Shortly there was that hawk looking right in! I felt the need to look up the symbolism but was careful not to get into idolatry. I really hope for wisdom and health. Hey isn’t the owl wise? lol Anyway I hope this is good because lately all I feel is depressed. Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for sharing Donna. I’m not surprised that your hawk visit followed your prayer of heart. As you have probably learned from all our comments that it is accepted folk lore that the visitation of a hawk is promising of good things, and one that encourages you to be on the lookout, or “eye open” and alert. Life difficulties that bring desperation and tears are hard stuff to go through. Remember this, as a child of God and you are if you are accepting of his Son, you will always be given the grace to endure through all that comes to you. Another scripture tells us as a promise that for all things work for good for those that love God and are called according to his purpose. You see I think our great creator loves us so much that the difficulties of our life situations happen to draw us back to living in honor and goodness. I believe you have been blessed with this hawk visit and that you will see something positive in the near future.

  29. In researching why hawks are attracted to my son (now 8 years old), I found your blog. This is very interesting. When my son was born, a hawk came to our house and sat at the post of our deck for a whole week, as if keeping watch over my son. This year a wounded Hawk came right to our front door seeking help. We tried to recue him but, he hopped to the woods before I could rescue him. Also, 8 hawks were circling my house and there were no small animals outside. I feel like this is a sign from God. I’m not Indian (only 1/3rd) but, I believe the Hawk that came to you is your wise protector. He/She is a gift and a sign from God that you are special, just like my son.

  30. Diane
    The last year for me has been the worst in my life ever. I have lost everything from my house, boyfriend, I had to put my cat own because I found out he had water around his heart and a mass was found behind it, I had to have surgery on my elbow and I ended up having to have a byopsy on my breast which thankfully came back non cancerous. I was on a walk today and twice somekind of a shadow appeared in my sunglasses which caused me to look up in the sky to my right and when I looked I saw a hawk take off but I didnt see where it took off from and then it went and landed in a larger tree. I have been in talks with my brother and sister in law who are trying to get me and my Mother to move to the state they live. Do you feel the hawk appearing to me has something to do with us moving to their state or something else?

    • Thank you Tamara for thinking I can give you some direction, but I have to say only you will know the answer to your question. I can agree with you however, that this hawk visitation for you is a sign of promise for you. We have learned that a sighting or actual visitation by a hawk stands as a “message for you to be watchful in the near future for a positive experience.” So it may be this is the direction you and your mother are to take. I would suggest you take time for quiet prayer and spiritual reading before you make any decision. You may find as you take time to pray and rest you will receive the confirmation in your heart that this is the way to go. I wouldn’t do anything if you have any doubts or feelings of concern. Wait until you are at peace in your heart about any move.
      Maybe looking into the possibilities, the cost, the means of what it all may mean for you will open up the “positive message” you will understand. It may be something you haven’t thought of as yet.
      I wish you a loving blessing in God’s care for your physical healing and wounded heart. It is always a sad thing to lose a loving pet. You have been blessed that you don’t have cancer! God is watching over you no matter what physical or difficult heart matters you experience. The hawk is simply a sign that you can be sure that truth is real for you! May you have the Peace that passes all understanding that only our true LORD will give you.

  31. Diane Happy Easter to you! Thank you very much for this important and useful information and may God also be with you in assisting you to help us understand the meaning of Hawks.

  32. Diane I left my job in October 2012 after being continuously ill from a stressful job. I left without no income and my husband not working.I left purely on faith. A couple months ago after coming home from church I came to my office (out of the norm) and started to work on church stuff out of my left eye i saw something it was a hawk which had a eaten rabbit, he laid it on the swing set outside of my window in my direct view and sat there for the longest time. I grabbed my camera and took pictures. I began to pray, he turned his head looked at me (seemed like directly into my eyes) and then flew away. Immediately after that I would see hawks every where i turned. One flew across my car at night and as I turned my head he sat on the other side of the road as to make sure I saw him. I have been seeing hawks for well over a year and have been continuously searching and praying as it to its meaning. Today I received an court order for my mortgage and all I keep thinking is I walk by faith not by sight and I am trying to put this huge puzzle together. Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dear Tracey,
      You apparently are going through a time of winnowing. That is when the wheat is thrown around to get the good stuff (wheat) away from the ungood stuff (chaff). It is a trying and stressful time to be sure. The sittings you have been having or visits from hawks may be a sign to you that you are in good hands. As you are Christian – you mention going to church to work in an office- you are probably going through this “fire” of testing of your faith. Remember this things of this world are not so important to our eternal life which is in Spirit. To be made purer we exercise “faith”. Faith that we are truly alive in Spirit and in truth meaning we are a living part of the Eteranl God. I know what you mean by searching and waiting for a message but I have come to realize that is the message….you are in God’s Spirit and good purpose.
      Keep the faith and keep open in heart and mind. Be ready to offer your service or help to whomever asks you or whatever comes up….that may be the very doorway to a release from the trial period. Read 1 Peter 4:12-13. The firey trials do come to an end. Keep hope and a sweet heart of love.

      • Thanks Diane, what is your take of the eaten rabbit? I keep thinking that there is a significance. Thank you for the scripture.

  33. Thanks Diane, what is your take of the eaten rabbit? I keep thinking that there is a significance. Thank you for the scripture.

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  35. Hi Diane
    I have thought for many years that Hawks brought news. I always have an incredible feel after I see one and always thank him(her) for being there. I see them quite regularly and funny how no one else sees them. hmmm :>)
    I wonder if it means anything different if a) they are on a power line/pole or b) flying in front of my car (across the front) c) flying along side my car d) or if they are looking at me when I come upon them.
    I see most of them when I am driving. The great part? If they are looking around as if looking for food, when they see me, they follow me with their head or fly near me for a time.
    I just didn’t know if it meant anything different. And yes, I always thank them for being there.

    • Fascinating. I don’t see how the meaning would be different from a to d of your examples. Your awareness of the Hawks is as significant as their actions. You have a very strong energy it seems that attracks them. Or you have a guiding angel(s) that are (which you do by the way we all do) that are asking the hawk to make a physical connection with you to encourage you in receiving the message(s). It would be good for you review your experiences after your sightings or visits of hawks and see if you notice any kind of new opening for you or message that came in that time. Blessings are yours.

    • Dear terrific white retrievers…I appreciate your encouragement to write more. I will work on a new post that might “elaborate a little bit more.” I’m not exactly clear on what it is directly you’re interest is in but I will work on it this weekend. Thanks again. Keep watching.

  36. I have had a red tailed hawk circling my home for several weeks.. yesterday while mowing my front lawn i was shadowed and i felt a sense of peace.. when i looked up it was the hawk overhead and i wondered what it was all about.. thanks for the clarification..

  37. I was traveling on my country road the other day and a hawk flew up from the ditch on the side of the road and I swerved to try and avoid him but I hit him with the drivers front corner of my car hard. He immediately was on the ground and died. I feel so bad. Is there any message to this? I am currently doing some planning on going to Costa Rica to do some mission type work rescuing young girls from sexual slavery. I am really trying to listen to God and do what He is asking me to do. I’m trying to figure out if there was a hidden message in this or whether it just flew into my car by accident. Any advice would be so helpful. Bless you!

    • Dear Twigs,
      I’m sorry for the bird dying but it probably would have been even more heart wrenching if it was struggling to survive and you had no way to help. I don’t think we can take every instance of calamity as a message from God. I do suspect this was an accident and not a direction for you.
      However, if you yourself are having second thoughts of your mission and its timing you may be using this incident to highlight those misgivings. I think the best voice of God for us to follow is our Spirit within ourselves. “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Colossians 3:14-16 Here is a direction of wisdom that I follow: if my heart or spirit is restless or has a misgivings about something I’m considering or about a relationship or person, or event, then I wait until I have more information or at best my spirit comes to a “peace.” I think this is where we hear the voice of God. The accident with the hawk was truly a calamity and a sad thing but nonetheless an accident. We don’t always have perfect insight to “why” things like this happen. Discernment happens in our hearts with God’s direction of peace or unrest. God give you the peace that comes from the Holy Spirit.

  38. Thank you Diane, I was looking for an answer and found it here. I now know what the hawk through Creator had to message me.


      • Fascinating isnt’ it how nature stuns us and we are so so civilized we just can’t get into our heads that we- all living creatures- are somehow interconnected. Certainly i agree with you that the strength of your presence was an attraction to this hawk. Of course you’ve no doubt read in all the comments (maybe you haven’t) that the traditional American natives were very much attuned with the animals and the unseen powers of ourselves and of those animals. They taught that the hawk was a messenger of good tidings to come. It would seem Eric that your move to the rural america, even though you are in the city,has brought you closer to the free air and flowing unseen powers you carry about yourself which are then less restricted. You should be watchful and alert in this time following your hawk visits. You may miss the message sometimes they are subtle. The hawk has given you a “heads up” to something (one) coming positive event or what ever it may be. It may be as simple as a true sense of Peacefulness and rightliving in tune with your purpose. I believe in God and I believe you are in (his) watchful care. Hawk blessings are yours.

  39. Hello Diane,

    I have been questioning the greater meaning behind my sightings. I moved to Denver, CO about eight months ago. One day, when driving back alone from the mountains, a hawk literally flew by at about windshield height, 40 ft in front of my car on the interstate and landed on the raised median that splits the higher northbound road. I just thought it was kind of cool! Then yesterday, as I’m walking home (I live in downtown, not out in the woods or anything), a hawk came out of nowhere and landed in a puddle about 50 ft from me. I stopped, took a picture, then tried to walk by. We locked eyes for a few seconds, then the hawk flew up to a street sign, then flew to the light post at the street corner I cross at. He just sat there and watched me walk across the street. This really got me thinking. How often does a hawk fly into the concrete jungle that is any downtown, just to drink water from a puddle on the side of the road? Two things I need to say, I do not believe in what is defined as the traditional God, but I also do not believe in coincidence. I do believe in a universal energy that exists in every human, and I feel my energy is very, very strong. I have also been told this by others. I can’t help but feel like these sightings are related to something much bigger, but I’m struggling to find that greater meaning. I just wonder what your thoughts are.

    • Thank you Diane, your response spoke directly to me. I have a follow up to the event and was wondering your thoughts. So yesterday, I wanted an additional sign for some reassurance. I began asking the universe for something, anything. I took my same route home, nothing. I get home at the same time as my roommate (at this point my mind had wondered elsewhere), and, as usual, he turned on the TV. I had to do a double check. A massive Owl, wings spread wide, was on the TV going in for a kill. I was like, wow, that was close! So I go about my business, practicing my drums. As I’m practicing, I begin to rationalize the owls. My roommate left the TV on that channel (National Geographic) last night, he always turns on the TV when he walks in the door, etc. The scenario was already set up for it to happen. I play a bit longer, then I get up and plop down on the couch. I look up at the TV, boom…hawks. New show, same channel. Three of them were working together to hunt a rabbit. I was in awe. You can’t get much closer than that! But it doesn’t stop there. Today, I was walking home, on a different path because I was coming from a different direction. I’m texting with my bandmate and walking, not paying a whole lot of attention to my surroundings. Then I look up, and a pretty large rabbit is staring at me from just off the sidewalk, almost waiting for me to notice it, then it casually hopped behind a very small bush. Another strange spot for an animal to be. Now, there is a rather large forest fire 50 miles south from us, but, I don’t know. Quite the experiences, to say the least!

  40. Very interesting Eric. Keep watching you have something positive coming you way; remember it may be subtle. You expereince a new found self worth! That is always a blessing.

    • I don’t want to keep bugging you with my questions/experiences, but I checked my mail on Sunday (haven’t checked it since the hawk incident) and I had a letter from an attorney about a snowboard accident I was involved in back in March. I’ve read that typically hawks carry positive messages, but I can’t help feeling like maybe this letter was the expected message. Perhaps it was simply to bring my awareness back to the terrible accident that had occurred. I must say, karma runs very heavy with me, both positive and negative, but I wish that hawk could speak!

      • Very interesting Eric. You must be a preceptive person. Stay sensitive with nature and you will learn to read people too.

    • Hi Diane, just wanted to give you an update. I have become very aware of my surroundings lately, as I have been taking trips to the mountains for some solitude. I went camping this weekend. In three days, I saw a total of 16 hawks. At least, I believe they were all hawks. I saw mainly black hawks, so a buddy asked me if they could have possibly been falcons, but based on my research, these were definitely not falcons. Of the most significance were numbers 1, 5, 7, and 9-15. Number one flew over me as I was driving. I had just gotten out of a pretty incredible hail storm as I drove over a mountain pass. The sky opened up and the hawk came out. Number five literally swooped down in front of my car gliding about two feet off the ground and into the grass. Number seven, one of the more significant sightings, appeared after I asked for a sighting. I had just started my descent from 10,000 ft after a very stressful hike. My goal was to get to the top of the trail, 2.5 miles up, with an elevation change of 1,500′, to Chief Ouray Mine. Chief Ouray is known as a man of peace, so I felt I needed to take this hike. I got to the top, nothing. I sat at the entrance to the mine, nothing. I did a little meditation on a rock, nothing. I then felt like I was searching to hard for answers, and just said to myself, “I wish I’d see a hawk”. About 10 or so minutes later, I heard a cry. I looked out into this incredible landscape of massive rock walls surrounding a valley of sorts. There was the hawk, just circling and crying out, so much that I heard another hawk cry back. I stayed and watched as the hawk just circled in the distance and cried. I walked down to the next switchback, looked up, and the hawk was gone. I wonder how long it would have circled if I kept watching. Anyways, numbers 9-15 were like the grand finale to the weekend. On my drive home, they were in two groups of three circling above the road. Now there was a dead animal in the road, so there’s that. But I couldn’t help to be in awe as they just glided through the air, fascinating creatures.

      • What a wonderful opportunity for you to be in the wild seaching peace and quiet whild watching for your hawks. They didn’t disappoint you did they. How great. Thanks for sharing your observations.

  41. I looked out my kitchen window this morning and saw a hawk sitting on my back porch railing, with its back towards me. I picked up my camera and decided to take a photo through my back door window—-because I was afraid that, if I opened the door, I would scare the hawk away.
    Just as I was about to take the photo, the hawk turned its head and looked at me. The hawk’s intense eyes said…”No fear. Assess the situation, whatever it may be, and deal with it. No fear.”
    We stood there looking at each other for a minute or so. Then the hawk looked up towards the sky and…opened its mouth as if it was yawning. After that, it turned its gaze away from me and looked off into the distance for awhile, before it decided to fly away.
    I am going to post the photos on my blog as soon as I download them from my camera. 😉

    • Wonderful photos and story Mary! Thank you for sharing.
      I liked your reading of his message: “The hawk’s intense eyes said…’No fear. Assess the situation, whatever it may be, and deal with it. No fear.'”
      It seems you have a special sensitivity to wildlife and they are responding to you with accompanied and approval. Blessing on you!

  42. Hi Diane, I came across your great site and wanted to share my experience of sighting a hawk. Today when i was on my way biking to school, I stopped for awhile under street light stand to make a text message home when i was done, a guy told me “did you notice the hawk came and sit on the light stand on top of your head”? when I looked back, “i really saw a hawk sitting on a light stand right where i was standing. I don’t know what to make out of it-But i am hoping for a good news.

    • Wow! Fun huh? You had a messager sitting above you. Read all the comments and replys and you will get some insight as to why you may have had this visit. You should be sensitive to something or some message that you will become aware of soon. It will be positive that is a good thing… stay alert but quiet in your soul.

  43. A hawks cry woke me up this morning and continued throughout the day even until this very moment. I love animals so I went to see if I could find it & make sure that it wasn’t calling for help. It seems fine & keeps flying between two houses near me- most of the time facing north and the cries, well, you can set your watch to them. Any thoughts?? I don’t know if its sad but the consistency makes me sad as it seems like it needs something.

    • That is unusal I would agree. Sounds like that hawk was desparately trying to notify someone of a danger or that a hurt animal was in the bushes…or somehting. Certainly it was bringing a message!
      What did you do? Investigate I hope? Something was up for sure.

  44. Strange. About a week ago, I took some photos of a hawk standing on the railing of my back porch, and I posted them on my blog. I thought something like that would never happen again.
    The same hawk returned again this morning! This time it was looking right at our back door window, instead of out into the yard.
    My husband said, “Look! It’s that hawk again.”
    My husband, me, and the hawk stood that looking at each other for a few minutes….and then it flew away. I wonder what the hawk wanted? Maybe it wanted to see copies of all the photos I took last time. 🙂 hahaha!

    • I recall you told a similar experience a while back…so the hawk keeps visiting.
      Are you staying alert and quiet tocome aware of any message? No doubt it is a positive one. You seem to be very happy.

  45. I work in a railroad yard in mpls, mn. Their are many retail hawks here. They build their nest high above on the yard light towers. Every year they lay their eggs they hatch and we all are amazed at how fast they grow . After a heavy wind and rain storm we just had it blew two babies out of their nest. They could fly but were having funjump

    • Having fun jumping around from track to track trying to catch mice. Well sadly enough today I came to work and over the weekend one was dead. I don’t know what to do. Do I take and bury it or just let it go back to mother earth on it’s own. Over the past four years I watch them and they might be watching me as well. They will pluck a pigeon out of the air and drop it right in front of me I stop and wait while it comes down to pick it up and it looks at me for a bit then takes it and goes. Three times with a pigeon and once with a squirrel. The adults are BIG, BEAUTIFUL, AND AMAZING. now does any of this mean something? Theirs a whole lot more but I’ll wait awhile. Maybe a quick answer about the body for thebaby that passed.

      • Peggy this is a quick reply. The hawks are natural predetors as you well know. The dead baby bird was prob shoved out of nest which is what the mother does with a sick or deformed baby- her discretion obviously. Bury the dead bird. If you find a dead raven it is folklore to bury it dressed in black.
        I think a dead hawk, a medicine messanger should be given aburial by all means. Thehawks will be watching. 😉
        The dropping dead pigeon in front of you is unusual. May have been that hawk knew you saw the dead baby hawk & was giving you a message: All is natural! Haeks are known as messangers of medicie not harbringers of evil.
        What else do experience?

  46. This was really great information. I had a Hawk visitation on 6/12/2013. He was on the railing of my balcony making tons of noise, watching me watch him. It was awesome. The encounter lasted long enough for me to get video as well. A couple of weeks later there were two in the tree behind my house.

  47. I saw a hawk close-up for the first time this morning. S/he was about 5 feet from my window. S/he stayed there about 10 minutes looking around. I thought maybe s/he was a message for me. I require more confidence in speaking the truth. I desire to speak the truth in a kind way yet still speak the truth that will benefit all. I wonder if the hawk was a message. How do you know? Thanks!

    • I know how you feel. Is there really a message coming for me? We tend to be very skeptical. However, I think the message is also meant to be a kind of “medicine.” At least that is the folklore understanding. So in that case I think it (the message) is a good thing or positive, a blessing if you will. It may be a reassurance you’ve been waiting for in some matter or relationship, whatever it is you have an assurance of this hawk visit that there is something positive in your life coming or present. That is good to know right? So relax and keep your heart and mind and eyes open. You find that you yourself are the blessing to someone and that you have this assurance of the “medicine” of goodness with you! If you sensed a message for you than more and likely you are right on! The hawk visits are bringers spiritual good omens.

  48. I have a red wing hawk that visits me daily. I love animals & children & feel I have a personal connection with them. I stared at my hawk friend. I Have took many close ups pics of him. I am struggling with separation & have 2 young girls. I hope he is a sign to go in the right directions & give me courage to be a independent single mother. bless you lord & all your animal messages. I think I should embrace my Spirtual signs. Any suggestions??

    • I agree you are on the right response: “embrace your Spiritual signs.” The visiting hawk may be sign for you of encouragement to endure thorugh this time of trial and to have hope for a positive future.
      My prayers go up for you too. Most importantly is to stay positive.

  49. Hi, Diane. I came home and immediately went to the internet for help and found you. I am a very spiritual person and was driving home on the highway tonight and within those moments I was connecting to spirit, being alert of surroundings as best as I could. I believe in messages and signs. My flying friends are telling me something and I’m not getting the full picture at this time and am very heartbroken over these events. A couple weeks ago while driving on the highway, not going fast at all, a butterfly flew right into my windshield. Tonight, again not going fast, even stayed later at work to help my client, a hawk carrying its dinner flew from the side of the highway right smack into my front passenger door just below the window. I was shocked and crying my eyes out when a cop pulled over to help me. Prior, when I checked on the hawk, while it lay on the side of the highway near the grass line, it lifted it’s head and opened its mouth like trying to say something. Its meal was thrown on the ground a few feet away. I tried to avoid both of these without getting in an auto accident with myself and others. I see this or these hawks a lot on the highway lamps and do so admire them. In my present state, I am not clear to receive information and am too upset to handle this now, as to why these two beautiful flying creatures have chosen me and my vehicle to end their life. Can you please assist me to understand it. I look forward to your reply.

  50. I had a Cooper’s Hawk visit me for 20 minutes yesterday. I was able to take 60 pictures, of which 20 or so were really good. I got within 15 feet of him (wanted to check to see if he was injured because it was so surreal). He was the most awesome creature. My deceased husband called me Doctor Doolittle because of my affinity for animals. I think perhaps it was he trying to guide me. He passed away 13 months ago, and I have been adrift.

    • Thank you Karen for sharing. How great you were able to get so close. You no doubt have a gentle spirit and the hawk was no doubt bringing you a heavenly message that all is well! You should take comfort in that visit. It is natural as you well know for one to experience the awkward sense of being adrift after losing one’s spouse. After all you were “one” for so many years, now you are as if you have lost “one wing.” The hawk is a special messanger of good tidings. You will find you life circumstances balancing out in time. Be confident you are not alone.

  51. Please give input….a Hawk flew right into my house through a sliding glass door from an enclosed deck area….grabbed my bird cage and shook it….I chased the Hawk off but am still wondering why the bird would come right into the house……..there are plenty of birds outside, but no, the Hawk wanted my darling finches.

    Ay insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Theresa Logan

    • Wow! That is some story! The only thing I can say is that I know wild birds hate cagged birds. Sparrow Hawks especially are well known for attacking any bird cage they happen to be near. The attacks usuallys frighten the caged birds so badly they die of heart attacks. It’s uncertain if the attack is meant to kill the bird or to destroy the cage to free the bird. So I think the hawk saw the cage in the house (which is very unusual) from the deck-pateo. Most often the cages are hung out side on the deck for the birds to have some fresh air time. Now if you have done that on occasion the hawk may have seen it. Hawks are territorial and it seems this hawk has staked his territory with your home in the midst of it.

      Someone else shared a story of a hawk that frequented their back yard and it flew right through the house from door to inside…they had to open the other doors for it to get out. That too seemed odd.

      In anycase the visiting of a hawk is a positive indication not a negative one. In your case it seems this hawk was just out to free the birds in the cage in your house which by the way he/she thinks is her territory and thus the right to fly inside. They are rather fearless birds with very sharp eye sight. Their eye sight is probably 4000 times sharper than ours; just like owls and most predator fowel.

      If you sense a personal visitation from this hawk then maybe there is a message for you. you alone can discern that truth. I would be on the alert for changes in patterns or possible new information coming your way in the near future just because this Hawk is living so close to your home and seems to claim you and your’s as its own.

      I would also keep watching for the hawk. I would also (as I had canaries) keep my birds inside.
      After mine died I did not get more cagged birds either, as much as I enjoyed them. It did make me realize the senselessness of caging a creature meant to be free to fly.

  52. Hi Tonya,

    My mother was a single mother of two girls……..I was one of her girls, now I a 62 and have quite a bit of insight about her fears and beliefs, my anger about my childhood has turned in into understanding and I wish I could spend time with her now, with the understanding level I am at.

    If I can help you with any insights, I have a background in business, criminology and psychology, and the School of Hard Knocks, and have been able to help single mothers out before because I lived what your girls are going to live….I’m sure my mother needed more love, understanding and support than she received……..but people get scared of situations they don’t understand and veer away.

    Willing to help if I can,

    Theresa Logan

  53. A hawk keeps coming into my yard. I can get up to 3 feet of him and he just watches me. He will turn his head back and forth, cry out, and then flyes away. This has been going on for two weeks just about every day. Most animals will let me get close but I have never had a hawk do this. I have had deer and wild birds eat from my hand. What is the hawk trying to tell me?

    • I suppose only you can discern the message. It is some feat that the animals seem to trust you so well. Most humans give off a scent that animals instinctively repell. So that in itself is amazing. It is interesting this experinece has happend now to you for two weeks every day even! Do you have meat nearby or some kind of prey that this hawk is interested in/ such as small birds feeding on a feeder? Or rodents, mice, rats? That is entirely possible especially if you are in a rural or wilderness or farm or ranch like surroundings. In any case his turning his head could be he’s watching for either you and what you are doing or he is also watching the “prey” nearby. It is possible that these visits are especially for you directly and are to be taken as a sign or message from the the Eternal. You alone can really discern if this experience is a message. That being said, the fact that you have researched and found my site and comments may imply already you see this as a “message.” So as that may be the case remember that the understanding of nature is that these are positive omens from the hawk visits. Keep us posted as to how long this goes on if it does or not.
      Thanks for sharing. Diane

  54. Hi Diane,
    We lost our 25 year old son, Sean 2 years ago. He was a brilliant young man with a wonderful career as an electrical engineer in an aeronautical engineering company. We live in the Pacific Northwest and Sean lived in the Southwest and Colorado. He lived and breathed to climb mountains. He found his peace in climbing and had reached the summits of 30, 14 thousand foot mountains. On July 24, 2011 shortly after reaching the summit of Snowmass Mountain in Aspen, a massive rock slide descended upon him. He lived for 7 hours after, but had lost too much blood by the time he was airlifted to the hospital. He would be 28 years old this September 24th. I can’t tell you how much I grieve for him every minute of every day. We have younger children as well and that keeps me going, but the emptiness is too much to bare sometimes. We have many hawks in our area and we see them all the time, but not really taking them in as we should. Today, I was sitting in our kids parking lot of their Catholic school and a hawk flew right on top of my car and perched there momentarily and then took off around the lot for a loop and then perched himself up on top of the parish hall. I was with my daughter and the janitor was chatting with me from the driver’s side window. He commented to me that the hawk was a good omen and that the bird flew on top of my car, so must be trying to tell me something. I have been begging the Lord to let me have just a glimpse of my son in a dream, or a thought or whisper from him and to have some peace with some other issues. I feel in the last two years, I have fallen away and I want so much to have some peace and comfort. I want to feel close with God and to know that my son in safe in His arms. Do think the hawk perching on top of my car is a sign from God? Thank you Diane.

    • Mary, I’m overcome with compassion for you and your family in your loss of your loving son. My answer to you is YES YES YES the Hawk is probably the upteenth message our LORD has been sending you! It’s been two years you say…and you’ve been praying for that confimation of your son being in God’s Perpertual Light, Life and Joy! Well, Mary, I think sometimes God isn’t the one that’s slow it’s us. But now finally the message has come to you in a way you can see, and understand! There is no mestake you friend who was leaning at your car window was there to make another confirmation to you that the hawk was a Good omen! Wow! Right on top of your car! No food there that’s for sure! The loop over the parking lot—oh yes—see here I am he’s saying—and then sets on top of the parish hall! I would call that not only a tripple confirmation but a quadrupple confirmation: hawk on car while your’e in it; looping fly; landing on parish hall within your sight; and your janitor friend right there to tell you to your face! I think that is a YES! YES YES YES! All is WELL!!
      YOU ARE BLESSED! Thanks for sharing Mary. God is watching over you and all that concerns you! So be it!

  55. Diane,
    Thank you for your quick response and yes, I do believe there have been many other ways that our Lord has come through to me and my husband as well. Day to day things, we may just take for granted. Other things really stick out in our minds as not just coincidence. Just the other day I felt the desire to start walking on a trail that we have in our area. It’s used by many hikers, runners, bikers. I thought it would be good to take my golden retriever with me as she has hip dysplasia already at 1 1/2 years old and I thought this may help her poor hip. How we came to have this dog is a whole different, but very much related to God and our son and our previous golden retriever. If you like, I can tell you that one too. Anyway, after our walk and I got home, I realized that I had lost one of my hoop earrings. I looked in the car and everywhere, but knew that I had lost it somewhere on the trail. I gave up hope on it and it wasn’t like I was lost without it, anyway but wouldn’t have minded getting it back. I took Darby again the next day and the next and while we were hiking, I scanned the whole 4 mile trip for the earring, just in case, but realizing there was no possible way I was going to find it, with leaves and gravel and tree branches everywhere. The next day, I went by myself as Darby was too gimpy to go with me. I was nearing the end of trail and listening to my ipod when a song that we had chosen for Sean’s funeral had come up….”Landslide” by Stevie Nicks. With tears streaming down my face, I called out to God to just let know that Sean is here with me. Just send a leaf fluttering down from a tree, a sweet little bird to sing to me from the brush, a butterfly….anything. Just as I said these words, I looked down and saw my little gold hoop earring laying there on the trail, amongst the leaves and dirt. There is no way, no way ever that I could have found such a small thing on such a vast trail without some intervention. I’m happy to have the earring back, but oh so much more happier to know that God is showing me that Sean’s presence is here with me. I don’t know how many I’ve told because I do think that these small, but very significant things mean more than I will know. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband when he got home form work that night. He cried. I cried. I don’t know why I must have these things to reassure me…..God just knows who I am and how I work! The hawk was just another wonderful sign. Thanks again Diane for listening to me!

  56. Last year, my father – who had Alzheimers Disease, was in a hospice unit in Queens, NY. On May 13th, I visited him, and he was in bad shape. I visited the patient family lounge and outside the window, perched on the railing was a hawk. A hawk in Queens?! I stared at him and took pictures of him. He was gorgeous. He sat out there for a long time. There were 2 nurses talking to each other in the lounge, also fascinated by the appearance of this hawk. They said that in some native American cultures, a hawk shows up when someone is near death, so that they can take their soul away from one world to the next. In the middle of that night (3:30 am on May 14th), my father passed away. I’m not superstitious at all, but the story of the hawk and timing of my father’s death gave me the goose bumps.

    • Wow! Yes there are some folklore about hawks and owls by the way. The ancient Alaskan folklore relating to death, is that if you hear an owl call your name you are about to enter the next world and leave this one. I think both the folklore of the owl and the hawk are similar. In this case I think the visit is not only for your father but for you. You both were blessed by the presence of a beautiful creature who comes with a Positive message! So not only was your father dying he was in Good Hands! He must have been a very special person!
      You too were blessed in this visit as you were there to see the hawk and marvel at its beauty and stayed presence. The positive message is most likely for you as well as your father! You are to be alert to coming positive direction and not be afraid to go with it. God is wathing over you _ maybe it all means your father’s prayers for your well being were answered in this hawks visit.

  57. I was getting into a church parking lot, church wich I do not attend, looking for information in how to leave a good donation we gathered me and my girlfriend…church was closed to my surprise there was a hawk in front of church’s door and had a bird on his talons…to my surprise the hawk just turned his head and looked at me…it was stranged we looked at each other for a good 30 to 40 seconds…it felt strange…I got out the car and flew away…that never happened to me before…I lost my job 3 months ago…had my own contract and my my co-contractors conspiry against me and the company owner let me go on false accusations…I forgive them of course but it was weird how I felt the hawk looking at me…

    • Fernando thanks for sharing. I think you have been given a promising message from the hawk’s sighting. The fact that you came to the church to leave a good donation says alot about you. The way you lost your job sounds like mutiny. I’m sorry for you. Very good for you that you have forgiven them because holding onto resentments only hurts your spirit.
      So now you see a hawk that looks at you before he flys away. Yes, you should stay alert and be ready to see something positive happen in your life. Hawk’s are messengers of good things to come.

  58. I had a bad couple months deaths and losing my girlfriend and when we were arguing a hawk landed in my hands out of sky very weird and creeeepy please tell me what this would mean ive been having bad nightmares to thank you zack

    • Gosh Wilikers! That sounds aweful Zack. You have my sympathy for the losses you have had recently and of course the confusion that must have put in your relationship with your girlfriend. I hope that has worked out for the better now. You were in a low point in your emotional life at the time and I’m sure she will understand if you explain it all to her calmly.
      As for the fact of a hawk falling from the sky and landing in your hands…wow! I’ve never heard of that happening before! I do think Zack your nightmares are from being so psyched due to your low emotional state over the deaths in your life relationships and I am supposing that the dropped hawk adds to that stress!
      Zack you have to remember that hawk’s are POSITIVE messengers if anything at all!! That means there is no bad thing happening or going to happen to you. It may just be a sign that good things will come out of all this darkness you are in right now. The hawk is a sign of good things to come! Trust in the Great Creator Who is the substance of all things! All things! That means you are the workmanship of God! That means you are in good care! Trust even in the valley’s of life’s experiences. Your valley right now is dark and you are scard and floundering around—thus the nightmares—. RElax! Trust God! Trust in the sign of the hawk and cool off, have Peace and make Peace! You are loved.

  59. question if someone could answer,,,, my father passed away in 05 and he loved birds in general. everyday we see a hawk sitting on electric wire down the road from us and my husband would be driving and he see a hawk everyday and he feels like the hawk is watching him, what kind of sign could that be a sign from my father. we see a hawk and seem like we feel safe. i just don’t understand i would like to be able to explain to my kids.

    • I believe things, nature, life is circle of complete inter involvement..that is all is connected by the spirits of our living breathing lives. You might read all the comments and stories that people have left on this blog and my answers to replies to them to help you in your explanations to our kids.
      The hawk in folklore ( ancient pass me down stories of beliefs) is a positive messanger. To see or be visited by a hawk in any unusual manner is considered a “sign” (a link with the Eternal Oneness of Wisdom) that something positive is about to happen or come to that person. The message is one that the receiver will know. It’s something someone senses or knows in their person. The positive thing may happen soon or immediate. To be immediate I suppose it could mean an encouragement, a message of “its okay..all will be okay…trust in God.” It may mean your new job is coming. These messages are very personal and direct to that person who was visited by the hawk. The best person to make the interpretation of the message is the person themselves. So it is always suggested to that person to be expectant or be alert to what is going on around you…be ready to receive a positive move or messagein your life. It may be a message it may be in an ecouragement like you describe…a knowing your father is living in eternal life and is well. A positive message.

  60. My sister killed herself almost three weeks ago. Last week I was driving back to dallas (where I work) and a hawk nearly flew into my windshield. Well my parents just told me that the same thing happened to them on their way up to dallas to visit me. After what happened with my sister they don’t want me working in dallas. They want me closer to home. So what does the incident with the hawk mean? Was it a message that my sis is ok or that I should quit my job (I really don’t want to quit). Thanks

    • Oh Stephanie, by heart goes out to you and your parents in the loss of your sister. You know Stepanie I don’t have the answer to your question, only you can make the real interpretation of events in your own heart. That said, I don’t believe the incidents of the hawks is a direction for you to quit your job. To me the hawks near hit on yours and your folks windshilds is fascinating in that you both had this experience so near to your sisters decision to end her life. You must let your own spirit in your heart lead you; God leads you directly. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what God’s will is! You will have the confirmation in your own heart. If you don’t have peace with any decision your making then it’s not of God. This is my rule that I get from the Bible.

      “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” James 3:17

      Remember this: The visiting of a hawk in one’s life is, according to folklore, to bring a positive message. So I don’t think quiting a personal position of a job as positive. So that to me is not the point of the message at all. More likely the positive message is in regard to your sister and the mercy of God’s love for her life and to give you and your parents that positive message for your comfort. Trust in God’s Mercy and Eternal Love.

  61. I’ve always felt a hawk was exordinary, in childhood, I knew he was special. My current home, I’ve only seem him from afar for over 10 years. 2 years ago, when my cat died, he hovered as I mourned and brought me peace. I found a feather one day and wondered if there was any significance, yet kept it like a found jewel. This week he landed on my deck and just looked at me, I’ve just changed jobs and have some uncertainy. Thanks for the blog.

    • Your most welcome. How special a relationship you have with your friend the Hawk! The HolyOne is truly watchs over you with a special gift of this hawk. What a fine blessing. It would seem you will be patient with eyes and heart open to the message coming your way. It will be stuble but you will know it as all these messages are positive. You will come out of your situation with a big smile and naturally with a grateful heart. Thank you for sharing your story, which may just touch the heart of needy person.

  62. We just shifted to a new house and on the first morning after we moved in we woke up very early to a loud birds noise,like a bird scream.I quietly walked to the window and and slowly lifted the curtain and saw a hawk or a kite kind of bird sitting on the railing of balcony.
    I have been a little anxious ever since as to what it might be indicating in terms of omens.

    • Not to worry! No bad omens! You have been sent a messenger of good things to come! At least that is the forklore among the native americans and many other cultures of nature. Do Not Worry!
      You see these great birds…most likely a hawk…arrive when they have a blessing for you…the message is that good things are coming your way. Be positive and watch closely where you will see the blessing. It often is very stuble and we miss the opportunity to be grateful. Welcome to your new home! This fellow bird welcomes you to good times living in this new home. Blessings.

  63. I live in LA, right in the heart of west hollywood. This morning around 8am, I hear crows flying near my room (i live in a highrise, 10th floor), all of sudden one of the crows hits my window so I get up to see what all the commotion is about, then as I look out my window, there is a red hawk or an owl, i could only see the bottom half of this bird (I assume its a hawk since it’s in the day?) sitting on top of my window pane. For about 10 minutes this mob of crows are circling and harrassing this bird on my window. Finally it flew away and all the crows followed it.

    With that said, I am going through an extremely emotional time in life at the moment, I have been praying to god to give me strength for my mind and heart is weak. After reading your post and comments, I am hoping that this is a sign of blessing because I sure need it.

    Thank you for your insight…

    • Interesting event. The crows no doubt were tormenting the hawk for stealing one of their young or old, most likely an egg from a nest. What’s intersting is the hawk found your place AND that YOU noticed and took concern. This to me says the visit was intended as a blessing or a positive sign that a good message is coming your way soon. Remain open and alert, but know this sometimes the sweetest messages come unawares, that is, we seldom recognize them as wonderful until later. But take solice in that some kind of message that is good is coming your way. Receive it.

  64. Yesterday as I was deer hunting, driving down this gravel road and this hawk appears our of nowhere and flies right in front of my truck for a good quarter of a mile. It was heading north as I was and level of my pickup. It was not in no hurry and then flew out to the east in a slow stride. The hawk in my totem animal and not sure what this means or should be looking for. First time this has happen with my totem animal. I am grateful this has happen, but would like to have more insight as to what it means.

    • Hi Cheryl, you hawk visit is interesting. It seems you have been given a sign (message) that something good or positive is coming your way. I suggest you read through some of these other comments and stories of people that have written in as you have and real also my reply.
      Since you recognize the hawk as your totem animal that must mean something to you and your culture. I suspect it is a sign for you of protection, direction, and sustainability. Hawks have sharp eye sight as you know, but in the folklore they are messengers of good. Their visit is to wake you up a bit to become more aware and alert to something positive that is coming in the near future. It is a message that is positive. So be happy and watch. You may not realize it at firts but eventually you will see it as a positive thing in your life. God Bless.

  65. Hello everyone, I had my first personal experience with a Hawk this morning and it was invigorating. I had just sat in my vehicle and closed the door; when I looked out my windshield and saw it right there in front of me, wings expanded and eye fixed on me! Even though it was dark outside I could see the white under his wings. Huge beautiful bird. Just hovering over my hood. He was there for about two minutes then flew away via past my driver side window.
    I have a family of Hawks who have decided to make the woods on my land their home so I pay my respects to them and don’t bother them. This was the first time one has tried any interactions with me. I have known all my life that these birds are messengers; and I have recently made some changes in my life and have made some leaps with my employment to assert my self. Now I know I have made a great move and the chances are coming soon. I have named the hawk Mesenjero and I will always respect him.

    • WoW Carmen how exciting to read about your experience! Very invigorating! Thank you very much for adding to the conversaton. I know your words will help others to be encouraged by thier hawk visitations. Blessing to you, Carmen.

  66. Hi Diane, very nice to meet you via this Blog. You are so very welcome and I can say I had a personal rejuvenation with this visit. I am Maya, Inca, Aztec and Cherokee Indian. And I truly believe that they are messengers. When ever I travel via my bike or truck; I will always see on or more above me or ahead of me, but like I said this was my first interactions and I will honor and pay attention to my surroundings. Thanks again and many blessings to you also.

  67. i saw a hawk today sitting just as strong and powerful as it could be , I wonder what type of message I need to look out for .

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  69. A baby Hawk just came to my back yard this morning and bird landed on the ground next to my beautiful sacred birch tree. This beautiful baby hawk just stared at me and never left for the longest time. I work with Hawk feathers, that have been dropped for me. I have Native American Cherokee Indian in my blood. I’ve never had a baby Hawk come to me in this manner. Curious to get any input. I feel like this was a huge Blessing of wonderful things to come and positive changes. Kerrie

    • Wonderful! Stay sensitive to those around you. You seem to be doing that already. What a special visit you have had indeed. As to any special meaning I don’t know of any. I would think they mother of this little bird was not far away and watching from some hidden spot. A special visit for sure as it caught your undivided attention. Your special sacred tree may have some indication also that this was a special visit for you. It’s interesting you said positive “changes.” You may already have the message in your heart and haven’t really seized it all together. This may be a confirmation to what you are hoping for or sensing already in your life.
      Remember it doesn’t have to be a big deal, it may be a small but significant message. God loves you! Don’t forget Him! It may be so simple as that yet so life changing in our endeavors as we put our trust in God and not ourselves. God is with you!

    • Hello Diane! I just wanted to add that the baby hawk came a second day in a row. I was able to take pictures. I am Feeling a double Blessing here. I would appreciate any input or feelings you would like to add. Blessings- Kerrie

      • Kerrie, good news. Wow two days in a row! You must be in for a sweet little blessing!
        Why don’t you send me a couple of the best pictures that you have taken of the little hawk and i will put on the blog with your message. Send to me in .jpg format to thecozyhammock@gmail.com
        That is the best place for me at this time. Write also the message you would like to have on the blog post with your pictures of the baby hawk. Include yourself if you like. Blessings to you, Kerrie.

  70. Thank you Diane! I believe it is a young/baby Hawk because of its the size but maybe you can determine that by the picture that I will send to you within the next few days. I also have Hawk feathers that I have found( but believe they were dropped for me spiritually). I also work with the Crow and have connected with these birds for so many years and also know they are messengers as well. I love all birds.I also have American Cherokee in me and feel that my spiritual path is working with these special birds! Many Blessings to you and Thank you again! I’m hoping this is a Big Blessing to come :))) Kerrie

  71. Hi Diane, I am an artist as well. Your comments and those of people writing in are both fascinating and uplifting. I am a practicing Catholic attending daily Mass and have always been open to the “signs” God shows us when we are looking for them. For a long, long time, I have been trying to discern if I should move. I work as a freelance artist, often hanging in until the last minute before a project comes. Getting work has been a challenge while living here. Many changes have come about with my usual sources of work, but God has brought some incredible projects to help me with the transition. At the same time, some of the projects have been both things I never want to do again and people I never want to work with again. This is has been a very difficult and wearing time for me. Financially, I am always at the edge and I find myself wondering if I should try to continue. My rent is due soon–in a week– and no project is in sight. A friend has offered to help me move back to a place where I had lived most of my life. We have been praying for definite answers for guidance and for the Lord’s wisdom as to what I should do. So many of the details are unknown, like who I will live with and how shall I continue to do the work that God wants me to do (I am living on a very small fixed income). My reasons for living where I am are complicated. Some of them have changed. There is a 5 year old boy in the community who has attached himself to me and would be very sad if I left. But I ask myself is that a reason to stay. It’s hard to picture myself back in the place where I used to live. The climate is very cold and my family is no longer living there. At the same time, I can’t see myself living here in such a depleted financial state. I have no family here either and because my means are so limited, life seems so meagre. I feel like I need so many answers to make a good decision in such a short time. Yesterday, I went for a walk and before crossing a bridge, saw a hawk sitting on an iron fence near the sidewalk, on the fence, as though mirroring my indecision. He looked at me as I walked by–I looked at him. On my way back home, he was gone. I couldn’t get the sighting out of my mind. I would appreciate any comments or insights you might have. Thank you!

    • Dear Dee,
      Your perseverance is to be commended. Your confession of faith is a sign to me that you are in the hands of the Almighty and He will never lead you into any situation that He won’t provide the strength to you to prevail. That doesn’t mean we live like kings or have everything our way, as you well know.
      It seems God has given you an answer in the sighting and experience with this hawk as to assure you that 1/ you are embraced in His everyloving arms/not to worry, 2/ you will be lead to a message or direction that will bring you to your next step. Isn’t it wonderful you were moved enough by the hawk to search out some meaning and found us on the internet. Well you arn’t alone my dear. We all are seaching direction and assurance that we are on the right track. You have been blessed I believe with this sighting as it has brought you some new hope and confidence. As a fellow artist I understand the financial frustration and all the ins and outs, ups and downs. I have a suggestion for you that might get you some work. Please don’t hold me to the idea that these will bring you success or money. I don’t know that at all. However, I do know there are these two online places where you can advertize your work. It sounds pretty meager but if you see how it works these jobs can make you some money.
      One is called http://www.fiverr.com All the work is offered at $5. Yes. but notice you can offer extra added features of your design work that would cost more per hour. Go on to the site and check out other people’s pages. You’ll see how they set up there page. It’s easy to do and free to be a member.
      Another one that is very much the same is http://www.elance.com This is a site where people also are offering their work at various prices. Both of these sites have tons of people and tons of offers, but people all over the world are on here and both of these sites are used by tons of business people as well as companies, and just individuals. They both are free to join to put up your page. Check them out. They may be a start or something you can use in the interium of steady work.
      May you be blessed in all your endeavors as you continue to put your trust in the Everlasting God.
      I think you will be able to stay where you are….that’s just my opinion from what you wrote. God Bless you Dee.

  72. I dreamed that a hawk was crowding me in the bed. It then was standing on my chest. Then it flew off to the south and east. Then I looked up and saw another one circling far above me. It was so high up that it looked small. It was circling counter clockwise.
    I have been able to put together some of the meaning ind the dream, but would like to hear your interpretation. That the second hawk was so high up and circling, seemed like important details.

    • Wow! That is some dream! I will have to think about this one. I would like to know how you interpreted it so far. As you know all dream professionals tell us the best person to interpret our dreams is ourselves. But I’ll give some thought and prayer.
      Thanks Carla.

  73. Hello,I recently driving came across two hawks. One flew really close to the car. I am a very spiritual person , I have constant dreams of events which then come true, I’m thinking what you call revalations? I have also premonitions.. Strong ones and visions of things to happen. I love mysticism and I am fascinated with Native American religion and spirituality. I was once told in a card reading that I had Indian spirt guide with me, pertaining to the moon… Cool. I’m going through some turmoil in a relationship and am not sure if I am doing the right thing holding on to this person. I am pretty sure the hawk was bringing me a message? What do you all think???

    • With your gifts of premonition and “revelations” Elizabeth it surprised me that you didn’t mention that you had anticipated somekind of visitation. In any case you had obviously two hawks making a visit or made a close relationship to you by flying near your car. As a spiriutal person who is aware of aspects of life that are not only physical by vision or what have you. The rule is that the hawks are messangers. It would seem with your sensitivity you will no doubt be receiving a clear indication or message or clear understanding in you life of what you are to do with your realtionship. Since you only mentioned the relationship you are having as the question you are faced with right now may, yes be the area in your life that you have received a message. My rule of life on making decisions is this, if in my spirit I sense any doubts or questions lurking in my heart or mind about the situation, then I wait. I make no “yes” or “no” decisions. I wait until I have clarity and certainty. That is in my spirit not in othe people and what they say or do, I have to “know” or have complete “yes” in my heart and spirit before i go ahead with something or any lasting commitments. I hope that helps. From what you wrote I would say, you have a confirmation from the hawk visit that your feelings of uncertainty in this relationship is telling you to not be committed. That’s what I think. Remember you alone can make the interpretation if there is one, no one else includding me can tell you what all this may mean. The hawks may just are telling you to be alert and senstive to what’s coming. Hope that helps.

  74. I have also been experiencing such thing.I see and hear it cry every time it’s arround.but I feel inferior whenever I see it .and it’s not only one I see but two at every time.sometimes I see they come to my side in numbers like seven when I am alone.I need solutions to this cos I don’t see it to

    be normal

    • Well Salam, it appears you are in a location where there are a number of hawks. As hawks generally are very teritorial predators it is more than likely what you are witnessing is a family of hawks with the young ones crying out probably for food. Since they seem to appear when you are along suggests you pose no threat to their existence. Plus as we have been in discussion here online visits of hawks can in the folklore understanding and meaning of nature may mean they have or are giving you a message. Or more likely they are alerting you (that is the message)to a very probably positive event or happening coming in your life. You also are to realize as the native Americans did that this also reminds that you are in the care of the Great Spirit and not to worry or be dismayed, but trust in your Maker. You are blessed that these hawks visit you. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing.

  75. My family recently lost a loved one. He was very young and it was a traumatic blow to everyone. Four days after his death a hawk flew into his parents backyard and landed on the fence right next to where they were talking and grieving. They watched and talked to the hawk for about a hour before it flew off. Later that day family came over to grieve with the parents and that same hawk flew back to the fence where everyone was grieving. The hawk stayed for about a hour while we all talked to it and have are messages of love. We were able to walk right up to this beautiful bird while it just looked at us.

    • Nicole my condolences to you and your family! It is wonderful you were able to gather together for comfort and support! What an added blessing for the hawk visitation! Thank you much for sharing such a beautiful and intimate visitation. Very special indeed and full of hope and blessings. Thank you.

  76. I have been searching also for an answer. Today I stepped out of my home with my dog and a large hawk hovered over us and low enough rhat my dog saw it as well then there was another that joined it. I yelled for my son to grab the cellphone to video tape what we were seeing,there was now SIX HAWKS total all hovering over my house and driveway, over me .So low was the one my dog started chasing him across the street. It felt so surreal to have so many over just my house and over us. Crazy! Is this a sign? Felt like it to me!

    • Gayle, no doubt in your search you have read all the symbolism, totem meanings, etc. As you have found the hawk is most often known as a very observant predator bird. Thus it seems the symbolism, folklore of native cultures have divined the Hawk to be a messenger for one to be observant, review situations before one, take note, move with clarity of thinking, and other such directives. It seems with the many hawks over your house and yourselves it might be a serious sign for you to take time out and evaluate the path you are on and be very observant of situations at hand or about to take place. Most often in my understanding anyway the message to be “aware” and “thoughtful” are so that you won’t miss out on a “positive experience.” Many cultures have as you have read, the hawk as the leader, at the top of the totem, the observer of things to come. The hawk is very wise, with sharp eye sight. Of course the main point also is that you “felt like this was a sign.” Most often we do think that when something unusual occurs on or about our lives. It should encourage you to know that many cultures see the hawk visits as positive messengers, that is not harbingers of harm. They are not a portent or negative sign. If anything they are forerunners of good tidings.
      In essence consider yourselves blessed.

  77. I had a dream about a hawk or some kind of large bird of prey with a huge wingspan, large talons and beak. In my dream I was asleep on a very high ledge overlooking the city lights. The hawk ruffled my hair to wake me up without scratching me at all. I looked to my left and saw him/her flying off. The message seemed to be that I needed to wake up and do something.

    • Well Robin, It seems you got the message all right. You might stay alert just the same. Be ready to recognize it. The ruffling of your hair sounds so loving like a familiar tousle of the hair by your loved grandfather or mother. Such a sweet blessing. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you.

  78. Great topic-in July 2010 I was told I had cancer. I was feeling down. 3 weeks later I was home alone, working under my truck in the driveway. I heard a commotion – birds fighting, chasing through the yard. No big deal, I live in a small town with lots of birds. Then I hear noises hitting on my bedroom window. I get out from under my truck and look up at the window. In my bedroom up against the window is a Red Tail Hawk. Inside my house!! Being spiritually asleep, my only thought was how do I get this pissed, scared hawk with big claws out of my house. I put on a clear face shield and leather gloves and got a soft blanket. The bird let me walk right up to it, and put the blanket around it, just it’s head sticking out. The hawk didn’t put up a fuss. Not even a twitch. I carried it out to the yard and opened the blanket, and it flew away. My only thought was wow I wish someone else was home to film it for youtube.
    I recently read a book that caused me to take stock of this encounter. Yesterday I looked in my old planners to see when this happened. That’s when I saw that it happened after the cancer news. Now I see this as a sign telling me not to worry, everything will be alright, which it is, no more cancer. I made the window sill in the bedroom extra wide (12″) and of the whole house this is where the Hawk decided to stop. It could have went anywhere in the house or flew out the way it came in. Which was into the garage up the short flight of stairs and then a hard right onto the bedroom to the sill. What does my spiritual wife keep on this window sill? Its covered with crystals and little rocks(I always teased her about this stuff…no more) that are special to her she believes they have powers. Dream catchers on the wall ect. If we have a spiritual place in the house that’s it….its all covered. After releasing the hawk I went back in to look at the carnage on the sill and I didn’t notice one thing knocked over. Bach then it was a sign that tried to slap me up side the head. Looking back It wasn’t a subtle sign at all. It was like look you idiot your being told something, you have received a sign. Almost 4 years later I see it clearly. F. Ben Ross fbenross@hotmail.com

    • Wonderful testimony F. Ben. Thank you for sharing with us all. You are right in that some of us are slower at getting the message than some. But the good thing is you got it. Good for you!

  79. I went to work today and on my break I went to my bunk
    and outside my door was a hawk but he was not alive

    • Dallas I’m sorry I missed your message before and that’s the late response I am surprised that you found a dead hawk at your door! it seems someone must’ve left it there for you. it’s very unlikely a hawk would die at a door.
      I See this as more likely that another person found it and placed it there. in any case any kind of visitation from something in nature would in folklore be a positive message as it would be from the Spirit of Life.
      In this case Dallas don’t be concerned. If this is truly a visit of sorts from the hawk you must take it as a positive message! Hawks bring messages of blessings to come! So take comfort in that and if it is an act of a person then it means nothing! God be with you! Trust God not man!

  80. Wow! I feel so blessed now. Thank you Father for your message and blessing. Last night after returning home from a celebration with family for my sons 16th birthday and fathers day, my husband found a baby hawk in our driveway. It wasn’t injured but it couldn’t fly yet. He yelled at me to home outside and check it out he wasn’t sure what it was. It was pretty dark outside so it was hard to make it out??? It hopped jumped on the window ledge so I lite my lighter to get a better look but it was hard to tell. It was big for a normal baby bird its feathers where beautiful mostly red with brown, black and some white but it had a sharp curved beak. It stayed in that window ledge all night. By morning it was under my bushes drinking water from the raindrops on the leaves and taking a dirt bath. So I took lots of pictures and contacted a local wildlife refuge for information and help. I was able to catch the hawk with a towel and secured it in a small pet carrier. The wildlife refuge had a habit already for the hawk by the time I arrived. Glory be in Christ Jesus!

    • Blessings on you for saving that little life! How wise to find a wildlife refuge for information and help. We need more concerned people in our world like you to be the good stewards God called us to be. You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  81. Hi Diane, I don’t know what to make of this, but today as I was walking across the work parking lot in the wide open, a hawk swooped down and smacked me in the head. I thought someone had thrown a basketball at the back of my head. It then sat atop a pole and screeched at me. My head was bleeding a little afterwards. It was incredibly startling. I assume it had a nest nearby, but it was a parking lot! I have been going through one of the most difficult periods of my life and would like to know if this has any significance to you. It is my third close encounter with a wild animal in less than a week. The other was a very large deer that I nearly walked right up on and it didn’t move. It sat very calmly. The other was a rabbit that crossed my path and they usually run away in the opposite direction. The hawk was just the most startling. Your opinion is appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • Ann thank you for your sharing. This is truly an amazing experience. I don’t quite know what to think about that either except my goodness you must have a very gentle spirit! Truly the Great Spirit Lord seems to be sending you a message in many ways. The getting whacked on the head by a hawk is quite an experience I must say. It certainly does get your attention. My understanding is you are to be very sensitive now for something positive & meaningful is coming your way. It may be you have been ignoring this. Thus the third message of getting whacked on the head! In any case I see these visits as positive for you. You have been notified of a blessing coming to you soon and these visits are to make you aware or sensitive & thankful for the blessing. God is with you Ann.

  82. I saw a hawk on my car a few days ago after leaving 20 year abusive relationship! At first I thought it was a owl and downloaded some pics on Fb! I then found out later it was really a red shouldered hawk!! I have 2 cats so Ian was immediately concerned about letting them out! But then a friend who knew what I was going through shared this site with me! I was blown away with the meaning and timing of it all! I feel I was already touched by God by leaving the bad relationship ! I knew a higher power helped me along! But know this all ties it together !! Thank you and God Bless xxxx

    • So glad your friend sent you this site. Blessings to you! Be alert now for a message coming along. It will or is or has been very encouraging to you. Happy liberation for you!

  83. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Hawks keep showing up for me…in my front tree, driving in front of my car, flying above me, etc. And I keep having dreams of flying. So I searched for some meaning and found this information. Just thought i would share with my fellow bird lovers and animal totem enthusiasts.

    • Thank you healingwithsavannah for sharing. You have to be aware of the message to you to be sensitive as you probably are already. Your dreams of flying are the freedom of your spirit and the message of the hawks seem to be alerting you to be aware and alert while in your freedom to be sensitive to the reality of life in the wild. There is a reality in the midst of freedom that we must be aware of and sensitive to. You may have a task ahead of you that will require a good deal of awareness, sensitive thinking, along with the courage to be free but honest.

  84. Hello Diane,

    So it’s been about a year since I posted here, and I must say what an interesting year! It seemed like hawk sightings were as predictable as the sun coming up each morning. I truly felt guided. So much that I actually ended up getting an enormous tattoo of a red-tail on my back. I questioned the decision after the fact and here is why. The vacation I took involved an extremely long drive from Denver to Gulf Shores, AL, to Charlotte (tattoo location), then back. I must have seen dozens of hawks along the trek to Charlotte. I was extremely confused whether or not these were even hawks. Mainly black, and only a couple red-tails. But if you remember my previous post, those red-tails sure love to swoop in front of my car! I looked at migration patterns and it seems like they are much less prevalent in the southeast. I searched for different black birds, trying to see if I was observing a different type of bird soaring above me. Nothing really stuck, though I did discover and see an Osprey on the lake one day while in Charlotte, so that was pretty cool. Anyways, it seemed like they were following me to Charlotte on this quest to get my tattoo. Once I got the tattoo (May 24th), I didn’t have a single hawk sighting for two months. I was even at my brother’s house often, and they have a nest across the way from their house. I exclaimed to the neighbor that I haven’t seen our friends since I got back. He said he sees them literally everyday. So, did I do something wrong? Was this tattoo a mistake? The ironic thing is I have more eagle sightings now. I remember saying to myself one day while driving, “Man, I haven’t seen a hawk in a long time”. Then I immediately looked to my left and there was an eagle head carving on someone’s mailbox. That made me chuckle a little. I finally saw a hawk soaring around the pond at the front of this neighborhood I was pulling in to, but I haven’t seen one since. I even went hiking the other week and saw a beautiful and majestic bald eagle soaring high above. That was the first time I remember ever seeing a bald eagle. Truly amazing! But at the end of the day, I still question whether the hawk is in fact my spirit animal, and if the tatttoo had any effect on the hawks appearing in my life like they used to. My only explanation is, now that I see the hawk everyday (one of the wings stretches over my shoulder), my awareness is always there. I’ve even asked the universe for a hawk feather to help me understand if I am on the correct path. That has yet to come to fruition…

  85. As I was discussing to a friend of mine about painting my kitchen and about how much he was going to charge me, I noticed a hawk it appeared to be, flying above us and it circled in the air and flew away. I thought it was strange cause this is the second time Ive seen it around my area! I have been going through alot of obstacles in my life area. abusive relationships, money matters, living situations , etc, etc.. I have been praying to God alot about all my problems and sometimes i feel like ive never going to get through them!! Its an never ending battle through out my whole life!! I try to look for answers and sometimes i get lost through the way. (Making bad choices) i dont know?? But however, im just trying to find answers to this meaning and i read so many diffrent ones!! What can u tell me?

    • Patricia your hawk sightings can be considered visits I suppose. In anycase God always answers our prayers and as Jams says if we ask for wisdom we will receive it. It sounds to me a you are a already aware of your mistakes quite clearly and acknowledging them is the first step for all of us to find was to rectify them or at least not to do them again. Your flying hawk visits suggests you are truly receiving a positive message. Stay clear headed as you seem to be now, and sensitive to the small things coming your way. Sometimes the biggest blessings come in small packages. It would seem, if we accept the folklore idea of a hawk bringing notice of positive messages, that God has answered your prayers and is sending you a messenger in the hawk to let you know all will be well. God is faithful will not leave you as you stay faithful. Blessings.

  86. I did not see this but my husband heard a big bang and saw a hawk fall to the ground in our side yard. He went outside and the hawk just stared at him for a few minutes and flew away. Do you think there is a message here? I know hawks have come to my and cry and I have always felt they are trying to tell me something but I don’t know what. Most hawks cry three times and leave. I was told this was a message of an impending death. I hope this is something good for my husband whom is not a believer of this messenger. Thank you – MA

    • It sounds like this hawk hit your building or window and was knocked out for a moment. That happens. The message any hawk brings in folklore is a positive one not a harbinger of death. In Alaska the harbinger of death is the owl if one hears it speak one’s own name. So no gloom and doom with the hawk! Rather the hawk is known in folklore as a “messenger of good things to come.”
      The idea is that one is to become more alert and sensitive to the small things as well as the big things that are happening in one’s life. There is no doubt a positive message coming your way or you already have it but don’t see it as such.
      The hawks visit suggests to you to be aware that a positive things is coming your way.
      Blessings on you.

  87. I’ve never blogged. But, today I had a hawk come and sit in the bushes outside my window at work. I screamed at first, because it was so unexpected. I lost my son in June 2014. He was my baby…my love…different from my other three children. His death was totally unexpected. He was 21. I also had a divorce after 29 years, 2 years ago. Again, totally unexpected. Was the hawk a sign of optimism or negativism? Should I really expect it to be a special sign…or just coincidence? It really blew me away, though…. I have had lots of good dreams lately, of my son…

    • I’m so sorry for your loss! You have certainly suffered will always carry my love your son love. Your hawk visit is to be taken as a positive message! You have good coimg your way! Keep alert and stay open to positive things. I personally bieve there arnt any coincidences in this matter. Your observation of the hawk confirms to me this was a visit brining you hope and good tidings. You are blessed. All is well.

      • Thank you, I know there is a hawk around me quite a bit. The only thing that worries me is I get to see it eating a dove and it is upsetting. Most of the time he is just sitting looking around or chasing a bird. Is the eating a bird mean anything?


      • I think not MaryAnn. Most likely u live near these hawks living habitat. A personal visit is usually one where the person who is visited senses a personal or direct intent of the hawk in its visit.

  88. We were going out to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this weekend when this hawk collided with our car grill and died instantly. I have lost 2 brothers and our pet dog this year and I believe this is a sign from above telling me that a big blessing is on its way. What are your thoughts?

  89. For the last 2 years I have been visited by many animals. I was having a very hard stressful summer. I really had no one to talk to about what was going on. I began to get bombard by grasshoppers and other insects whenever I walked outside. I began looking up the meaning of any animal that crossed my path and it was amazing how their meaning fit into any situation I was going through. I remember one day, I was thinking about all that had happened over the summer and how sad it was when a grasshopper jumped right on my head! I said out loud, ” OK! I get it! Patience!” This year I have been blessed with many Red-Tailed hawks. I had one fly besides my car at eye level for at least a quarter mile. At work, there is a family. Momma, Dad, and 2 babies. I have been able to come within 20 feet from them. I talk to them and they talk back. They are very vocal!
    Why I’m writing is because I had a dream last night that involved a dead Red-tailed hawk and 2 other birds. I remember beginning to pick up the feathers and saying how cool they were then finding the dead birds. I picked them up and said to whomever… “We need to call someone. They have to be turned into the Indian tribe.” I then put the birds and their feathers into a clear plastic bag. I woke up right after that. I know what the meaning of the live bird means but what does it mean when it’s dead? Thank you ahead of time.

    • Sorry for the very late reply. I was enduring a very great loss in my own life. Rebecca there are some folklore stories that say a dead bird means the coming of some kind of end or death in your experiences. It doesn’t have to mean end of life for you or someone in your family. However, it may be a message of some ending to a part of your life and you are be encouraged, strengthened by the hawk visit that this is all natural and in God’s will for you. Often the finding of feathers can be a very positive sign that your path is blessed with new beginnings. As birds lose their feathers as they molt for the winter. The old feathers fall or are pricked out as the new coat of fine feathers are given room to grow before the cold winter sets in. the new plumage is softer, renewed in oil (spirit life) and you are blessed in the find.

  90. All – I had a very interesting encounter with a hawk and a snake today and would love an interpretation of this message. I was in the laundry room of whose door leads to the outside and the driveway. As I was heading back into the family room an image outside the back door caught my eye. I backed up to look and lo-and-behold it is a hawk in the yard on the ground among the trees. Just standing there. I decided to circle around outside through the closed in patio to stand outside and watch. I ultimately discovered the hawk was standing on a snake – a snake that had been noticed in the yard a day or two prior by my mother’s caretaker as they were taking a walk. The hawk stayed there on the snake not really doing anything. Every once in a while it would peck at the snake. Once it spread it’s wings. And once or twice it hopped in the air as if to avoid getting bit. However, there wasn’t much of a fight from the snake. A small garter snake. Maybe 12-18″. A neighbor happened to walk by on the road – closer to the hawk than me – and the hawk stayed put. Just looking around – looking at me and the general area. I tried to film it – but it didn’t turn out. I think the neighbors across the street had come toward the road to get a better look and the hawk took off flying low up into a tree in the yard next to mine. It didn’t take the snake with it though.

    I moved into my mother’s house about a year ago to take care of her. She is elderly. My mother’s caretaker saw the snake while taking my mother in her wheelchair for a walk about a day or two ago. Neither of them saw the hawk. In fact, I had said to her, “maybe a hawk dropped it”. Then today, I see the hawk on the snake but it didn’t eat it or take it with.

    What message do you get from this?

    • Hello, this is where you came upon a hawk and a snake. This is a bit different than a visit from a hawk.
      To try to interpret this as a message as a visit for you I think is not the case. However since you remark about it and took it so personally the situation may be an affirmation to you for your caring for your mother. A personal visit from a hawk is a sign or a message for good things to come. Very often in archtypes the snake can represent both worldly lusts or eternal life. The latter is when a snake is eating its tail. Here your hawk is overcoming -killing-the snake & may be interpreted as good over evil. Maybe you or your mother can take comfort in the good news of the bad things in you life are overcome. Trust in the LORD of the Living. You are blessed.

  91. Today I saw a young hawk feasting on a little bird. There were feathers fluttering about everywhere. I apologized to her for interrupting her meal and she let me get pretty close.I got a good look at it. The hawk had both talons on her catch and the little bird’s heart was still beating. I felt sad, but it’s just life isn’t it? She let me take a few pictures, then flew off with her meal. I felt honored being shown this intimate moment.
    I share this with you for any insights you may have. I have read most of your comments, and don’t see one where a hawk is eating its prey. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
    I think it was a red tail. I’m no expert, but I see hawks a lot.

    • Very interesting sighting! thank you for sharing. However I don’t see this as a personal visitation to you particularly so I don’t think an interpretation is needed. Should something in my research tell me something I will share back with you. Okay? Thanks again.

  92. Diane…

    My marriage has been falling apart over the course of the past two years. I recently gave my life back to the Lord ( which is causing even more turbulence ). I was always told by many, that God has the be the center of your marriage. I totally believe this now! My wife is a nonbeliever. Well, she says prayers at night, and acknowledges that there’s a higher being…. She just isn’t convinced its God. She doesn’t allow me to take our son to Church. She says he needs to find God on his own ( he’s four ). I’ve been praying my heart out for her salvation. Earlier this month she agreed to attend a service with me. I must add she picked the date, and I didn’t have a clue what the topic of the service was going to be. Well, glory to God. The service was on marriage! Afterwards we discussed the service. I told her that I was convinced that coincidence doesn’t exist. She asked what I meant? I reminded her that she picked the date, our marriage is struggling, and bam! The service she chose to attend was on marriage!

    Fast forward to this week. She and my son have been away for almost a week. She wanted to go home for a week to see her family, and have some ” me ” time. I came home from work the other day, and noticed an Ospery pirched on the Oak tree I park my truck under. I thought it was odd because I’ve never scene one around my house before. Also, he/she wasn’t frightened when I exited my truck. Well, today I was getting ready to go to a wedding. I got really upset, and began crying and praying for my wife, and her salvation. Shortly after prayer, I went outside and set down on my porch to wait for my ride. Not even a minute passed, and my Hawk friend flew over me and pirched itself on the same branch of the Oak tree! It looked at me for a second, and flew gracefully away!

    This brought the interest to google the biblical symbolism of a Hawk. I was blown away by all the amazing posts! I’ve even prayed for God to send me a sign that He is at work. Well, I believe that I received my sign this week. Thanks for reading, and posting all of the positive feedback! God bless.

    • Thanks John for your willing to share your experience and concern. We will trust in our Lord to (The Hound of Heaven) to flood your wife with His Spirit and Gift of Faith. You by your faith and love will save her soul. God is Faithful! Blessings!

  93. I was in my back yard yesterday when I noticed crows making all kinds of ruckus. They were having a battle with 2 hawks. I watched for awhile but left before finding out what happened. Does this mean anything?

    • Probably not joy. But nonetheless your being drawn to the attention of the ruckus is a good sign you are sensitive to nature and life in general. The hawks had no doubt robbed the crows of their meal. Crows are very smart as are hawks. Crows will eat anything almost and the hawks obviously wanted what ever the crows had found to eat, thus the battle. As for a sign for you personally I don’t think there is one. However, you are gifted with awareness and a sense of care and that is a very good sign of character.

  94. Last Tuesday morning I heard loud, banging noises coming from my screened in back porch. Thinking it was my dog (an old 95 lbs boxer/pit mix), I went to see what on earth he was doing. When I got to the sliding glass doors, I saw a huge hawk walking around on the porch. At first, I was fearful he had hurt my dog, but he hadn’t (Rosc had abandoned the porch and hidden somewhere in the yard). I watched the hawk for about 20 minutes or so trying to escape through the screens and hanging from them after failing to break through. It was quite odd. He would get his talons hung on the screen and literally lean backwards until he was released, landing back on the porch. He finally managed to break through one of the screens and flew to the fence post, sitting there for a while – probably to rest. I have no idea how he got in. There is a dog door on the porch door, but it is magnetic and has to be pushed open. The screens are all damaged by his attempts to escape, but none have a large tear other than the one he broke through when leaving. I didn’t think too much about it having any significance at the time. Just seemed like the weirdest experience I had in a while. However, on Wednesday morning, my grandfather called to tell me that my sweet grandmother had passed away. She had had stroke 2 years ago and in the end, was not able to speak or move around on her own.Now I wonder if there was a reason I saw the hawk and if he was a sign of my grandmothers soon passing? In essence, that the hawk was meant to symbolize her own escape would be soon. Thoughts?

    • Dear Shelby, this is an amazing report. To me I would agree with you that this is a sign that your grandmothers soon passing and the hawk visit was to assure you of her death would be a blessed escape from this world. It is ancient folklore of the hawk visits as positive messages, as you must know. It’s reports like yours, however, that create the credibility and the importance of the spiritual realty of creatures and their visits to humans can be actual messages of assurance that that which is to happen is in God’s eternal plan and that we are find peace and understanding in that blessing.
      It is understood by the ancient folklore, the visit of a hawk is a message telling that person to be alert and sensitive to the coming positive event or meaningful understanding. Your report indicates your own sensitivity to realize the “positive message.” That’s probably why you were given such a powerful visit from the hawk. The Great Eternal Creator knows each of us to the “9th” degree. You and your grandmother are blessed. Be sure to be thankful and grateful for the protection and love that surrounds you. Thank you.

  95. Well, needless to say. I came in search of an answer and it has lead me here? I use to live in Loxahachee, Fl. Their was a Hawk that would sit on my light post a certain time of year. For, about ten years. One day I was sleeping on my couch. To awake with him sitting on my front porch watching me sleep. It was the most amazing thing to experience.. Than the hurricanes came. The tree tops were gone. So he was a little disoriented that year. But he was still there. My question is do Hawks follow people? Because 8 years later, I have moved 350 miles away and recently I have a Hawk sitting on my light post again? Could it possibly be the same Hawk? Thanx Mary

    • Wow. 8 years and 350 miles away! That is quite something. I really doubt this is the same hawk, but whose to say. In any case you obviously are a hawk magnet and for sure you are getting a message to stay alert and watchful for a blessing in your life. In case you miss it you are to be alert. So the move may have been part of that original message and there seems to be more coming your way. How delightful. The hawk watching you is very interesting. Apparently you are very special and that this is the second message bearing hawk for you. Sit up and stay calm, but sensitive to whats happening around you. You may be blessed by an act of kindness you give or are given. You are blessed in any case whether you know the message or not. I am not up on the migration streams of hawks. You might check Peterson’s Book of Western Birds to see the migration streams of hawks from where you lived to where you are for some insight on that matter. It would be great if the hawk had had some distinctive mark or coloring so that you could make its identity certain. God blessed you.

  96. Today 12/9/14 I have had 3 hawks fly directly across my path. The first two this morning. I asked God that if He was trying to tell me something to send another hawk, He did this afternoon.

  97. Reblogged this on tunachick and commented:
    Thank you for your insight. I have two hawks that come in my yard and sit at the top of a poplar tree. They have been coming around for two years now. I feel like they are “keeping watch” over me. I appreciate everyone’s comments in helping me understand what the meaning is. I feel like it’s pretty special to see not just one but also have one of them be a red tailed hawk. I haven’t ever seen them together until today. The red tailed hawk came in a swooped the other one out of my tree. That was kind of strange but I do always feel grateful and love that I get to see them.

    • tunachick you have a pair of hawks that have taken residence in your poplar trees or some where close by. Your feeling pretty special is real. Not only have you a hawk visit but a daily reminder of the message of hope for you. Seeing them together is a double blessing. Your feeling grateful and love for them is wonderful. Your inner spirit is responding to the love in their lives and messages for you. Your life is blessed with peace. Take courage in their life with your surroundings, and take with it the message of good things to come. Continue to be sensitive to your surroundings as they bring messages of hope and love.

  98. Dear Diane ,
    It was a perfect prairie morning causing an emotional lump to form in my already tight throat. After a week of good-byes, I wondered if I could cry any more tears, and yet I knew the events of the coming day would open the floodgates wide. This morning’s meandering was a time of meditation; preparation for letting go of the windswept prairie that beckoned me so often; and letting go of all that I had clung to for stability for the past 24 years. Today I was leaving my second family, the family that nudged me from my shell and showed me how to fly as a leader in times of controversy and chaos. I was saying goodbye to my church, the place on which I sought refuge when my own world was more than I could bear. I was leaving the people who believed in me, much more than I believed in myself, I was leaving the place where I experienced the greatest of joys and deepest sorrows my life had ever known. I was saying goodbye to the place that for the last 10 of the 24 years I had lived in this town I was now leaving, had given meaning to my life
    A screeching noise startled me out of my contemplation and caused the hairs on my arms to rise even more than the cold. Something brushed by me, unseen but eerily felt from behind. The bird melody stopped and the screech came again. This time I saw it from the corner of my eye. A hawk, with a wingspan as wide as I was tall, was coming straight for me. In shock I froze as the brownish white feathered missile brushed my shoulder and lifted to a nearby rock outcropping.
    Swearing aloud, I quickened my pace and glanced over my shoulder to see the rabid bird coming at me from behind at chest level. With my heart pounding, I started to run but I could not get away. I flung myself towards the ground, crouching with my arms and head tucked tightly to me. The hawk flew over me with vicious, outstretched talons on legs as wide as my wrist. Visions of my bloodied face, arms, and legs flashed before me. Why hadn’t I worn long sleeves I thought in an idiotic moment! I staggered up, completely disconcerted by what was happening.
    Again, the hawk raced at me, this time coming full throttle at my face. I screamed and with my arms flailing in the air, I ran with complete abandon and all my might not knowing where to run to but running as fast as I could. I saw the hawk soaring towards me. With nowhere to take shelter, I cried out in terror and raced to a nearby road before I felt my legs giving out and began to feel sick in my stomach.
    The screeching stopped. All I could hear was my heart pounding and my lungs gasping for air. I turned towards home on trembling legs,my stomach in knots and my senses aware of every movement about me.
    My encounter with a hawk left me shaken for days and it was much less peaceful than the encounters I have read previously. Do you have any insight as to what that hawk meant at that time in my life?

    • Erika you are a very good writer! Hopefully you have a job doing that…if not your should be!
      As to your experience with the hawk I have never heard of that kind of stalking by the hawk before. Either he/she was going to land on you or you had some color on your clothing that caused the attempted grab, if that was what would happen. Who knows, maybe the hawk would have simply landed on you. It may have been brought up in captivity and saw you and “sensed” you as the person who had set it free to the nature. It may have simply wanted to land on your arm. Next time just stick out your arm with your hand tucked in for safety. It would be interesting to see what would happen. My guess is he/she would land on your arm and sit there looking for a bite of meat. In any case it seems to have recognized you for some reason. I doubt it was attacking out of any vicious reason. Did you have fresh meat on you? I suspect it thought you a friend but your panic just made it think you were playing. Very good story you will always have to tell to you family for years to come. As to the message….well I think it’s always a positive one and this would be a very loving and intense message of good news for you spiritually. You no doubt have been blessed and nature sees the spirit of love in you and trusted you…next time stand still and trust. God Bless you Erkia again as you bless others.

      • Thank you for your response, Diane. I had thought that perhaps it was defending a nest or kill nearby and thought I was a threat. In reading everyone else’s experiences, I too believe it was a sign of gaining greater wisdom and perspective.. In retrospect, I see my life through very different eyes now.

  99. While standing on the top of whistler mountain a hawk landed on top of my 16 year-old daughters head like a helicopter gently landing staring at me for over 1 minute at which time my child got nervous and gently bowed. The hawk left. People at whistler said that was the first time ever! According to Indian culture it was a messenger bird from God telling us that God was with the child for some future appointment of significance becsuse of being chosen and confirmed? What do you think? I know that our hearts were heavy that day about her future profession and what college she’d attend. Since then it all worked out. But is there another purpose why this miracle occurred?

    • I confirm what the people at whistler said to you about the blessed message brought to your attention by the hawk landing on top of your daughter’s head as a blessing. What a mountain top experience! That truly is getting one’s attention isn’t it? Your daughter is to know that she is watched over but she too is to be alert and sensitive to nature and humans in a positive way. Her anxiety over college choices may have prompted the visit for encouragement that all is well. In any case the leading of the Spirit isn’t usually very clear to us. The experience is a message to your daughter not to worry as the hawk visits bring messages of positive things to come in the near future (usually).
      She is blessed as we all are but remember it is your friends who interpret it as a “future appointment of significance” based on their experiences, not your daughter’s. This is their interpretation remember and your daughter must not take this as the answer. As in dream interpretation it is the dreamer or the person who received the visitation that interprets the meaning! For you all to accept the friends interpretation of prediction puts terrific pressure on your daughter and that is never the intent of the Great Spirit who sends messages via nature or otherwise. Wisdom that comes from above is always gentle, loving, and without creating pressure or anxiety*. This visit is however, certainly is a message of encouragement to your daughter that all is well and that as she stays sensitive and alert to those around her her path will open up as intended. She then will find her way without pressure to become “someone or to accomplish something.” That is very important. She must not take this as something she has to make happen! She must stay humble, honest and sincere and follow her own path…that path is watched over and blessed whatever it may entail and unfold. Blessings on all for sure as we live in the Light of Love.
      * James 3:17 But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, without uncertainty or insincerity.
      Psalm 139:2 You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.
      Psalm 139:17 How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!

  100. I would like to know what it means when a hawk fly on your balcony and stay there for a little bit he looks at me i take a couple of pictures and then when it’s ready it flies away. even when im not home i know he stopped by cause he leaves poop on the balcony floor .

    • I know what you mean Lilly. That is exactly what happened to me a couple years ago. Well I suggest you go in and read all the comments of this blog where you will find ample answers to your question. Yes you have received a visitation from a hawk. This experience in the folklore of many cultures says that the hawk represents or is a messenger from the Great Spirit…the Devine Creator…and the message is always a positive one. You are blessed. You are to be alert in your spirit and sensitive to others around both nature and humans. This message isn’t always alarming like a lightening bolt idea or suggestions…thus the hawk brings the message for you to be alert and open to the positive in your life. Your visit tells you right off that you are in the eyes of God and that all will be well! That you can count on! No matter what the circumstances in your life God has his hand on you and all is will be well. Trust in the blessing.

    • No. Not true. Hawks are messangers of good things to come, and or a call fo you to be sensitive and alert to the positive(s) coming your way. You are considered blessed according to folklore. Nature is considered in tune with the Eternal Spirit of Wisdom and thus follow in their calling. Hawks are considered one of those in nature to be messangers of POSITIVE things in store for those they are send to. You are one of those so it seems, as your spirit took notice And saw this visit as a message. You are blessed. God is watching over you, be not dismayed by what others say. Trust God.

  101. I had something like this happen to me last year, around summertime
    My mother had died from hepatitis, and not too long after that, I started noticing a hawk, perched either on the tree above where I park my car at my apartment complex, or in the power lines across the street. Right when I would notice it, it would fly off. this only happened a few times, at random, apparently
    Sometime after that, I was out walking around a public park, and a hawk flew past me, out of some bushes, like it had been there for some time
    After that, I didn’t see the hawk again, except for, I think, maybe one more time a few months later
    I have, and still am, going through a lot right now, not just dealing with my mother’s death, but other things too
    What do you think this means?
    I am a very open-minded individual, probably more than most
    I want to believe that there might be more to this than meets the eye

    • Hi Hiking man,
      You have my sympathy for the loss of your mother. I would like you to read the other comments about hawks visiting us, I think they will give you much understanding. Meanwhile I do think there is some meaning for you in these hawk sightings. First of all, you noticed them and secondly the incidents struck you as important. These two facts alone suggest clearly that these sightings of the hawks were visits for you to be aware that there is a something positive coming your way, so don’t be discouraged or disconsolate. Rather your are to stay alert, that is sensitive and watchful for the good that may come your way. These “messages” that the hawk brings to us in these visits are to be recognized as positive and not negative. Also the hawk is very clear sighted and has excellent vision, so it is understood that we then are to be sharp in our thinking, open and alert in our senses, especially in our souls to what is going on around us. No doubt Hiking man you are a sensitive and empathetic person and recognize or tune-in to the finer attitudes or emotions of those around you as well as situations. These hawk visits are to encourage you in your sensitivity to the good that is coming. You are blessed as the hawk visit suggests your life meaning is connected to the Great Spirit. Most likely you mother’s heart and soul prayers brought you these hawk visits to assure you, all is well, all is well. You are blessed.

    • In Native American belief the Hawk is the messenger of the Gods. The Hawk wants you to know you are not alone and are being protected at this vulnerable time of loss in your life.

      Are you familiar with the grieving process? I am very experienced and would be glad to help if I can.


      • Thank you TL. Your comments are always welcome. I am familiar with the grieving process. I happen to be a chaplain with a Masters in Divinity in Pastoral Care. You are kind to offer help to any of the messages or comments in this blog that deal with the grieving process.

      • Thank you TL. YOu are welcome to post any comments on this blog that you think will encourage and confirm someone’s experience with a hawk. Thanks again.

    • thanks for your support. I know it has been a while since I posted this
      I thought I should mention, that this year, I have started seeing the hawk again, not often, but when I see it, it is usually in places that I like to hang out/frequent
      I don’t know if its the same hawk, or if I am seeing a different one each time
      I just find it funny that when I do see it, it is in places that I love to frequent, or at my apartment complex
      I had one weird incident at the management area where I go hiking on regular basis on the weekends
      I had a Zebra swallowtail butterfly that decided to puddle on my face and arms
      (this was in early summer this year, hot enough to sweat)
      Now, I had never had a butterfly puddle on me, and it has yet to happen again
      I bring this up, because while this was happening, a hawk was perched on a tree limb, and appeared to be screeching right at me
      I felt calm and happy, because it was a new experience, and it has never happened all the times I have went hiking over the years
      And like I said, it has not happened again, and there are plenty of zebra swallowtails in this area, and no matter how much I sweated in the summer, the episode did not repeat itself
      I might be making too much of it, but I just thought it was kind of a weird little occurrence
      do zebra swallowtails have any spiritual significance by chance?
      thanks again for your support
      I appreciate it

  102. I had a dream I was being led into the forest by a man and we were both roped in for with what look like a lion’s mane around her neck we entered into a clearing and there was a hawk in the sky and it eagle in the sky and the eagle was holdingA very large stick and the hawk was in the sky beside the eagle and the man told me that the eagle is being trained for a big battle and the hawk was helping him and then the van disappeared and I was alone with the eagle in the sky and the hawk was gone pretty soon it’ll started to tremble and I could hear a crackling the eagle fell to the ground and he had legs of a man and arms of a man and face of an eagle. Since the stream I see hocks and Eagles all the time sometimes 45 Hoxha day and many eagles also throughout the week what does all this mean

    • That’s quite a dream CK! I must tell you the professionals all warn about others interpreting our dreams for us. However, I’m going to give you the universal meanings of these images in this case since you had obvious archetype images in your dream. We can at least assume those images will bear the meanings held pretty much universally by many people. The eagle represents ruling power, strength and wisdom, the Hawk represents clarity of sight and insight (messengers). The lion’s mane or a lion universally represents all powerful (the King of the Jungle). The forest usually represents unknown territory. Interestingly the hawk is training the eagle for battle. The man (in all dreams all people are another aspect of oneself) disappears but You are still in the sky with these two creatures but not interacting with them only watching. The hawk leaves, you tremble as you see and hear the eagle fall to the ground and then appears to have arms and legs but still has the face of the eagle.
      Interesting you don’t see the battle but only the sound of the crackling and the eagle becoming a man with an eagle’s face. You alone have the interpretation as to these happenings.
      It would seem you dream is depicting a scene where your life you and yourself are being taken bound into a forest, which describes a territory that is crowded and without a pathway. You come to some clearing and look up. Maybe you arrive at some place that is peaceful, no doubt of where to go, and you look up…understanding coming from above…this could mean spiritually, or religiously…
      The eagle who is known as the one with “power”, or “the leader” is holding a stick. The hawk is the trainer. As in universal meaning the hawk is a messenger, the one that tells you to be alert, stay focused, something good and positive is coming in your life. Here in your dream the hawk is training (preparing) the eagle. It could be that the eagle is the part of you that is in charge of your decisions (the power..leader). The trembling you yourself feel and the crackling you hear is a sign of the battle I’m guessing since you don’t mention the battle per se in the dream. Then the falling of the eagle…that to me says that part of you that has been holding on demanding your way in all things is going to lose that grip and become more like everyone else…legs and arms..becomes a man. However, this man, you, continues with the face of an eagle. You still are the one in charge. Your life has taken a humiliating (fall from sky and becomes man) however, it turns out all for the better as the hawk is the messenger to this positive aspect. Your humility brings you back to earth with arms and legs but still with the face of the eagle…you are still in charge. So that’s the best I can do. I think you need to discern the meaning of the dream in relation to the events and circumstances in your own life and your personality. In any case that fact that you continue to see so many hawks in your daily life says you truly are blessed.Not to worry about it all. Follow the leading of the hawk and stay focused, humble and wise. God bless you.

      • Thank you for your response , several months after my dream I went through some spiritual training with a pastor from my church. This pastor was not who he seemed to be after our training he tried to use the traing in a way that not ethical so I had know choice but to back off completely from him. He now has left our church, I continue to serve at this church as an Elder and have continued to study about God. I have always believed that these birds are a gift and I thank God for his Hawks and Eagles when I see them.

  103. We had a hawk resting on tree during my uncle’s burial…crows were surrounding him…trying to dive at him…but wouldn’t reach him…after we sat there and watched for 15 minutes he was gone ( we didn’t see him fly….but a neighbor’s dog came to to the cemetary after the hawk was gone.

    • Crows too as well as Hawks are good omens. The hawk is the messenger that all is well and you are to be encouraged in that peace. The presence of these creatures at your uncle’s burial is not an accident. There are no coincidences in life. As you hopefully read in the other comments here that you are blessed in this occurrence. You also are to stay clear eyed, spiritually alert and open to the new positive things that are coming to you. The hawk as well as the crow is a bird with very sharp eyesight. You are blessed Laura. Thank you for sharing.

  104. last sunday, while i was in the kitchen dying cloth, with my front door open, a hawk flew into my house. I heard a thud , came into the living room, and saw the hawk. i also saw a blue jay under the table that he must have flown in with …..as it had no head. I quietly open up all the windows that would open,hoping that he would get calm and find his way out, as my house is very small. He flew around 2 rooms for a while and then landed on a window ledge of one of few windows that could not be opened
    and then fell over on the floor ….. and died.
    i did not know how to care for his body for a few days, so i wrapped him in cloth and put him in a beautiful box till i could give thought to what to do.
    i read what i could to get insight on this, …. no revelation came to me.
    ….on the 3rd day i wrapped him in my undyed white cotton, and buried him outside my bedroom window together with the bluejay.
    The day after he died i came back from work very tired, sat in my armchair and
    mindlessly open up the the new york times review of books, …..the page and article that the paper opened to was a small review of the book “h is for hawk”
    i don’t feel this is a bad omen, i feel comforted by his presence outside my window, ….. but i have been very emotional since then ….. and very puzzled
    i would appreciate any thoughts/insights you might have on this.
    thank you.

    • Dear Dorothy, as you probably have searched on google other meanings of this experience. One of those interpretations, “Nature Center Magazine supports the claim in the article, ‘Eerie Bird Superstitions,’ stating that a bird flying into the house means a change is on the way, whether it is death or a change of residence”. According to superstition, when a bird flies into a home, it is a sign of some important message. Other meanings are also possible depending on the variety of symbolic associations with different bird types. “For instance, a dove is a representation of peace, so writing or art that depicts a dead dove is evocative of an outbreak of war or other situation of civil unrest.
      For birds that represent particular ideologies, combining death with that imagery could symbolize the opposite meaning.” see ((http://www.ask.com/world-view/symbolic-meaning-dead-bird-f397c544a87f3068?qo=questionPageSimilarContent))

      With all the above suggestions Dorothy it is well to remember these are superstitions! Even the meanings we attribute as I have in all my comments they are folklore! Meaning they are ideas people of various cultures and life experiences have attributed to these images. Basically they are not iron clad meanings. You must remember that. It is a lot like horoscopes. You can take them to heart but they really are very vague and may not pertain to oneself whatsoever!

      That all being said the Hawk as is mentioned over and over in these comments has been associated with being a messenger. This experience of yours may mean absolutely nothing to you personally. Remember that always. Everyone! If one is to accept the superstition that the opposite of the birds meaning is meant when the bird is dead than the hawk in this case would be a non-message. If the hawk is a messenger then here it brings no message. The Blue Jay in mythological understanding by the American Indian is:”Many Native American tribes have negative opinions about bluejays because of their noisy, aggressive behavior. In legends, bluejays often play the role of nosy gossip, bully, or selfish thief. But in some Northwestern tribes, Bluejay is a more ambivalent trickster character– still selfish, greedy, and mischievous most of the time, but also clever, entertaining, and helpful to humankind.” see (http://www.native-languages.org/legends-bluejay.htm)
      The dead blue jay, in this way of interpretation of it’s being dead and the opposite of its mythological meaning may be a time of no more tricks in your life in the near future. There may be a time of peace and tranquility for you.
      Your experience is difficult because in the case of the hawk giving you ‘no message” and the Blue Jay who is a trickster character bringing you peace and tranquility. So you have to take it from there. It may all mean you had two sick birds contaminated by insecticides that chased each other into what they thought would be a safe dark place only to find their end. Which all could mean nothing to you personally. In either case if I were you I would see it as a positive experience and not entertain the negative. It’s your choice always. You are blessed in any case as these animals found refuge in your house. How sweet is that.God Bless you in His Peace that passes all understanding.

  105. My 18mo.old grand daughter drowned in pond two years ago she was taken off the machines and placed in Hospice, after a fes days she was still hanging on when outside her window was a hawk and he sat there for hours the next day he came back and dropped his food ( I took his picture and when I looked at itthe picture had a beautiful light coming down from the sky to where the hawk was sitting, but you couldn’t see the hawk) they decided to hook up liquids (food suppliment) to my grand daughter. The hawk appears in our lives several times but it has shown up at my grand daughters house every year and sits on there fence right around the time the accident happened. It will be 2 years this April 1st since the accident and she still has severe TBI . What is the hawk trying to tell us?

    • Dear Teresa, what a heart warming testimony to the visit of a hawk with the promise of good to come. My heart breaks when I visualize your hawk sitting with the beautiful light shining down so light that the hawk couldn’t been seen clearly. The folklore of the hawk as a messenger for good certainly holds true here for you as a promise for this child’s spirit and life to be in God’s plan. As difficult the situation of her drowning and struggle to stay with you the visit of the hawk is a message that “all is well and all manner of things is well.” What an encouraging gift is that message and the continual hawk visits are for your family to know your little grand daughter is in God’s Holy Care. Thank you for sharing Theresa. God’s blessing continue to shine on you.

  106. what does it mean when a hawk suddenly scratched you on your head from behind? i was reading the bible and meditating and suddenly this hawk came from behind and touch me on my head from the sky

    • You have a blessing! Read the comments and my replies where you eill see your message is that you are watched over and are to be alert and sensitive tp God’s Love. You may have something positive coming soon.God loves you!

  107. I ve been trying too remove myself from this relationship and it’s been a good two weeks but every time I try too get away the guy always pretend as if we didn’t break up its been 6 years n our relationship. …but I’m just not happy sat I saw 12 hawks circle around me Monday I went too the park and then 7 of em met together over the lake…today I also been praying for alot of other thing lottery all that..lol change in my life, behavior in kids just alot….today I take the kids too school on the way home it was on big sitting tall n a tree an have went too the school for lunch he still there got the kids from school on the way too taking them too boy and girls club on the same tree was two right before I get home on a tree on the corner was another redtail wow I’ve never seen so many try an catch my attention. ….pleases help me understand. ….is peace around the corner

    • Hi Felecia, well I have to say you have had many visits or sitings of hawks and we know they are messengers. So, yes, I agree with you that something positive is coming your way. I will agree with you that your life will be one of peace and joy, free from anxiety and free. Stay alert and watchful and full of peace yourself. Trust in the Great Spirit to answer your prayers. You are blessed! God is watching over you!

  108. hi diane
    a hawk is trying to scratched my head from behind when i was standing on balcony of my terrace and then fies off ….and his nest is also on a tree near my home and i can see him and there are two baby hawks also on his nest.

    • How interesting Arunvohra! Well since you found this visit rather startling..I guess who wouldn’t…I would take as a visit from a “messenger” the hawk. She ( I am assuming because of the nest ) has found your head as probably good nesting material. Who knows. Since she has two fledglings in the nest it may not be she is looking for soft hair to line the nest. That being said, she either thought you might be a threat to her nest or she more likely has chosen the area and that spot in the tree due to the good vibes your home is emanating (shinning). So it may very likely be that her location and visit to you is a special message to alert you to the positive event or happening or message that is coming to you. The hawk is very alert and sharp visioned bird which reminds us to be alert in our vision and spiritual life to the positive in our lives. You have been blessed. Maybe scratched or bumped but you were selected by that hawk. No doubt you are blessed. Enjoy watching the little hawks grow up and fly off. A real treat. Thanks for sharing.

    • You most likely had a sparrow hawk in your house. They are known for attacking caged birds. They will fly right into the house. More unlikely that a hawk of a larger size did this. The larger Hawks are the recognized messengers. If this was a cooper Hayek or red tailed hawk you have a message that calls you to be alert and safety. Blessings.

  109. On Friday, a career event occurred that told me I am at the end of my corporate career with my current company. This event happened after a long period of ambiguity and doubt about my future path forward. On Monday, a hawk unexpectedly landed on the ledge to my of my office which overlooks a nature preserve area. At first, he peered into the window right at me and spread his wings as he settled onto the ledge. He stayed long enough for me to snap a photo pf him with what appears to be a small bird in his beak. The setting is a corporate looking building where rarely have any birds landed on the ledge, let alone something as large as a hawk.

    Interestingly, for the first time in my career, I really don’t have a negative feeling about the career news I received. In fact, I am pretty peaceful about it. Perhaps I have had enough time to accept an outcome that I knew deep down was coming. Even though I did not get what I wanted, I can stay in my current job and have a good income for my family. Separately, I have been inventing a product that has could have a medical benefit for patients. The answer to success on this path lies in the clinical testing of the product at significant financial risk to me personally.

    I cannot help but wonder what the hawk visit is telling me?

    • Brad, thank you for your post. You say your corporate career has ended, and you accepted this outcome as you sensed it coming, but in the next sentence you say you are staying at the current job with a good income. I’m sure there are details missing in your writing that makes this confusing to your reader.
      As to the visit of the hawk it does appear to be unusual as you described it and you saw it as a special message for you, and I concur with you. The hawk “appears have a small dead bird” in his beak. As I have mentioned in countless comments on this blog the hawk is recognized as a messenger most often of good tidings. Because the hawk has sharp vision,the folklore meaning of this message implies you are to be inspired with personal insight.

      You mentioned that if your invention is successful it could benefit many medical patients. However to develop it, it would bring a significant financial risk to your family if you used your personal income to fund it.

      Remember this Brad, no message from anyone, even a supernatural being that suggests you risk the care of your family is not from God. Your universally accepted primary responsibility is your family and to keep them out of risk. Yes, even above the possible advantages to many others. If you are to pursue the clinical testing it will be funded by others not your personal finances. Those opportunities will present themselves to you when the time is right. You are to be patient.

      The fact that the hawk held a small dead bird in its beak may indicate the ending of your corporate career. Since the bird is small it may imply the event will not effect your life deeply.
      Therefore I think you are on the right track by accepting this change in your career in a peaceful way. Also the fact that the hawk’s vision is known at very sharp and the hawk is known as representing the god “Horus”, you are to have clear thinking (insight) with understanding that this end (death) in your work will not derail your purpose (small impact) in your other work. The hawk is also a very patient predator in waiting for its prey. So maybe this should inspire you to take your time in your development of your invention by not taking risks, and waiting for the financial support that will come if this truly is a product that will help others. The hawk would never put its family or itself at risk. So be wise, you have been blessed with a message to insure your insight that will keep you and your family safe and your work blessed. Blessings are with you.

      • Thanks Diane for your insight. I think patience is the message. I can accomplish the path forward with patience and persistence which will mange the risks appropriately. To clarify, I have run into a dead-end in my career, but I can certainly keep my job and prosper.

        I might add that this was a visit from a red-tailed hawk which seems to have added significance for the message. Thanks for your comments.

      • Today, my hawk friend returned. He was soaring over the nature preserve with two smaller birds dive-bombing him from above. What is the symbolism of this?

      • Brad did you leave your work in the high up building where the red-tailed hawk last visited you? In reply to your newest comment question on your sighting asking for any symbolism I would say there really isn’t any. This is sighting is just that, a sighting, not a visitation. The hawk was being chased and harassed by the smaller birds most likely because it had robbed their nest and taken a fledgling bird. Birds will often chase and scold the robber no matter the size.
        I’ve seen little black birds chase and peck at a large blue heron for stealing their young. Good for you to stay aware of nature and the freedom you must be enjoying. I wouldn’t take any message for you from this experience.

  110. I was seat down and notice an hawk fly away but being chased by a little bird. Then he flew back into the tree in front of me and I just said thank you God cause I am facing a major problems and the hawk looked at me then I seen a squirrel hidden on the other side of the tree then the hawk flew away and the squirrel left. Thanks you for the message

    • Hi Bob, your observation is interesting. Your awareness of the event may be meaningful while this may not be the same as a visit directly to you by the hawk, it is true that you had a direct eye to eye connection with the hawk. You were sensitive to this experience which tell us the hawk as a sensitive creature and known as a messenger from the High Spirit, that you may truly can take this experience as a positive visit to you. That being said I think you are right in seeing this as a good omen for you that you are being cared for in the High Spirit in the midst of your major problems. You should be encouraged there will be a good result or outcome from those problems. Be sensitive, alert, and ready to be clear in your vision of understanding and proceed carefully, with counsel and clarity. God bless you Bob.

    • Yes Bob, your awareness of the hawk is probably a sign that you are being cared for in your major problems, and you can take this hawk’s visit as a positive message for you. Continue to be sensitive to what is around you, stay positive listening for that small still voice inside you that will give you the go ahead or the hesitancy. Follow that nudging. If you don’t feel at peace about something wait it out and don’t make any decisions until you have that certainty in your heart…not your head. God bless you.

  111. Hello! i found your great site because i was searching for information on hawks after my encounter with one yesterday. I had a strong reaction to this experience and keep thinking about it. I was walking to my car from the school recreation center after a workout and something made me look over towards the building; there was no noise i think i just felt something. I saw a hawk not too far from me with its prey. i walked up closer quietly to see if i could see better and take a picture with my iphone which i did. The hawk eventually stopped feeding and we just stood there staring at each other. The gaze lasted quite a while. It was a beautiful creature; i have seen them around my house from time to time but this felt like an encounter and we made a connection. It eventually decided to leave the prey and fly away.

    I am personally having a hard time at work; I work in digital publishing. There are so many changes and i am working hard but stressed and anxious. Working in a business environment really stretches my introverted artistic personality; some stretching has been good for me but now i just feel in the wrong place and not sure what to do.

    i think stopping and seeing the hawk in a way is a message to stop and pay attention to what is happening around me and that maybe there are answers. If you have any thoughts on my encounter i would greatly appreciate it. Kind wishes to you.

    • Thanks Sandra for your comments. Sorry you are experiencing that you are in the wrong place in your work. Your sensitive introverted personality may have had something to do with your awareness of something special happening and your noticed the hawk feasting. You are correct that you are to be more attentive to what is happening around you maybe in your work place as well as outside of it. I suggest you already have an inclination to find a better natural fit for yourself. I pray for you that this can be a sign to you that there is a place where you will be more comfortable and still provided for in your needs. Be watchful and careful in all your doings. Don’t turn away from possibilities that may be presented to you in various ways. However, in those possibilities or opportunities be very selective and careful for you don’t want to leave your work for some “pie in the sky” offer. We watchful and sensitive. There is always more assurance in more counsel. Good for you to begin a search. God bless you.

  112. I was weeding in my backyard when two hawks flew over me and dropped a torn in half rabbit that almost landed on my head. Does that have any meaning?

    • Staci thanks for your question. Whew! That was some surprise I’m sure. The two hawks didn’t actually make a visit per se to you since they were flying overhead with a caught prey. I understand your thinking this may mean something to you personally. I don’t know if it actually does. Except that I think when ever we see a hawk(s) and our attention is gotten then there may be some significance to the sighting. In all cases the hawk is to be taken as a messenger of good tiding. So if you are struggling or in some question I think you can be assured you are being cared for and watched over by the Great Spirit..Our Lord. Take comfort that you are a sensitive person to recognize the hawks and accept that as a positive message. Blessings on you.

  113. I have a whole hawk family. I can actually call upon my hawk. He is huge. I also have frogs appear and lately an abundance of blackbirds. I am i.trigued and want to learn even more. I am aware i can speak /call people with my mind. Thank you for all these interpretatations. I feel protected and watched over. I also geel an inner peace. Lately the mortal world has bestowed great chaos in my life. I have always been drawn to animals and Indian traditions. Once again, thank you. God bless.

    • Cheryl I am so glad you wrote this comment. Many people read all these comments as they are looking for answers and confirmation about their Hawk visit. How special you are to have a hawk family and one particular hawk as a close friend. I am sure you are a very sensitive and alert person as is the hawk in nature. The chaos that comes against you is the negative spirits that don’t like the power of the light that shines in a person like yourself. Be strong and faithful and trust in your being that you are cared for by the Great Spirit your Creator. God has blessed you.

  114. Two hawks have been in my yard for a couple weeks. One will sit on my fence and then one will sit on my picnic table; I have not been able to get their pictures, they are very interesting creatures to watch. I never knew there was a meaning; still thankful I can receive the right message. In the meantime, I admire their beauty!

    • Thanks for posting DK. Be aware of things in your relationships and in general whats goong on on yor hesrt. Listen to your soul for peace before you venture into something. Blessings.

      • In the Bible, hawks are listed as unclean. They eat rodents and dead things. You may want to take the time to examine your life, where you’ve been, where you want to go, what may have crept in that needs removal, who effects you, things that aren’t good for you. The hawk is definitely a messenger. They are hunting for food and must have sensed that there are pests waiting for them to devour. They aren’t lazy birds, they are good at what they do.

      • Thank you Carla. We do know that fact. This blog has been a source of comments from people as myself who were interested in the folklore of the messenger the hawk. The perspective you offer is important. A positive message may certainly be one that encourages one to be sensitive to what is going on in one’s life that may just need to be made more serious attention. The hawk’s keen eyesight for prey is precisely why we are to be perceptive to happenings and habits in a way that will become a positive move in one’s life. Again Carla your comment brings to light a very real concern in becoming alert to the messenger.

      • THE HAWK IS A GOOD sign written Job in the Bible. I watch them out here on 75 Acres and they go for mice and live rodents and insects I don’t know if some of them DO I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT eat dead but they like to take something alive to their young 2 feed.she is a very keen hunter. That’s why when it’s foggy outside they don’t come out because if they were scavengers they would be on Roadkill I never see a hawk out here on road kill I always see buzzards I do also believe this should be a very positive blog God bless you all and MAY you take nature and all the Nature’s Beauty and relish it God give us all this too study and appreciate.

  115. On July 3rd of this year I was with my grand daughter visiting her mother in which is also my daughter at the cemetery where she is laid to rest .My only daughter Tabitha passed away 2 in a half years ago she was 35 .As we we’re drinking towards my daughters rest spot I noticed a very large bird standing on a stump so I pulled over and my gran daughter and I could see it was a very large red tail hawk. We sat there for a little bit and then I leaned towards my grand daughter and said to her I wish he would leave me a feather ,no sooner did I say that this beautiful bird speared out his wings and shoock his whole body and it was as if someone was standing ing right there behind the hawk and just plucked a feather out from behind him.My grand daughter and I just turned to each other and said at the same time did you see that and I said yes Alyssa and she then replies Grammies that a good sign right yes Alyssa it is a very good sign . It gets better I decided to see how close this bird would let me get to him(I forgot the hawk was eating a small rabbit all this time we were watching him) so I proceed to get closer to this hawk .To my amazement this bird let me 2 feet next to him and all this time I was taking pictures truly amazing

    • This hawk is never going to leave its dinner. They are very smart. This hawk had decided you were no threat to taking his food. The experience of being there at the moment and your taking awareness of the event is in itself a message. You and your daughter are sensitive, kind and alert. The giving of a feather was a wonderful and gentle gift of recognition and understanding by the Spirit of your connections. You were given an experience where your understanding, your inner vision was open to the invisible communications that are very real in our world. This knowledge alone is a message to you and your daughter you both will never forget. At least you must not. All things are possible with God. To be open and sensitive, alert, and courageous to believe and act on them is a blessing. God is with you. You both will have an opportunity in the future (may be near) to share this understanding that may possibly be life saving for some one.

  116. My grand daughter and I were able to stand there watching this hawk eat his prey my grand daughter and I were having conversations with each other and this hawk didn’t seem to mind us there . After about 15 minutes of this hawk listening to us he decided he had enough so he picked his prey up and flew away but he didn’t go far he flew to the tree near my daughter. I leaned down and picked up the hawk feather and thanked him for this gift Alyssa had asked me if he left her a feather so we looked around and seen that he did not.I told Alyssa she has to ask the hawk to leave her a feather so she did.I asked Alyssa to drive the car to where her mother is laid to rest and I will walk the path the hawk flew. When I got to the tree Alyssa had asked if I found a feather and I replied back not yet as soon as I sad that the hawk with his prey flew off the tree when he flew by me he was so close to me that if I reached my hand out I would be ale to touch the tip of his wing my grand daughter and I just looked at each other and then back at the hawk and as he flew off he didn’t forget my grand daughter he gave her a feather to

  117. Hey…today a hawk flew inside my house. It took me 45 minutes to get it out of the house. It wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t ready to go out of my house. Is there a significance to it? Considering hawks are extremely rare in the area where I live. In my 25 years in my locality this was the first time I saw a hawk, that too inside my house. Please reply if you think the event was anyway significant.

    • I have heard there is significance to the hawk flying into a house. There may be other links that will give you various answers or suggestions. To my understanding the hawk visit itself is the message that is always to be positive. The interpretation of the meaning may rest with you. It could suggest that it is a message that you have enclosed free spirit and that you must free it.
      It might suggest that you are going to come to a decision making time that will require you to be alert, courageous, and free from the confines of standard thinking. You alone really know the meaning of the message. In any case the message is a positive one. It is meant to give you hope and direction that will make you more aware in the coming situation and to know that your Creator is watching and with you. Trust in the Good and be free to act in the Right.

  118. I have just experienced a hawk fly into my garage he landed in front of my feet while I was sitting in a chair. Remarkable I was not startled, the hawk looked up at me dropped a lizard looked at me again turned and flew out of my garage. Please offer comments thoughts. Thanks

    • Thanks Pete for your story. Wow! That is a visit that’s for sure. There has been some folklore that suggests that a dead animal found can mean there will be somekind of “death” coming. Now be careful here, the “death” can mean any kind of “end” coming in one’s life situation. That may mean a job ending, a part of one’s life experience that is coming to an end, or it may mean the ultimate that some life will be taken out of your life. Remember “life” could mean a pet or some other breathing thing. However, Pete, my research has lead me to believe and understand that any Hawk visitation to a person is a “messenger visit that is to be a POSITIVE message.”
      So I would suggest your first of all, not place too much confidence in this experience. Secondly, the hawk visit is a meant to be a positive message. Be sure you understand these are all “folklore”, and can possibly based on superstitious beliefs of natural people of an ancient uncivilized community. It is fun to think there is some personal “meaning” to your hawk sighting but remember all these comments are all based on “folklore” there is no scientific proof nor has there been any kind of actual study that would reveal these ancient understandings have some real meaning. But you take it as it is, ancient understanding of visits or unusual visits from the natural world. To bear in mind, even in all that, the indication is a positive message for you!
      So be aware and pay attention to the aspects of change in your life and accept the process as positive. God bless you.

  119. Thanks for the information. I have been seeing a hawk at a cemetery where my wife is buried. I visit and read the grave every day. I was reading a book 90 Minutes in Heaven when the hawk landed on a cross at the top of a headstone. I took a number of photos up close. I have seen the hawk before but it never came this close to me. Your stories have made me feel good. I have much to think about now. Thank you.

    • Thank you Jim. Your story will help others too. How sweet to have a very special visit while reading that book. I’ve read it too. Your faith is guiding you and God has given you a special blessing of encouragement.

  120. The night I originally found this blog posting, 2 years ago today, I was in the hospital with my 4 day old son. He had been readmitted for severe jaundice. I was looking out the window, and a large hawk was looking in his window (on the 4th floor!) and sitting on the window ledge of his room. He sat there all night, sometimes looking in at my son, and other
    Times looking away. But he stayed all night, and flew away only after we had been discharged home about 24 hours later. My son just turned 2., and he is one of my most precious blessings in life…he has taught me so much about patience, seeing life through a different lens, and taking the time to experience and notice what’s around me.

    • Dear Army wife thank you for posting this wonderful account about you and your four day old son in your marvelous hawk visit. What a special son indeed! How wonderful that you recognize the wonderful message and God’s blessing on you And your son. Thanks for sharing.

  121. Tell me about it. A long time ago, I was told by a wise man that the hawk was my spirit guide. Throughout my life, a hawk has always appeared when I was in turmoil. Its appearance always told me which choice to make. One even dropped its kill at my feet one day. (Kinda gross but I was honored.) Last week a hawk sat on a branch in my backyard for two days. Then it sat in the birdbath for another day. Then it sat right on my back porch, against the house, next to my door. It would not leave. My mom even put food at its feet. We called the Wild Bird Sanctuary, and they sent a guy out. The bird left willingly. I received the message: I had been struggling with drug issues, and the hawk came to give me direction. I now have a clear, clean path to follow. NEVER be cavalier about a hawk visitation; they are wiser than we could ever hope to be, and are there to provide us guidance. I thank God that hawk came to me. I will be eternally grateful.

    • How wonderful John! You truly are blessed! So glad you took the visit of your hawk to heart and are now clean and clear of thought and direction! God is watching over you. You will follow that light and you no doubt will be of great help to others. Thank you for sharing.

      • Thank you, Diane. My mom and I cannot forget that hawk. (We even named him: Spot.) He came to US seeking help, and we feel it is our duty to follow through with his rehabilitation.
        So I called the bird sanctuary: he had been abandoned in the nest, didn’t know how to feed himself, and was starving to death. His odds were less than 50/50. Now I am not stupid; I realize Spot was sent to me for more than the obvious reason. He and I are connected; my health depends on his health as well. I am still weak from drug abuse, and I SO wanted to go out drinking after work the other day. But I went to the gym. The stronger I get, the stronger Spot will get. And vice versa. So I worked out the next day too, then called the sanctuary. Spot has started eating, and now has better than 50/50 odds of survival. I am visiting him Monday. My mom and I are dedicated to his survival, and are going to sponsor his recovery. I can’t wait for the day they release him into the sky, free and healthy. That day will never come if I slip back into my old ways, and I am NOT going to let down a hawk that came to my back door (!) seeking help. (And to offer me his medicine.) God sure is clever, isn’t he?

  122. I was outdoors this morning when two hawks flew over me and one landed on my chimney and looked at me and the other in a nearby tree, they made a loud noise as they flew over me. Then both flew off together. I lost my Mom 5 months ago and I’m grieving. I felt this was a good sign? Thank you Rose

    • Thank you Rose for shsring. I understsnd grieving well. Surely the two hawks are a sign all is well withyour mom and this message is to lift you up. Blessings are on you Rose. All is well.

  123. When my husband & son left for the dump I was sitting by table outside shed out in bush when suddenly a hawk with yellowish eyes landed with a thud on the dirt beside me & just looked me in the eye for a few minutes seem to be out staring me then flew off – I am wanting to know what this meant

    • Hi Lynette, That hawk no doubt had been watching you all before your son and husband left. There may have been some food left or he thought you would leave some food. Or in any case, a visit as personal as this was for you and you alone, you might find the folklore of the visiting hawk something for you. They are recognized as messengers of good things to come, suggesting you take closer notice in your life, such as, being more sensitive and aware of the good going on around for coming your way. The message is always understood to mean something positive. So you have a blessing form the Great Spirit. God is watching over you and probably wanting your closer attention and to remember to be thankful to God. Blessings are on you Lynette. How comforting for you.

    • Lynette I apologize for the late reply. I hope you read all the comments and replies on this blog. The visit of a hawk to us as individuals, according to folklore, means you are to be alert and sensitive to a positive message or happening coming in your way. You are to stay sharp and sensitive in your inner person as the hawk is a sharp eyed predator and can see 4000 times better than we can. Also they are very helpful and family oriented birds. They are messengers of good tidings. So if you are to know now that you are being cared for and known by the Great Spirit and if you are asking a questions or seeking something you will be lead in the right direction. you must trust your inner spirit and stay alert. God bless you Lynette.

  124. Hello Diane
    There have been several time in the last 11 years that when I am driving down the highway, I see a hawk on a hydro wire and I don’t know why I see them, they sometimes have their backs to me or they are facing towards the road. Its weird because I only see them at different times in the last 11 years.
    this started in 2004 when I became aware of them.

    Wendy 2015

  125. Hello,
    I hope you can give me the right answer.
    I’ve seen this hawk in my yard many times atop a tree, sometimes looking at me or with his back tuned.
    I was told seeing a hawk is not good, I should tell him to leave, means trouble coming my way.
    I was doing yard work with my son an saw the hawk sitting in the same tree always that tree, he started making this loud noise as if he was yelling to me, but then another hawk came and sat on the tree, the second hawk didn’t stay long, the first stayed and watch for sometime, dont know when he left.
    Myself and family have been going thru some tough times couple of years now, I dont know if seeing the hawk’s will be more problems!
    Thanks Brahma

  126. HI Brahma, please read all the comments on this blog about Hawks visiting! it is a good and positive message the hawk brings. They are considered messengers of good positive things. You must be alert and sensitive to notice them. They are reminding you to know that you will be receiving or entering a good positive thing or message. It may not have caught your attention, as sometimes when things shift in our lives we don’t remember or have noticed the time of transition. I believe you and your family will receive a positive message or change. God is blessing you.! Trust Him/She..the Eternal All Wise One!

  127. My name is Diane,My birthday is June 30,!960,I have this wonderful story of my hawk.I was fighting Breast Cancer and outside before my chemo I sat on bench and asked God to show me a sign If I was going to make it thru all I was facing,And soon I look above Tx Oncology and there is my Hawk,For 5 days straight he was in the air over me at several places ,Well that was 4 years ago and My Hawk has seen me thru all of my Cancer Treatment,But the day I had my last Chemo I left with a friend to head to my app.I was surprised to have 3 Hawks folling the car to my chemo visit ,When they hooked me up for the agent to enter my body,I looked out the window and you could see The 3 Hawks shadow going over the building ,I felt like I was in The Lords Arms,Well $ years and I have watched my Hawk fly next to my cab all the way across town to my appointments,After the first 4 sightings of him over me,I went into that visit wondering where my Hawk was that certain day,So I thought maybe I was just seeing it to feel safe ,I was only one in waiting area.10 mins passed and a couple came in and signed in.they sat down and started chatting to reseptionist,The lady said to her ,You know the funniest thing happened when we drove in today,We were getting out of our car and a Hawk flew down and landed in a puddle outside,the craziest thing,I got chill bumps all over.Since that day I would say Ive had my Hawk flying over me at every visit,And at times I was depressed wanting to end it all,Me and my yorkie were outside on potty break ,I had no place to live and had to leave there in a day ,Suicide crossed my mind,Then crying I looked up and there he was ,I got my cell and video him and took pics,I swear i blew the pics up and my Hawk had a glowing auru around its whole body,Yes I turned it around that day and Ive been ok since.I love my Lord for giving me sign to keep fighting the Cancer ,Ive been So blessed,At least 35 to40 visits from my Lovely Bird,God is so very awesome
    Thanks for reading my story,What is your thought on it

    • My thought for you Dana is “Your are Truly Blessed!” How wonderful to have these marvelous Hawk companionship to encourage you all through your “deep waters”! I too would have tears in my eyes knowing the my Lord was watching over me…it reminds me of the message Jesus told his followers about how God knows when even the smallest sparrow hits the ground and how much more important is everyone of our lives! And then the hymn. “His Eye is on Sparrow and I know He watches me!” I sign that whenever my situation seems hopeless or overwhelming. As we give Praise we find it releases in us endorphones or more significantly the gift of faith that lifts off the caos and dark clouds that are overshadowing our lives. That Love to be shown to you in your Hawk companion is so so so special. I hope you share with many people as this visible promise for you is also for others to be uplifted by your testimony of God’s watching over us and LIFE promises that are real in our LORD. Blessings. Thank you Diane for sharing as others will read this here and be comforted and encouraged.

    • Thank you Dane Moreland, for sharing your wonderful, remarkable hawk story!
      Truly a blessing for you and one of deliverance and new birth….a new song for you!
      Your story makes me think of the Psalm 96:1 Read the whole Psalm if you can….just google it. It will lift your praise and thanksgiving on Angels wings.
      I love reading your story over and over. I find rich blessings just reading the account of how the messenger, Hawk, has given you positive, loving, reaffirmation that all is well, that the Great Spirit has you in the palm of His Hand. You are not alone! Blessings Dane.

  128. I had a most interesting, fantastic hawk encounter several years ago. A hawk was perched on the crossbar of my car’s kayak rack. It was about three feet from my face. It was very calm.After watching one another for a spell I moved my car to put the kayak on the roof’s crossbars. Even after moving some 100 feet the hawk was still perched…hadn’t moved at all.Someone asked if this was my hawk. Even after noisily mounting the kayak and throwing straps to tie it down the hawk was unmoved.Upon drivin away I noticed the hawk’s silhouette on the side of a wall because of the sun. It was still on top.After driving for 15 minutes or so I stopped for gas. Getting out of my car someone asked if that was my bird. The hawk had moved from the crossbar and was now sitting on the kayak’s and was clearly visible. I now knew this was something special. I left the gas station and headed home to my cottage some 30 minutes away.Driving on a highway at 50+ mph I figured the hawk was long gone. I drove into my driveway and when I got out the hawk was still with me.It had ridden for 45 minutes in the kayak and now it was again perched on the crossbar. I took several photos. I checked him out every so often.Even at midnight he was still there as his eyes reflected from my flashlight. By morni,g he was gone. I have never heard of anything like this. Researching the hawk’s symbolizm I feel very lucky to have been touched by his spirit. Even after this encounter I observed hawk’s soaring overhead shortly thereafter. In fact a few weeks later a hawk flew by me… I am amazed

    • Ron,your Hawk account is amazing! Driving at 50+ mph and the bird still there on the car is amazing. I wonder if he didn’t fly just above you as your drove. You mention seeing his shadow with the car shadow? Well that is some experience. The follow up observations of a hawk soaring overhead is a confirmation I would say that this first experience was not a fluke or some natural predetor explanation. You truly have been given a message. I hope you are staying senstive to those around you and are finding the positive encouragement in the message of your hawk. I’m so impressed Ron. God has blessed you. Stay with Him.

  129. I totally agree to the thought and so how I fell got susscsed to decode the god message as that HAWK was my grandfather who past away last year 22November and he was there with me in all my good movement or new Jo’s started .
    But what that hawk was trying to say I couldn’t get that as a message for me .
    Because on every Diwali one white Owl set on my kitchen window in night for few minute.
    The movement I go near he fly away

  130. I’ve been free now for a year from prison I am doing great and I am a consultant making 6000$ a month. I’ve been living good and completely changed my life from trafficking drugs to a regular blue collar tax paying citizen. I always run my siberian husky on the back bay in Newport beach, ca and I always have a red tail hawk come to me he flyes above my head about a ft and also he flyes over my house late at night I see him when I’m sitting in my jacuzzi looking at the stars reflecting on my past and all the near life death close calls I had. And of course my time in chino prison. But I know I control my future and if I keep doing what I’m doing I’ll be ok. I respect the hawk and I am a servant to God.

    • How wonderful to hear of your new life and success in your recovery! No doubt the hawks that visit you are encouraging you with positive messages to stay sensitive to your inner man. I’m quoting this from: If Hawk has flown into your life
      “If Hawk has flown into your life;
      You are soaring to higher states of awareness and vision. Use your keen eyesight to see your path clearly.”
      Be aware that there is a message to be received and interpreted. Hawk holds the key to higher consciousness and trying to bring certain things into your circle of awareness. Know that enlightenment is imminent.
      Hawk often represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences if you choose to become more observant.
      Many of the messages Hawk brings you are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow you to survive and flourish.”

    • Hi Kamaludeen, I too have dreamed of flying….and it really feels real. I loved it too! I have flown over trees and over houses and up into the clouds and swooped around joyfully. I hope you did some further research on the animal totem Hawk. Best to you. Your freedom of spirit is joyful. Stay sensitive and openly aware of the positive things happening around you in all you life asleep and awake!

  131. Hello my name is Valerie, I just had not one but two hawks to come in my yard I was so surprised like really hawks and I want to know what it means so I went online and type in and came across your page thank you I received it as a positive message

    • Wonderful Valeri. You are no doubt a sensitive and observant individual. You are right to see this visit as a positive message. You must continue to be open and aware and thankful.

  132. Hi Diane
    My husband passed suddenly, July 10, 2015, I was devastated.
    Here I am a 70 year old woman all alone, only receiving Social Security, barely making ends meet.
    About 1 month later, here comes a hawk, flying out of nowhere, lands on the railing of the deck, sits there for about 2 minutes, starring at me, so I starred back & talked to it, then it jumped down on the deck, & started pecking on the wood, it looked up, & flew away. About 1 week after that, I found the hawk’s feather in my yard.
    I have lived in Ohio all my life, have never seen a hawk. I knew seeing a hawk has a good meaning, after reading all the comments in your blog, I know for sure it has a good meaning. So far, I have not had anything good happen, but I truly believe it will.
    God bless you Diane, and all you do.

    • Elaine,
      I am sorry I didn’t reply to your comment before. I have replied to every one that comes to me. Yours must have slipped in notifying me. In any case, I send you my sympathy on the loss of your husband this last July. I believe your hawk visit was not an accident but truly a message of that you are being cared for and watched over by the Great Spirit, our LORD.
      I lost my dearest companion in July, not my husband but my little companion dog. I too am just 71 as of November. It isn’t easy to be suddenly alone in our homes and daily paths.
      Surly your loss is greater. I do know the pain so very well, the void that seems to have left us in. You no doubt by now this February, somewhat more aligned in your being again and hopefully as you mentioned in your comment you have accepted the Hawk visit as a good messenger. I remember my first visit too. I kept wondering for months what or when I would get this positive message. I was looking too much for a material happening I think. I began to realize as the time passed and I looked over those months following the hawk visit that there was a positive change in the happenings around me. Particularly a person moved in next door (across a small pond) form me and we now have become very good friends. This alone has been something I really needed and didn’t realize. So you never know, Elaine, the positive message is not always like a box coming in the mail, these things may emerge and become deep and very helpful things. God bless you and keep your chin up, as my grandfather used to tell me as a kid. God is watching and underneath are His Everlasting Arms.

  133. I was intrigued to read this…when I was 5…I saw some hawks on the mountaintop flying in a circle…I kept thinking as I watched…I wonder what they look like close up..I wish one would land by me so I could see what it looks like…I no sooner thought that and one flew down and landed about 2 yards from me and stayed there for a bit then flew off…I wonder what it meant…I felt like I called it down to me…I will never forget…I love the hawk.

  134. The last 2 months I’ve seen 3 times a red-tailed hawk immediately after having a particular type of of thought about a spiritual practice I left back in 2012. The first thought was I need to surrender to this energy I feel inside and immediately I saw a beautiful and powerful hawk come out of a tree and land on the ground to the side of the road. Interestingly, just before this I was leaving an appointment and I always turn right to get back to the freeway, but this day I thought I’m gonna go left and look at the scenery as there’s some hills and trees etc. Then I saw the hawk.

    The 2nd time I thought I should just return to the path I was on and I looked up and saw the hawk.
    Yesterday, I thought “I need to let go of what I believe my life should have been and get on with the process of Enlightenment” and I saw a Hawk off to my left as I was driving.

    Back in 2012 when I was drifting away from my spiritual path of 2007-2012 saw a red tailed hawk soaring in the sky about 5 or 6 times right as I was sitting in my yard contemplating whether to move on from the path, or not.

    I don’t know if the Hawk message/medicine is affirming my thoughts, or suggesting me to ‘see’ things from a wider and higher perspective. Part of me does not want to go back to the path I was on. I came to the path because I was avoiding the pain of early life abuse unconsciously. I wanted to feel good without doing the hard work of healing and integrating all levels of my self. I didn’t see this at the time, but I do now.

    The Hawk has a message for me, this seems apparent.

    • I agree Mike, the hawk certainly confirms your thoughts and has done so a number of times!
      You got the message! The path of “wholeness” or enlightenment is always evolving. We are growing from “glory” to “glory”. Each new day brings us closer to being the reflection of the True Light.
      This glory, this light, this wholeness of person, of the inner man and the physical man is an on going path. One never fully arrives…enough to say, “I’m enlightened.” You will find in readings of the great spiritual fathers and mothers of spiritual paths all say that if someone tell you they are “and enlightened one” then they have a long way to go yet. Great humility and singleness of heart and a light in the eyes of complete love are signs of growth and the presence of Peace.
      It doesn’t matter what our daily life involves, whether we are farm workers, kitchen help or CEO’s of big corporate companies, or head editor of the newspaper. A person can be fully at Peace with life and oneself and still be active in the world. It certainly isn’t easy as the lessons are very difficult to fulfill. But it is our call, each of us, to pursue this path, because it leads us to becoming truly loving human beings. So you are encouraged by this hawk visit my friend to return to the endeavor of a spiritual walk and learn to blend it in with your whole life so that you aren’t torn in half by one or the other. Become a whole man in this Light. God bless you Mike.

  135. The thing is I don’t believe the path I was on will make me a whole man, it’s a transcendent Indian path that focuses on God Consciousness. I now realize that my natural disposition was to be more balanced. So, I’m not clear what the Hawk’s message is.

    • Mike I know we find these paths appear to be conflicting at times. I believe you trust the spirit in your heart not your mind to guide you especially after you’ve prayed. Of course I do think it’s important to know to whom you are praying. Being a believer of the The One and Only Name given All Power as a Christian I know who I pray to. I don’t want to make you think that doesn’t mean the Indian path is not of God. Certainly it is as all good will is in God’s will.
      It seems to me the Hawk’s message to you was that you are finding clarity in your path and that also you should have confidence that you are being guided. I take it as a positive direction you are taking and to grow on from the Indian path you felt was limiting you. I believe your life will lead you to the balanced man you desire to be. This desire alone is sign that God has given you that desire. Scripture says God gives us our desires as we ask him to direct us. Pray, meditate (or what it is you do) and trust your Maker. God is with you Mike.

  136. Diane,
    Thank you so much for sharing your insights with others about their encounters with hawks. You have a gift and a kind, giving heart.
    Sixteen years ago, my sweet husband was murdered in a store. He was a customer at the time, and the loss of him made me want to die as well. We were deeply in love and happy in our marriage. I knew that my grief was too much to bear alone, so I began talking to a grief counselor. Talking with him helped me to move into acceptance of my husband’s loss. Eventually, I moved forward with my life and concentrated on my work as a high school English teacher. There were times when I shared my pain and journey with select students, sometimes intuitively knowing when a student was going through a rough patch in his or her life. This sharing, I believe, is a blessing that has come as a result of my husband’s death and the pain that I have endured,
    Three years ago, I began dating a man, and I thought that we were getting close and moving forward in our relationship. However, a few weeks ago, he told me that he needed ” space” to make some hard decisions, so I have honored his request and have not contacted him. This separation has not been without pain.
    I am spending Valentine’s Day weekend with my daughter in a town about an hour or so away from my home. Yesterday, when I left home, I began crying and asking God to give me a sign that all would be well in my life again. Upon reaching an intersection in a little town on the way, I stopped at a light. To my right, I noticed a hawk flying and then landing on the limb of a tree beside the highway. He was magnificent and seemed to be staring into my eyes. When the light changed, I moved forward with traffic. Since then, I haven’t been able to get the hawk out of my mind.
    I know from your posts that the hawk is a beneficial message, and I have to say that my heart feels a little lighter this morning, but I’m still not sure if the message is that I should leave things as they are with my boyfriend, or whether I should make a break from him completely.
    Do you have any other insights?

    Many thanks,

    • Thank you Carolyn. Please accept my sympathies for the loss of your husband. I admire you for turning to a service of teaching. I too found that helping young people along the way by sharing and commiserating with their needs often brings healing to ourselves. The wounds never leave and still are sensitive to the touch I know. The hawk visit is special I believe as you learned reading all the posts and comments on this blog. Since the hawk represents the messenger of positive things for us and that we are to be keen in our insight and observations I believe it also serves us as confirmation to the direction the Spirit is giving us already in our hearts. We often ignore it if we don’t really like it or if the prospects it offers seem to be more difficulties ahead. I think the confirmation we are to have is to be sensitive to that message in our spirit. That inner messenger is God’s Spirit. We tag on to that the consequences that we think will be the result if we turn that way or this way. We are to trust our spirit! The consequences of the decision will take care of themselves and actually more often than not are the avenue to the better or right place for us. It may be a job, a relationship, a place to live, a move in a math equation, it can be any number of things we have been laying up in our hearts that actually are prayers. So Carolyn only you know the answer to your question. You have the hawk’s visit to confirm for you the inner message you have in your heart and that is the right one. Trust it. Don’t worry about being alone or if you made the right choice to stay in the relationship or not. However, plainly speaking as a girlfriend I would tell you to break off from the guy. He’s said he needs space, give it to him. If he comes back after deliberating his hard decisions then fine. It sounds like he may have some other relationships he hasn’t revealed to you that needs to be resolved or needs a stronger commitment by him. In your case, I think you know what to do. Do it in firm love and kindness. Your hawk tells you you are watched over by the Holy One and He Alone will keep you in His Everlasting Arms. Blessings are for you.

  137. Good morning Diane,

    My name is Diane as well. I am curious as to your thoughts on something odd that I witnessed yesterday while I was at work. I had just returned from my lunch hour and had sat down at my desk. I have a huge plate glass window and am on the third floor so frequently look out over the trees or sky.

    Well I watched a extremely gorgeous hawk glide in and land in a tree in front of me. He then picked back up and flew off. No sooner did it fly off a second one took flight from the tree beside the one the first landed in.

    Now as those two danced in the sky seemingly playing a third hawk came in from the east and joined in.

    Right after the third one joined a fourth immediately joined from the west. They fly together for about 5 minutes dancing on the wind in front of me. Then, three of them seemingly vanished in the distance and one fly back to me then fly away.

    I have a lot of stuff going on in my life at the moment so any light you could shed on the possible meaning of this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you love may you be blessed!

    • Hi Diane, ( feel like I’m writing to myself 🙂 not really)

      How special for you to have a wonderful large pane window on the third floor of your work station. Hopefully you have read through some of the other comments and replies I’ve made.

      For me to shed light on the possible meaning of your hawk experience is unlikely. You can only be the one to know really the meaning, because you witnessed this flying of the hawks and took it personally. That means to me you have an alert sense of being and accepted it as a message. The fact that the hawk has a high level of clarity of eyesight adds to its folklore importance in that it suggests the person visited is to be alert and sensitive to all that is going on around them. You express the experience of these hawks as peaceful and beautiful by the phrase you used, “dancing on the wind.” Also you describe how “three of them seemingly vanished..” then and one comes back “to me” and then flies away. This tells me you are a free spirit that loves nature, and have a poet’s heart who can discern beauty.
      My guess is that you have found peace in the midst of all the “stuff” going on in your life or you wouldn’t have expressed this sighting with such sweetness.

      It’s my belief that all things are interconnected in our ether world of spirit. It is also my understanding that our thoughts can and are transmitted out from us like ripples on the water when a rock or something lands on it’s surface. Therefore the Hawks as messengers of the Great Spirit, the One God, and as creatures of this world are drawn to their people to receive the message, their “targets” by the Great Spirit. The receiver takes notice and is the one to find the actual message. You have to be the one to decipher that meaning.

      From my own experience I found that at first I was looking for some big message that would be so obvious to me. Well it turned out it wasn’t that obvious to me at all. I finally realized as I looked back over the time I was waiting or enlightenment, the message to me was actually quite simple and direct. I was expecting too big a deal. The real message was for me to be quiet, with a clear mind, and sensitive to where I was, and to listen to the center of my being for peace or unrest in relation to the whatever was going on. I was to follow the quiet peace in my center of being whenever I had to make a decision or choose a way to go. Some of those decisions I had just kept juggling. So finally I found peace of the Holy Spirit in my center of being, after prayers. Eventually all worked out best and I was freed me from the bad decisions I had made. So that’s my story.

      Your message, and everyone else’s, has a specific message concerning your lives for you. Just like your dreams you alone are the best one to know it’s meaning. You can get some help like reading all of our experiences to encourage you to find the meaning of the message of the hawks. Most likely the questions you’ve been seeking in your heart. God is blessing you with real life messengers of the hawks flying in your life.

      It all looks very very positive for you Diane, that’s for sure. You are in “His Everlasting Arms and all will be well”! Trust the gift of the visiting flying hawks and the single one giving you the exclamation of “Yes”! God loves you and those in your life! Blessings to you! Diane

  138. Hi Diane,
    It was wonderful to read about the hawks. Just a bit curious. I am from india and I live on the 20 th floor of the tall building. Just lately, probably since 2 months a kite ( belongs to the hawk family) visits me everyday. He sits on top on my balcony looking inside the room and keeps calling me, the sound that they make ( sounds like a long whistle) and as soon as it has my attention it takes off. We do see a lot of kits flying everyday. I really want to know what this means as its extremely unusual for a kite to visit and then call me. The sound that it makes is also very unusual, its generally a long one. Please help me with this. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for posting Rashmi. As you probably already know the kit is a kind of hawk and both are described as “a bird of piercing sight and of soaring habits.” And “a rapacious and keen-sighted bird of prey belonging to the hawk family.” Also it is known that “These are all birds of prey, that is, they live by destroying other animals, and some of them are very fierce and cruel; I suppose this is one reason why they were not to be eaten” by the Israelites of old.

      Here is a link that might interest you Rashmi, Bird Symbol
      As you’ve read in my posts and answers the American folklore of the visiting hawk is one of as a messenger of God of positive things to come.

      And of course there is always the very real possibility the bird has either a nest nearby and could be encouraging it’s young to fly or has been feeding them, or maybe protecting them.
      The fact that the person recognizing the visiting is often taken as a sign that there may truly be a message for them as they are sensitive and aware of the situation and take it personally. These are ideas and feelings of the spirit or intangible. We are species of awareness of the invisible and the reality of transmissions of intelligence by some intangible means…we call it spirit.

      The sound your kite makes is interesting and from your description may be a RED KITE (HAWK)
      Here are a couple UTUbe links. The first one is a red tail hawk’s call…RED TAIL WHISTLE
      another of red kites calling one another RED KITES Call

      Also for you Rashmi is this quote from this link: Spirit Walk Ministry – Bird

      “Hawk,– Hawk is the Messenger of the Great Spirit, the protector and the visionary; delivering omens, spirit messages and blessings from the Creator in order that you may see the larger picture.

        It holds the key to higher levels of consciousness

      . This totem awakens vision, recalls past lives and inspires a creative life purpose. Be careful not to become caught up in the details; fly higher so you can see the big picture, the overall view. Observe and study your surroundings and work on accepting things the way they are, rather than forcing change. Soar high above the mundane and everyday problems and be reminded of the great responsibility of diligently working to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

      Harrier,– Sky dancer, constantly changing sides, getting in on the ground floor, a “Ramblin’ Man”
      Nighthawk — Patient, nocturnal vision, resting when others cannot
      Red-Shouldered Hawk — Living in the old neighborhood, being mobbed, losing your home, joining with one enemy to challenge another
      Red-Tailed Hawk — A Red-Tailed Hawk is a special totem. It has direct ties to the Kundalini, the seat of the primal life force. It teaches of higher expressions of psychic ability and vision, lessons of awareness and insight. The Red-Tailed Hawk represents the Sun and the Great Horned Owl the Moon.

      It seems to me you have been given a treat and a wonderful message of encouragement. You must have or are to have keen vision and to be alert and sensitive to those in you surroundings. You must be a positive influence and will receive positive results. God is blessing you.

  139. Diane, a hawk made its presence known to me as I was loading my car. (I’m a teacher.) I did not know it was there, but it called out to me, sitting in the tree right above my car. I greeted it with my heart and my words and wished it well. It vocalized to me again and then flew away. I did not give any special significance to this event except that I thought I was lucky to see this beautiful creature so closely.
    The last few days I’ve been thinking maybe this had meaning. My mother, who had suffered from Alzheimers, very recently died. I had prayed that her spirit was now restored, but I have not had any dreams like I did when my father died. It consoles me to think that this was a message that my mother now has clear thought and vision. Maybe I’m crazy, but it makes me happy to think so.

    • Margaret I don’t blame you! Of course this visit is so special I agree with you especially since your spirit has confirmed it. No doubt in my mind this is a confirmation message to you that your mother now has a clear mind and soul and in the greatest Life of Joy! You’re not crazy. Blessings!

  140. Bout 5yrs ago im moved dwn by joplin mo frm kc mo 2b by my mammaw 2 help take care of her & I kept seeing this hawk fly around but 1 day I went 2 run an errand it was chilly & rainy I got bout 2miles frm my house & a hawk swoopd dwn n front of my suv almost smackin my windshield but I ignored the message but I proceeded & I was goin a lil fast but I wud soon learn my lesson bout a qtr mile away frm where the hawk made his presents known… A dog ran out n front of me on a sharp curve I swerved hitting a tree & took out a fence it was vry preventable now I pay vry close attention 2 mother nature & more importantly HAWKS the make their presents known ONLY 4 GOOD REASON

    • Thank you Danna for sharing your hawk account! Wow! That truly was an immediate message to you wasn’t it? I’m sure you are very careful now driving and in all your endeavors however small or large. The hawk is a keen seeing predator and the symbol of that has become a message to us to be alert, sensitive, keen eyed. Bless you and your story.

  141. Yes my name is Joel recently I’ve been divorced and I’ve been looking for a house of my own for about two months now there’s been a lot of perfect homes but they all seem to fall apart at the end and I was not able to get them Last Thursday I was to meet my realtor to look at yet another home . a little ranch in Richfield Ohio as I waited in the driveway I decided to get out and walk around the property I was told the foundation was waterproof so as I am looking down walking around .. I hear something I looked up and bamm””A hawk came out of nowhere and hit me in the head I literally have claw marks on my head at first I thought I was just attacked by a hawk but when the realtor got there he said I wonder if there’s any meaning to this which is why I’m writing you.. So I guess my question is is this the house for me I appreciate any advice you might be able to throw my way thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon Joel .

    • Joel, you alone can answer your question and I think you know the answer already. I believe our own personal spirit is our GPS and if we ask the Creator and acknowledge the Devine you will be led. The Hawk experience may be part of the way we receive a message. The message is usually one that is positive for the events ahead but truly as the Hawk represents sharp vision it also suggests to us to be alert, sensitive to that which is already before us. So it may be a positive direction, but you alone can know that to be true. The message could also suggest that you take a clear look into the direction you’re about to go into. It may be a message that is alerting you to something you are to be aware of and needed to be “hit in the face” to make you “wake up” and see what’s best. So to decide which is the way to go you alone in your “gut” know what to do…Scripture tells us if we have any doubt in our hearts (guts) that means we are to wait for clarity. Best of all is that the Holy One is letting you know that you are being watched after. Probably your prayers or someone else has been praying for you and you got a message…a blessing. Wait then…wait for clarity in your spirit. Be sure you are in the right place or without any doubt in heart. Blessings on you Joel.

  142. Hi Diane,

    For the past few days I’ve been hearing this strange bird noise that I had never heard before. I looked out the windows but couldn’t find it, until one day I was in the bathroom and heard it again. I looked out the window and there it was, sitting on my roof. I said hi and it looked my way and went quite. I said mummy is that you, it just looked…..I turned and walked away and it started making the noise again so I went back to the window and it stop!
    Today the bird came back, this time there were two. One was calling out so loud I went to the other window to see what was wrong. It had been caught up is something and was unable to fly. The other one stayed by it’s side. I told him to stay right there and that my son will be home soon to free it. After about an hour my husband and son came home and I told them about the bird that needed help. They went and got the bird and bought it around on the drive way and we picked all that stuff off of him and while we were doing this the other one came around to see what was going on with his friend..it was then that my son told me that it was a hawk!.
    We freed him and he flew away. I to am unemployed and having a hard time financially. I know that they came with a message.

    • How very touching Monique! Your response to the bird call was special. Consequently your continued effort to help this bird was special and truly I believe they came to you knowing you were going to do something to help. Plus you are given a blessing in return. Your sensitivity and genuine concern will no doubt be evident in all you life endeavors and will be rewarded. Stay alert as you are and aware of what is going on around you. Hawk’s are known for their keen eye sight and adept ability to forge for their families. May your find you blessing a new job or work to your skills soon. In anycase you have positive blessing and that should make you feel loved and watched over by the Great All Creator! Blessings.

  143. Could you believe it! The Hawk came back this morning for me to free him again! He was sitting right on the driveway.

    • Really! Well there is a definite message for you. Remember, a hawk visit hold a message that usually is a key to a higher consciousness, a certain thing or event that you need to bring into your circle of awareness. “Your enlightenment is imminent.” You are to stay alert to have an ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences that is if you choose to be observant. Maybe you are to free yourself of thoughts and beliefs that may be limiting you from seeing a different or bigger picture of your life. The hawk has the ability to soar above yet has keen sight that gives them the edge to survive and flourish. The fact you hold the hawk also could mean you will have a good message coming to you.
      In any case Monique I believe you are blessed! Be grateful and happy! All will be well!

  144. Diane,

    Greetings to you. I read and enjoyed your article. Thank you for posting it. I had a question for you and was hoping you could give me some insight to some experiences I’ve had with red tailed hawks bald eagles and ospreys.

    About 5 years ago I moved and after I got settled in I started a healing process to heal from some past traumatic experiences. Even as a child I’ve found that when I go outside I feel a sense of peace. And on days when I’m feeling distressed I’ve gone onto the deck in the backyard and sat in the quiet. And as always it calms me.

    One day I was upset and went and sat outside and while sitting there quietly I had a sudden urge to look up. I did. And I’m glad I did. There above me seeming to be balanced on a breeze was a beautiful red tailed hawk. I like to take pictures and thought it would be a beautiful picture. I went inside to get my camera hoping the hawk wouldn’t fly away before I got back.

    When I came back out the hawk was still there hovering as it soared. It almost looked like it just wasn’t moving. It’s wingspan was incredible and the markings and colors especially of it’s tail were just beautiful. I did take a couple of pictures. I noticed that I wasn’t feeling as distressed. And that’s when I realized it wasn’t just being outside or taking pictures. It was in part the hawk.

    I’ve had similar exepreicnes where I’ll go outside feeling distressed and almost every time a red tailed hawk a bald eagle or two as a mated pair have a nest not far from here or an osprey will arrive. Each time I see them I thank God and I thank the birds.

    On one occasion I saw two vultures circling lower and lower near me. They seemed to be making their way over to where I was. I watched them and noticed that what seemed like out of nowhere a red tailed hawk flew towards them and they both flew away. The red tailed hawk then flew towards and over me circling before it flew away. It was around that time that I realized that it might be possible that the red tailed hawk and possibly the bald eagles and the osprey were deliberately visiting me.

    One day an osprey must have been sitting on my home since when I stepped outside and closed the door it swooped down flying near me. It was flying away and was at first close enough that I could have touched the tip of it’s wing if I would have extended my arm. I’ve observed each of the birds at different times fly in circles over my home before flying away. They’ll sit on nearby trees or poles. And I’ve made eye contact with them before.

    My question to you is am I right in thinking that these birds are visiting me? Or am I just seeing what I want to see? Either way they are beautiful and I’m grateful to see them. Thank you for any insights you might be able to help me with.

    • Hi Manja, your story is wonderful, thank you for sharing with us all. Your question is are you right to take these hawk visits (and other visits) at messengers or are you imagining what you you would like to believe. As you can imagine from reading my other replies to comments and questions, I do believe these occasions are messenger visits. You see I understand from the science that has been explained today the world is one interacting vibrating reality. In other words, all things are interconnected. How they seem to explain that is with a variety of vibrations, light, and sensations that mostly are unseen to the natural eye. Some might say, “spiritual.” That’s why before this science, people thought things like this was just folklore “stuff” or was “hullabaloo” and for the “not-so-wise”. But science has revealed to us that we, individuals as well as all inanimate objects, are emitting vibrations, waves of information every instant. Therefore it is my contention that the natural world of wildlife is in a constant reality of experiencing and reacting to those vibrations of ours as well as geographical information from inanimate objects,using their sight or information as well as directions from the winds and instincts from smells. I do believe there is a Higher Being Creator that is Present in us all. We all move and live in that reality. Therefore when certain one’s of us are in a certain pattern of “whatever that may be for each one of us” those waves of ours attract the natural waves of the “messengers” of the natural world. I do accept the fact that your state of being, that is of seeking quiet and rest, along with the fact that the secrets of your heart are being transmitted out from you and the Devine Being of whom we are a living part of responds to our need(s) even before we ask or know we are in need by connecting us with that event, or person, or messengers. The hawk as a “messenger” has the natural qualities of keen sight, flight wisdom, the soaring that enables it with its sharp vision the means for survival. These attributes also suggest to you the receiver of the visit a message we understand to be one of a positive nature that will encourage you to a higher consciousness (a soaring ability above the mundane) where you are to become more alert, sensitive (keen insight) to the goings on in your life. This is where you, Manja, alone can find the meaning of the message. It may be you are about to be able to move into a place of helping, or serving someone or others by your ability to see clearly in a sensitive and caring manner. I don’t know. Whatever the message for you seems to be that your desires are being tended to while you seek this refuge from the troubles or disturbances in your life. The fact that you have noticed these creatures and their behavior near you, and that you found wonder and enjoy the magnificence of their behavior and beauty tells me you are on the right track. Stay alert and sensitive, and be encouraged to move on in the positive adventure before you. You are truly blessed Manja.

  145. I have been drawn to Hawks for many years. I have even named some services after Hawks. I sometimes wear a Hawk amulet. My interest deepened only about 5+ years ago. However since then only one has ever come really close to me – its just I often have them soar near me.

    About 2 years ago my husband and I moved with my mom to a house we all share in a new state and in a somewhat rural area. There have been several medical crisis since we moved in and without sharing details that could upset anyone – I can only say there is a strong feeling of being trapped – longing for different lives – and sometimes lack of hope that permeates this property. We have had hawks since we moved here. Usually we just see a pair. Yet this week – (I have never experienced this – not in ANY of the states where I have lived and seen Hawks around me) – sorry – back to the issue –

    well – there must be 4, 5 or even 6 Hawks on our property. And they are fighting – the noise is terrible from a noise standard – but something in my heart and soul is also aching as I listen. Mom feels the same way and my husband who normally would just the see the Hawks as amazing creatures to photograph says it is bothering him as well.

    The screeching and fighting is on and off – but fairly consistent for the past 3 or so days. Is the message for me – I was so upset at the fighting the other day I started talking to the 2 I could see – they were very far away but did not move. My husband grabbed his camera but they flew off when they saw/heard him. What could it mean when so many Hawks are fighting in one area for several days in a row?

    • Hi Jessi,
      It seems you are being witnesses to the battle of property. Hawks are territorial and will claim their acreage. The squawking must be the struggle to keep control of that property. I’m sure it will be over soon. One will when out and move on. I wouldn’t take this as a hawk visitation. Keep watch.

      • Thank you – I felt it may have parlalled the family dynamics which worried me. What might constitute as a visitation?

      • Well Sage9 to me a visitation is when a hawk appears within a close range of you with an apparent intention of getting your attention. This can be by eye contact with hawk with a physical touching, landing, flying very close overhead, alongside, or even touching you. It may be a long sitting near you while looking at you. Sage9 that is what I would think is a qualified “Hawk visit.” This kind of experience is hard to ignore and is immediately felt as if the hawk has singled you out. Does that help? Of course, you know none of this is written in stone. I believe the whole matter rests in the interpretation of the receiver or the one having the hawk experience. Your awareness to the hawks is in itself a sign of your spiritual awareness to the unusual. My best wishes for you Sage9. God bless.

      • Hi Diane
        I haven’t written you in some time but have had some unusual hawk visits. I had several visits prior to February when I had a stroke. The visits were not near
        my home. However since my stroke I have not been driving and Hawks have
        since become visitors across the street on the telephone wires. One actually
        came into my yard. He flew through but seemingly slowly. I had a chance to say something he was swooping so slowly through the length of my backyard
        I have a great deal going on rather waiting to get through…I have felt since his yard visit that the upheaval or unrest will finally be over….
        What do you think? Thank you. I look forward to your lists

        Sent from my iPad


      • JoAnn I agree with you!. The special slow fly through your yard would say to me that you are going to be flying and soaring soon. Lovely message. Your heart tells you what the spirit is bringing you. God bless.

      • Thank you – several years ago I was interviewing a pet sitter. I lived in a duplex overlooking a golf course. Plenty of wildlife to see. My husband and I had bird-feeders hanging from the deck – it was covered and we loved to see the birds – only small birds ever visited. That day as I was showing the sitter around –a hawk flew under the roof’s edge and landed on the deck railing – did not appear to be going after any other birds – sat there for a few minutes and stared at me. The sitter was terrified – I was honored and enthralled. We ended up not needing the pet sitter – I can’t remember now why I just know that those were very important times for me and deciding some career avenues. Would that have possibly been a visitation?

  146. Everywhere I go, whether by car or out hiking, hawks continue to fly circles over me, fly over me or circle my car as I drive. I always put my hand out the window or in the air when I am walking and thank them for being there. I have no idea why…I know they are there for a reason but I have no idea what it is. I am at a place in life where I don’t know where I belong anymore. 8/5/14 I lost my 14 year old son very suddenly, as in 3.5 month battle with cancer from diagnosis to passing. I know he is not the hawk. He is with me and does miraculous things on my behalf all the time from the moment he passed. I left a career I loved when he transitioned. I was a loan processor. I took time off for about 9 months, tried to go to work again and couldn’t. I meditate, I am very spiritual that way. I have been taking care of an elderly woman for 6 months now. The same day I received news of my son’s illness, I had to appear before a grand jury against someone who brutalized me. That person went to prison. I am living in the same town and working in the same town as the occurrence. I feel stuck in a way as though I know not what I am to do from here or where I belong. Im just in limbo I feel and have been for 2 years. I dont know why the hawk keeps coming. I have never felt so unsure of my place in the world before.

    • Dear Charlotte, my heart goes out to you. I too have been in the place you find yourself. Maybe the details are different but many of us have found ourselves feeling as if we are in “never never land” or floating on a sea without a destination. I have to give you this quote as I believe in all that it proclaims and have lived on the promises and still do daily.

      My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am following Your will does not mean that I am actually doing so.

      But I believe that the desire to please You does in fact please You. And I hope I have that desire for all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that if I do this You will lead me by the right road, though I may know nothing about it.

      Therefore I will trust You always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for You are ever with me, and You will never leave me to face my perils alone.

      Thomas Merton 1915-1968
      Thoughts in Solitude

      May you find your blessings daily as the hawks are telling you that your God has His eye on you and all your days are in His Plan for you. Trust Him. God bless. Diane

  147. I was sitting in my backyard last week and this beautiful hawk flew in and landed at the side of the pool. I was so thrilled by this messenger’s visit that I wrote about it here: http://bit.ly/29f7d84

    The hawk represented being less distracted by details and more in tune with the bigger picture.

    • Thank you Beth for sharing with us too. I read your blog post and agree. How blessed you are and in tune with the universe. Great photos too. Loved the wet guy on the edge of the pool! Super. Thanks.

  148. Question… There has been a mother hawk circling in the air right about my house for 2 days, with 3 babies behind.. They call constantly to one another.. Then, this morning while walking the dog, a tiny, fuzzy grey baby bird feather, gently floated down, right in front of my face, and I held out my hand, and it gently landed there. Even my niece, out of nowhere, said I “need a grandchild”.. And I have no clue why she’d say something like that.. So wondering, COULD these be signs of a grandchild to come?

    • Well Andrea, That sure is an unusual experience! I am not the one who can decipher that however. The hawks above you soaring with family certainly adds to the interpretation.
      The fact your saw them for 2 days is somewhat of a confirmation I would think. And scripture tells us ‘out of the mouth of babes come perfect praise” so WoW…you may have a wonderful new life coming into your family. How wonderful for you all. If not a grandchild maybe something that is fragile, new, soft and light will bring you soaring adventures …for the whole family. Blessings in store for you.

  149. Hi Dian, the words you speak about these hawk visitations are wonderful. I’m sure many people feel that a hawk visitation means
    Bad things to come, and that is hard to deal with, when you are already down and out in life. Three years ago I was alone in the back yard thinking, it was maybe 8:00am and I was feeling very low, and felt that a nagitive energy was making me feel worthless, weak, and depressed, I have Many talents, but here I was smoking cigarettes and full of regrets in my life, a broken person I was. As I sat and dwelled, out of the blue a very large raptor flew in and landed on a pilar 10 feet from me, I kinda froze in fear, as the 2 foot tall raptor layed it’s big yellow eyes on me and held its ground, and very calmly continued to look at me. I new right away that this was an odd behavior for a larg raptor, as if it had came down from its home in the sky to check me out. My thoughts were that I was so dead inside that morning, maybe the raptor had picked up on my sent and was there to finish me off lol.. That’s really how it felt. After about 30 seconds of intense eye contact with the bird, I kinda unfroze and made a atempt to take a photo, and that’s when it flew off, never to be seen again. It changed me, and from that day on I felt that bad was to come. Months later a lot of drama with my dad and brother came about
    And it got really bad, my brother was told to leave the house because he was being very aggressive, and crazy. There was a fear he would come back to start trouble, so me and my grandparents who also lived there, we moved out for almost a week. When I came back home days later my dad was screaming at me for staying at my mothers place, cuz he hates my mom, so I moved out permenently
    And now have not spoke to my father in years. Do you think the large raptor was warning me of danger? or was a messenger to show me that if you sit around feeling dead inside you are like a sitting duck. ?

    • Aaron, thanks for sharing your story. You intense eye to eye visit with the hawk is truly a visitation. I hope you read the other replies I’ve made to other comments and questions as I think you will find some things I’ve said to others will apply to you. It changed you but you misinterpreted it to be negative and bad to come. No that visit wasn’t a warning of danger. If anything it was a message to you that you are to see the bigger picture of life (hawks have exceptional eye sight) and the positive part is that you will be in a better place than before. The next thing I’m going to say to you has nothing to do with the hawk visit. But I believe you are still feeling confused over what happened and the fact that you have no communication with you father anymore is probably bothering you. This would be true for anyone of course. It’s not easy to cut off relationships especially with our very own blood parents or children. I would hope you find some way of contacting your Dad to make some kind of reconciliation with him so your own heart can be at rest. If he continues to be incommunicative or mean and rude at least you have given him the awareness that it has troubled you to not talk to him all these years. He may just really need your love, concern and care. We never really know what’s going on in another persons mind and heart. He may just really need help. If you can’t give it to him, maybe you can find someone who can reach out to him and help him find peace and love. My prayers for you Aaron… and your father. God sent you a messenger in the Hawks visit years ago to look to the bigger picture of life, to be open, hopeful and wise. I think you did the right thing to leave but now may be the time to seek him out to show you still love him no matter how hard life is…but he may not be ready even now. But try Aaron. Give it a try. God bless you and your mother.

  150. HI we have had a hawk here at our house for the whole month of july . He presents himself everyday to us. We have been close enough to look each other in the eye. Yesterday we were taling pictures and the hawk swooped in to photo bomb our picture. We are so baffled, I have taken photos and video of hawk everyday he doesn’t mind. he just watches us. Hawk is amazing, too amazing for words we fell so blessed.

  151. HI, mh name is Arlene. This morning I observed a hawk across the way posted on a fence across from me. It flew towards the lake and came right back to post on the fence again. Shortly after being there it flew towards me and then very low to the ground across in front of me and then back and posted on the fence again. After that I searched to pull up the meaning to understand that it is a message. Positive spiritual meaning I have learned but surely would appreciate your insight on its meaning.

    • Well, Arlene, this sounds like a visit all right. I can’t really be the one to decipher a message but I will confirm that this hawk is giving you a positive message of well being. As for the personal message that would be only known to you. Something in your heart may have been stirred up at the time or shortly thereafter which may be what you are to be encouraged about. As you have probably read in other comments and my replies that the hawk is a keen eyed, high flyer, and wise bird. Now that low to the ground flight is interesting in that regard. It may mean (it may not) that you are to stay grounded and not go off flying on some tangent in your upcoming events or life activities or whatever it is in you life. It may suggest to you to be more level headed as well as keen in your eyesight or discretion in matters, and to take you time in making any decisions. You Arlene are the one to know what clicks in our heart and mind. Most often the hawk visit is one of encouragement and to let you know you are not alone that the Holy One, the All Wise One has you embraced in Love and Care. Be wise, stay calm, and don’t be hasty. God loves you.

      • Thank you Diane! I sincerely enjoyed reading your response and I am totally encouraged about my life and what is to come!! Thanks for awesome insight!
        Be Blessed

  152. I have a friend who is going through a really tough time right now, his daughter is depressed cutting her self and it keeps getting worse. This man is also my ex and I am head over heels madly in love with him.
    Anyway I’ve been trying to help him, listen when he wants to talk etc. But it’s not helping. So I decided that I would write down my own story for him, my own story of my own 14 year old self my story of attempted suicide and eating disorders and depression. Showing him someone truly gets it, and is not just offering crappy advise as they don’t know what’s going on. So I was sitting in my porch writing this letter today and there was a pair of Hawks dancing in the air above my house. Screeching and soaring the whole time I was writing this letter. When I finished they were gone.
    Now I’ve seen them everywhere this year, like literally hundreds of them this year. They didn’t come out until the daisies went away and the spiders and bats. And all those came out when he and I started sort of seeing each other again. I’m literally talking hundreds of all of the above. Like fields of daisies and lining the streets on my way to work, spiders like I’ve never seen before, and bats… The universe is telling me something and I am so lost as to what it is right now, it’s like a huge slap in the face and I’m supposed to be finding it, but I can’t figure it all out.
    Now you’re probably wondering why I call it dancing, and I always have called a birds soaring dancing. Anyway I went and saw a physic when I was younger like 20 years ago younger 😃 And she was a joke just like the ones you see at carnivals on tv, I honestly don’t remember much of that visit but as I was leaving the room she told me when Hawks dance in pairs I’ll find true love. I just shook it off until this summer, when we started seeing eachother again, and I’m not kidding you every time I talk to him or see him I see this pair of Hawks dancing in pairs.
    What does this mean? I’m lost and confused and really appreciate your help. deep down I think I know that he and I are right, that I need to fight harder, I think.
    As I sit here writing this that pair of Hawks is back screeching and dancing. Help please!

    • Dear Jocelyn, I’m sorry to hear of your x husband’s daughter’s trauma and hope she gets the professional help she needs as soon as possible. I’m sorry for you that this man is your x while you are still madly in love with him. Sounds heartbreaking to me. It is wonderful that he comes to you for help with his daughter. Your experience while writing your own story of “own story of my own 14 year old self my story of attempted suicide and eating disorders and depression” of the hawks is very interesting. I’ve never heard of the interpretation of “when Hawks dance in pairs the observer will find true love”. As you said yourself this “Physic was a joke”. Well I don’t know maybe she or he had some wisdom from folklore..who knows. Anyway the story is interesting. I appreciate your comments about how people give “…” advise when they don’t or haven’t lived the trauma themselves. How fascinating that every time you see this man you are aware of “dancing hawks”! You ask what does this mean? I think you already have the answer in your heart. The fact you are aware and sensitive to the activity of nature around you and the personal aspect of what seems like the continual visits of birds, daisies even spiders is telling me you are a very sensitive and loving person. The hawks are the ones that bring us the positive messages. Remember they are high flight birds with keen eyesight, which may mean we are to be keen in our awareness, sensitive and direct in our decisions. That is to be careful and not to move quickly in taking action. When we do will are be clear and know our target. I think you have a lot of good things ahead of you. I also think your X will find the professional help for his daughter and that he will find the solution for her. He may need professional help also in helping his daughter. May God continue to lead you all. Blessings.

  153. I found your page because I am pretty freaked out by what just happened. I lost someone recently and am still pretty traumatized from the event. I don’t know why but I looked out my front window and there was a hawk, sitting in my front yard with a fresh kill. It was devouring this dove right there, looking at me. I stood frozen because it scared me. I can’t lose someone else. Do you know what this could mean?

    • Well Sivia, this isn’t what I would call a “hawk visit” however, there are some old ideas about this in dream interpretation. I’ll see what I can say about it for you. I found this paragraph (you may have seen it) Ancient Meaning
      “Hawk symbolism in ancient traditions”

      “In numerous traditions, the hawk has a strong relationship with the world of the gods. Some of this symbolism has persisted in modern mythology and beliefs. In Ancient Egypt, the belief was that a hawk-headed spirit called “ba” would fly off a mummy to come back among the living as a hawk or swallow. The hawk symbolized a part of the soul that would be freed up after death and come back to the world of the living in the shape of a bird. It was also the animal of choice for the god Horus, god of the sky, who was represented with a hieroglyph depicting a falcon or hawk.

      The popular belief in more modern times that birds like hawks or owls are announcer of death may be rooted in this myth. For the Greeks, the hawk and the eagle were associated with the god Jupiter, king of the gods. The bird is strongly connected with the realm of the gods.”

      However Silvia your viewing is more of a viewing than a personal visit to you it would seem from your description. Nonetheless, the hawk symbolism that is taken from the attributes of the bird, such as, High soaring in flight, keen eyesight, which both suggest your message maybe that you might take a larger view of your life situation (as if from a hight). This would allow you to see the big picture,where by your power of observation, and evaluation would give you new wisdom and perspective in going about the task at hand (or what your are involved in now).
      The idea is that you will find greater focus and wisdom to make the “catch” or decision ahead of you. Patience is another quality of the hawk. They will soar and soar and observe waiting for the correct moment to strike. Since your hawk had made a success in it’s target may suggest that you too will be making the correct move in your upcoming decisions.
      Fear is what takes hold of us when we encounter the unknown and unfamiliar, in this case you may feel that way as some event unfolds for you, however, the hawk visit or appearing while devouring its dinner, may indicate to you that there is nothing to fear, you can receive wisdom in a higher perspective of your life as you are patient and stay lifted up and in a “right spirit”. That right spirit is one of forgiveness, loving-kindness, trust, peace and love. Don’t be afraid Silvia, the spirit world is opening up to you a messenger to tell you not to be afraid. God blesses you.

  154. I have a Hawk and a pigeon that’s hanging around on my property. At first I thought he was trying to get my little doc, but I remember something this Hawk which I Dont know if he is the same one that came the very first time these problems came in my life. Well the very first time I saw him/her my uncle was very sick with cancer and he left me inchsrve of his estate and left everything to me in his Will and left me as Power of Attorney. Well he passed away and came to me at my home over a 1,000 mile away before he transcend it to the other side. Once he padded away my family mother, niece, and cousins have been giving me a very hard time about Hus estate. U have an attorney and we have been going back and forth to court about his estate, because one of my cousins is trying to take everything from me and working with the other side, but they are loosing thus far. Well we have another court date coming up Oct 28 and this Hawk has returned and won’t go away. He hangs out on my fench, light house in front of my front door. I have a dream last night about a very bug Lion and all he/she wanted to do was cuddle with me like I was its mother it was very nice to me then I had a dream about a gorilla and we were on the train going somewhere in the grill it was chasing the train the gorilla was very upset and angry and he was tearing apart the cars on the train and killing people and I was working with my husband and my daughter we got away he didn’t ever get to us. I don’t seem to understand these dreams yet I know that they mean something and they are pertaining to what is going on in my life right now with me being the owner in the executive of my uncle’s estate they are fighting us but the judge has Ben granny mean blessing on winning yet I do not know what will happen on October 28th please keep me in prayer and if anyone has a vision or is giving you understanding concerning my dreams please feel free to message me back. Thank you and God’s Blessings.

    • Dear Valaeie,
      I really don’t read people’s dreams. I appreciate you sharing and hope you find some answers to your questions.
      I suggest you read Psalm 37 daily and commit some of these verses to memory so you will have them engrained on your heart.

      Psakm 37 verses 1-8 (but read the whole psalm)

      “Do not fret because of evildoers,
      Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.
      2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass,
      And wither as the green herb.
      3 Trust in the Lord, and do good;
      Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.
      4 Delight yourself also in the Lord,
      And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
      5 Commit your way to the Lord,
      Trust also in Him,
      And He shall bring it to pass.
      6 He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,
      And your justice as the noonday.

      7 Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;
      Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
      Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.
      8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath;
      Do not fret—it only causes harm.”

      May you remain faithful and rest in God’s Blessings.

  155. The pussy cat, the sparrow hawk (young ) and the two magpies.
    I bought two very old religious statues while on holiday, and on my return I felt full of the Spirit, I lit a candle in front of the two statues, one of Jesus and one of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and felt enlightened somehow. The very next day a black cat that comes to my house sometimes, plucked up the nerve to enter my kitchen. I gave it some milk and it went out and sat on my patio. I then went to the toilet and heard a cry/screech, so looked out the window, and to my amazement the cat was gone, but on the lawn was a beautiful sparrow hawk, which had a white fleck on the right of its neck, and a larger white patch on its left back side. The hawk was on top of a starling, and stood still, whilst looking around, and also looking at me looking at it. It then proceeded to devour the starling. I thought it very unusual for the sparrow hawk to stay put whilst being watched. I raced up stairs and got my camera and took numerous shoots of it eating the bird. Halfway through its meal, two magpies came and screeched, trying to make the sparrow hawk fly off its kill; but the magpies kept their distance, never getting nearer than a few yards, and stayed on the fence top at a safe distance. By this time half the starling had been devoured, and the sparrow hawk looked around in every direction, and then launched itself into the air, flew over the garden fence, and disappeared into the cover of some trees in neighbouring gardens. I then went out and took a picture of the carnage left on the lawn; feathers surrounded a few patches of orangey-red blood. I then wrote this and went back out to the lawn to find out what I’d thought had been a blackbird was indeed a starling, for the head and its long sharp opened beak leading up to its gold on black bespeckled head. Out of all the, what looked like grey feathers, I found two longer feathers, wing or tail feathers which at a closer inspection were a soft brown, getting darker until the edges were golden. I took the two feathers and blew upon them and with one anointed the damaged hands and nose of the Virgin Mary, and with the other anointed the more intact statue of the Lord Jesus Christ. I then placed the feathers behind a candle, but standing on their quill, with the brownish down, and the golden tip resting at the base of the statues. I then changed blackbird to starling, and finished this article. The Lord moves in strange ways, and sometime we move in even stranger ways than that; but I have to smile, life is so unpredictable. I telephoned my preacher friend to tell him the story before writing it up. We had a great catch up over the phone; that’s what its all about really, friendship through love and understanding, and the love of God, The Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

    p.s. I left the starling’s head for the magpies, for they need sustenance also, as all living things do.

  156. I was driving in traffic and a hawk flew down in front of my car- I hit it, so I thought. I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t stop because I was in traffic and I didn’t know what to do. I had to drive pass the same spot on my way home, about 10-15 mins later. On the way back my daughter said, “Mom he’s fine, don’t worry”, but I knew it was hit and even saw the car behind straddle it. She was right, it was gone. I am relieved to know that it’s not dead and there was no blood or feathers. God is great.

      • Dear J,
        I understand you predicament and question of “where to begin” in knowing your message. The best I can tell you is from my own experience. I too was expecting a clear message that would be easy to see or understand. After my disappointment or continued waiting for some “knock on the head” message I realized that “God speaks to us in our inner being and with a small voice.” What does this mean? It means the “message” we are expecting or assuming is ours due to the belief of the hawk visit as representing or alerting us to a personal message from the Great Spirit. Well I’ve learned to examine the qualities of the hawk who is the messenger, then identifying in my heart with these attributes I begin to see or realize a direction.

        For instance the hawk is known and has excellent eye sight from great distances while soaring above its prey. I realized that the soaring, or the distance of being high above the situation or goal, or whatever it is, is a key to begin adjusting one’s direction, speed, timing, etc. in achieving the goal (the prey). That’s an example of where one can begin it is in the trust of the messenger’s qualities or attributes to trigger something within your own experience or inner being.

        No one else can exactly know the message for you. The imagery is there for helps in recognizing the message. The final interpretation is the connection any explanation or association with attributes, or details of a hawk visit rest is the receiver! Always! Your own inner heart-being will give you the okay this is it. Or this is the direction I am to go. Or I am to wait and get a higher perspective of my situation and usually the answer or direction is right there in front of me. I only have to accept and act accordingly.

        From your comments J, it would seem you already know you are “stretched too thin” leading you to frustration, anxiety, anger, and the desire to escape. The hawk has a perspective as mentioned above of clarity and sharpness because it keeps a distance in process of approaching its goal of achievement. It might be your message is to realign your activities in life patterns where you can find time where you are not right in the middle of it all, that is, maybe set out and “above” or relieved of some of the activity you are involved in so that your body, mind, and soul has a proper level of emotional stability.

        As I said you alone can make meaning of the hawk visit. It sounded like to me you had already begun your understanding of the message and you simply now need to acknowledge the adjustments you will need to make to bring your life in a stable and happy place. God is with you J and you, and all will be well. Trust God.

      • Diane,

        Thank you for this medicine. I received a reply from you on Nov 4 @ 1:20. I never took the time to say thank you for all that you do and for helping so many of us. I keep your reply to my first email and read it over as a reminder. Although I have read it many times, I find new meaning each time it is read again. Thank you much and God bless you.


  157. Hi Diane,

    I really don’t know where to begin so I will start by saying that I am truly thankful to have found this website and all that it offers. I was beginning to think that I would always wonder about the Hawk sightings I have experience all throughout my life; more so in the last 3 or 4 weeks. I have seen one almost on an every day basis for the past 2 weeks now in various different ways. One time the Hawk stopped and looked straight at me. Other times it is flying above or across my path. Last week I heard the screeching and thought to myself that maybe I was going crazy. I work next to Arlington Cemetery in DC and often see one at my work on a daily. I have a close friend who works next door to me that told me about the significance of the Hawk. If it was not for her I probably would not have thought twice about any of this.
    Anyway, I have recently been dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil caused from conflicting feelings within and the feeling of being stretched too thin. I often am the strongman for people around me and for my family. For the first time in my life I have wanted to run away from all of it, I wanted to just disappear. I have felt broken for so long and feel frustrated with the system that we call our society. I don’t allow myself to feel too much because I know that if I do I will unravel completely and become almost unrecognizable to those around me. With all of that said, I believe that is why the Hawk is near.
    I am not sure of the message, I think that is why the Hawk has not left me. I am worried I will miss the message or that I will get it confused with something that it is not. How do you figure it out? How do you know what you are supposed to receive?
    I am sure you are used to people asking you how to solve their problems or what not. That is not at all what I am asking of you. If you can just tell me where to begin, I would be truly grateful.

    Thank you


  158. Hi Dianne,
    So I have a pretty crazy story that just happened. We were at our realtor’s office in the middle of paperwork for a house we put an offer on. When all of the sudden we hear a crash on the window. When we look outside a hawk is hunting a smaller bird. The hawk just sits there trying to kill the smaller bird for a minute then flies away.

    What does this mean?
    I feel good about the house. It’s a great price and is a good future home. My husband is kind of worried about what the hawk thing could mean.

    • In this case Jordan I don’t think the hawk thing means anything for you two. It wasn’t a personal eye to eye visit. I think this was an unusual situation where you happened to be present. As for the house deal, trust your inner gut feelings! Any doubt and you should wait. Whenever you make a decision, you be sure you have your inner-man giving you no hesitations. That is a Biblical teaching actually if you are a believing person in the Holy Divine. Blessings be upon you both.

  159. For the last week every time I come to a certain clients house I am greeted by a hawk he was waiting on me today I was able to video him this time last time I took pictures what do it means

    • How interesting of a visit and you were able to video the hawk. You ask the meaning. I hope you read all or some of the comments that I’ve responded to so that way you understand that you alone can actually know or interpret any meaning. Other wise as you’ve read, the attributes of the Hawk lead to one’s interpretation. The hawk’s visit is or can be a notice to you to slow down and getting a bigger picture of what’s happening in your life or your activity etc. (the hawk has superior vision from soaring great heights). A message of another aspect of the hawk maybe there. In any case a hawk visit is to be taken as a positive message for you. I hope you stay focused and relaxed with a keen sense of what is around you…this is what the hawk represents. You may need to be encouraged to widen you scope of interests or you may be in sight of a new adventure. You alone will know what the message is…it usually is a confirmation of what you have already received in your heart of hearts. You just haven’t been listening to to it. I suggest you do that since the hawk came to you at that clients house. It also may mean something in relation to that client. Don’t struggle to know some great secret….it’s really right there in front of your nose…or heart. The hawk is putting an exclamation mark on that which you already know in your heart. Blessings to you. Thanks for sharing.

  160. I saw a falcon in a tree next to the entrance of my office building. I stopped and looked at it for a moment and then was about to grab the door. the falcon flew down right in front of me, hit the door but flew away. What does it mean?

    • Mireille there is a difference between a Falcon and a Hawk. See this page http://www.DifferenceBetween.net
      Here you will find the specific differences. Primarily “Hawks and falcons can be differentiated by their wing-shape and hunting habits. Hawks are broader and attack from a low perch while falcons are smaller and attack from high attitudes.” Their anatomy is also different. Hawks are in the “classification for all eagles hawks and kites” . I suggest you do a google search for the differences. You will see that the hawk has specific attributes that according to history has made it the “sign” or “represents” folklore understanding that leads to people taking a meaning to a personal visitation from a hawk.

      Its seems this “falcon” you identified may not be a hawk per se. However you may have been mistaken in your naming it. As to any meaning for you personally, I would have to suggest you read all the comments that have been posted on this site. From those many comments you will find that the hawk’s personal visit may be including “eye contact”, sustained visit which would lead one to be alerted to the visit. In which case then in folklore it is understood that a hawk visit is the hawk bringing you a message. They are known to be “messengers”. Most often the person –you–can best interpret the visit. In spiritual matters it is also understood that the Great Spirit has already spoken to the person–you–in your heart. You probably aren’t paying attention. The message can be along the lines of what the hawk’s life and attributes are, such as they have keen sight from heights. They also are soaring birds that take their time in moving into for a prey. They take a bigger perspective–from high up they see more. Also Their prey is small birds that is why they are called “sparrow hawks.”
      In your case you may have interrupted this bird in pursuing its prey. It may have seen a reflection in the door and was concentrating on that image and made a move for it as you moved the door….only you can really determine if this was truly a personal hawk visit to you. My best wishes to you. No doubt this was a striking event for you. If for any purpose at all any message would be a positive one! Be more alert, take a bigger view of what is going on in your life, move slowly with clear sight and then move with confidence. Blessings.

  161. Thank you Diane. After research, you are correct it was more likely a hawk. The interesting
    thing which I did not mention before is that first 3 crows came perching in the tree then the hawk followed. Also after it hit the door it perched into another tree for while, probably dazed.
    I appreciate your feedback. I will pay more attention. Blessings to you as well.

  162. On Christmas Day, while opening our presents, a Hawk landed on the rail of my balcony. I live in a high rise, on the sixth floor. He stayed there while we tapped on the door and took pictures of him for at least an hour. At 4:30 , we left to visit friends and family and I didn’t come back home until around 12 midnight. The hawk was in the exact same spot on the railing of my balcony with his back to me, only this time his head was down as if he were sleeping, I didn’t go to bed until 3:00 A.M. and he was still there. I doubt very much that he had moved and came back, because he was really in the exact same spot as when I left in the afternoon. My husband passed away 4 and a 1/2 years ago, and by the end of the day, I was convinced that it was him, watching over me on Christmas. A while back, I kept asking him to send me a sign that he was with me always. At first, I felt that the bird was very ominous, but by late in the evening it was sort of comforting that he was there. Please give me some feedback if you can, and how unusual is it for a hawk to stay in the same spot for at least 11 hours.

    • Well all I can say is if YOU think and feel in your heart that this visit was a message that your husband is with you than who am I to say otherwise! I truly believe the hawk was there to give you assurance of some message and it is understood that the person the hawk is visiting is the one who knows the interpretation in their heart! How very comforting for you let alone the awesomeness of it all.
      What a true blessing for you. I have not heard of such a long visit before. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened that’s for sure. God’s blessings of comfort and joy for you on Christmas…what a Joy! Thank you for sharing.

      • Hi Diane,,,thanks for responding to me about my hawk sighting. I neglected to mention that i am thinking about moving from New Jersey back to Pennsylvania, where we lived for most of our lives. I think that this would be best for me, now that I am alone, but hate the idea of moving, and I am confused as to what to do. Perhaps this could also have been some sign regarding my decision. The whole experience was very moving for me and I will remember it always.

  163. I am SO glad I googled “What does it mean when you see a hawk” and found this blog. I have been struggling with the idea of leaving my job because I am just extremely unhappy. Well I am a huge believer of “signs”. This morning, when I was with my son at the bus stop we noticed 2 hawks in the trees across the street. I LOVE hawks and see them all the time on my way to and from work; I see them almost every day. Well not only did we see 2, but one started flying in circles and then came flying towards us and flew right over our heads. My son even screamed, “don’t poop on me.” Ok hawk…I got it! I will be leaving my job on February 28 to work on my better job of Mom. 🙂
    Thank you for this blog post that you wrote several years ago. It is JUST what I needed to calm down my fears of leaving my job of 15 years and working on my family. 🙂

  164. I’VE had a hawk follow me to 3 jobs in one day and even sat on a tree limb not even 4 feet from me it’s kind of crazy he even let me take photos

    • Well John, I hope you had successful visits to your 3 jobs! How fascinating. I would like to know how you interpret the experience. It seems you were a chosen visitor for that hawk. So you have a positive message that you should sense in your own life experiences. You may be waiting for some direction. It can be understood that the hawk has keen eyesight from a high position and won’t make a direct attack on its prey until it is certain the time is right. That high position gives it a broad and wide perspective of all that is in the proximity of its prey. It could be you are are be more patient and watch carefully from a greater distance so you can be certain of your path. I suspect you know the message yourself. Remember the message is a confirmation of something you already know in your heart. You just may be distracted by other things close by in your life. Thus the message of getting a higher view…a greater wider perspective on all that you are involved.
      In any case John, I’d say you are blessed! Be grateful as you become aware of those activities around you.

  165. I was at work today cutting buckthorn in a forest, when I saw a giant bird shadow fly across the floor and I looked up & saw the biggest redtail hawk I have ever seen! It must’ve been 3ft or more tall, it sat there in a tree watching me all day, when I went back to the shop my boss told me to cut a big ass tree down & it fell on its own! Then on the way home i went to Walmart, they made a mistake & I got an expensive set of binoculars for a dollar! A dollar!! Then my wife got all dressed up made a great meal & we had the best sex ever! Twice in a row! Then she got me an ice cold beer, truly that hawk was a good omen of blessings. Thank you God for sending me your blessings & thank you hawk for bringing message. This hawk also produced intense positive energy of strength & confidence. I think I’m supposed to keep my eyes peeled cuz why the dam near free binoculars. What am I supposed to see?

    • Luis thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you read the other comments and my replies because I think you will find direction in those replies. Blessings are on you. Briefly remember that any message from outside ourselves is first and foremost already in our hearts and minds, if it truly is a message from our LORD, our Creator. So that is where you begin in finding understanding and direction of what you are supposed to see. The hawk represents keen sight from a high distance above which may suggest you take a step back in your activity and take a long look at what’s happening and your heart will lead you to see what or where you need to give your attention. As to the binoculars…that may just be a physical confirmation to you to be selective or direct in where you look or go. You will find your way. God bless.

  166. Dear Diane! What does it mean when a Hawk flies in to your window and gets injured? It lie on its left wing. And after a while it could stand up, When it tried to fly it crashed into some bikes. A friend of mine recently past away (20th may) and our relationship had been difficult the last years. We were not on speeking terms. The very same evening and man I love but doubt very much with good reasons was just on his way to enter in my apartment. We was alerted by a neighbor on the second floor
    in an apartment building next to mine, that at bird had flew into my window. He did´nt care that much and wanted to go in before me to watch TV. Some other neighbors came out and one of their unleashed dogs ran towards us. I got it to run back. Then they both helped me and they drove the hawk in a dogcage to the vet.

    • Dear Hawk Lady, wow I’m glad you and your friends were able to take this wounded hawk to the vet. You alone can interpret this event. It may have a message for you or it may just be a freaky thing that happened to the poor bird.
      Some people believe there are no coincidences in life. So if you find a strong sense in your heart that this is a sign for you it may be. It’s important to not put too much credence in any interpretation I believe especially if it isn’t from yourself. There are interpretations from Folklore that may give you an ominous message. You tell us you recently lost your dear friend (all good friends have differences that can be difficult at times) and a “new” friend whom you think you love just happened to be coming over, seems to me you are finding this as a good sign. Maybe you see the wounded bird as the “lost friend” and the result of others coming to you and the birds aid as a positive and good sign. That is what I hear from your note. If that is what your heart is telling you then that is what is the blessing. From that positive experience you have the opening you were waiting for it seems to see a new relationship developing with your “new” neighbor friend. You at least are blessed with good neighbors!! God Bless you.

  167. Recently for the last two weeks there has been a hawk visiting my yard and house regularly especially in the mornings. This is rare and actually has never happened before. I saw it on my roof the other night eating a mouse right after I pulled into the driveway in my car then a minute later it landed on the roof in the front of the house, then the next morning i went outside with my dog and I saw it in a tree watching me. The first time I saw it it landed on the rain gutter above the patio and I was sitting on the patio one morning, after a few minutes it walked over to where I was and we looked each other in the eyes. It was amazing! Even after he flew away he flew to a very high branch in this pine tree on the other side of the house in the front yard and from there was still watching me. This morning he was on a light post above my house for about 10 minutes I said good morning to him. I get very positive feelings whenever I see the hawk visiting the yard. In all the years I have lived at this house I have never seen anything like this. It gives me hope and I’ve been perceiving it as a good sign. There are many changes that will be happening in the next few weeks for me, And I’ve just been asking God to bless me, bless me, bless me, because I am His daughter. Thank you for this info it’s very interesting! If you have any insights to this thank you! God bless!!!

    • Katherine, I’m so glad you are receiving your hawk visit as a positive one, a blessing from the Almighty.
      You are reminded to be vigilant, keen eyed, and patient in what lies before you. Trust in the natural provision God has for you as you are one of His own. I believe like you that this visit is a blessing in the sense as a confirmation of God watching over you. He said to us all, he will never leave us….he has sent his Holy Spirit to help, guide and protect us. We are only to trust. God’s blessing on you richly.

  168. dreamt of lions chasing me and my deceased mother. In a the dream I was leaving work and everyone was screaming telling us about them roaming around. My mother and I ran, i jumped into the van as i was tired. My mother said she was not getting inside..as they(pride of lions) will find her there. What does it mean?

  169. Hello. Thank you so much for your post. I have always had a love for bird’s especially the hawk’s. We have what’s called a red shoulder hawk here in central Florida. Where I used to live, up till 10 months ago, it was somewhat country and easy to see these hawk’s, crows and cardinals a lot. I never could get real close to see them before they flew away. Well to make a long story short my second husband left me for another woman about 11years ago and I’d had it rough ever since. Lost our house, been asked to leave the one I was in while being a caregiver for 3 and half years by my Brother, to his wife. One thing after another. Now I find myself living with my son till I get an apartment from a low income area when available. I’m very spiritual but sometimes wonder why I’ve had so much hardship I my life, I’m 68. I was talking to a great friend of mine when out of the blue a full grown red shoulder hawk landed on the window sill outside the bedroom I was in. I heard it scratching and trying to get balance and flapping its wings and it startled me yet made me feel awesome to see this beautiful hawk so close, like it was trying to get in the room through the glass to see me. If the window had been open he could have come in. Ofcourse I’m sure I startled him and he flew off to the neighbors fence top behind my sons house. Maybe10 feet a way. Then flew off from there. There’s no way he could have just flew from the sky to the window sill cause there’s a good sized oak tree in the way. I was just telling my friend of a dream I had recently where 2 women came to me I knew years ago and have since passed who told me not to worry out wasn’t my fault the way their brother (my ex husband’s step dad) treated me and my ex treated me either. That they always thought my ex was sneaky. I don’t know what it all meant and why this hawk, from out of the blue, showed up at the window sill. I hardly even see any bird’s here as the area is very densely populated with houses close together. So to see this hawk just amazes me. I’ve been struggling for years financially and pray it gets better soon. Could you help me try too understand what this meant? Also I have had several dreams in my past of hawk’s visiting me. Thank you so much. Namaste

    • Celeste, I think this visit of the hawk is a reminder to you of the blessings that you have coming your way. The dream of those past friends -women – told you that that you are not to carry any false guilt. I see this visit of the hawk as a confirmation of that message. I hope for you and pray for you that your life will become easier and you will find help coming your way. It’s important that we free ourselves from Fox Field because it hinders us from being the true shining light weekend he and I are meant to be and God bless you and keep you be fearful of nothing and you are in the spirit of God’s grace. Done

    • Celeste I think this hawk visit is a confirmation of the message in the dream of your past friends who told you not to have any false guilt. You are free from responsibility that you might be carrying. I pray your circumstances. May you find new hope and freedom in your heart.

  170. Hi there Diana, so there I have encountered with hawk bout 2times now.one was after my supervisor call me In his office and offer me this new job that would upgrade my pay.so I was tired.havnt had enough sleep and after the job was offer to me , happy and tired of been broke . But no sleep,so I when sat in my car and I was knocked off to sleep,for an hour and a half.and so I kinda just jump out of my sleep,I got out to go in and clocked out and when I lift up my head ,I saw this very big hawk just looking at me in the parking lot…like three car from always from me.i was scared alittle.like how long have it been watching me sleep.and than a month later I stop at a store ,when I came out the this hawk was sitting on the light poldswire and this time the hawk tooka poops…is it telling

    • Lou congratulations for your new job. I think your hawk was a confirmation to you – meaning you should be happy about this new job – that too God has his eyes on you and will keep you so keep trusting in God no matter what—just like you have been !

  171. okay every were I go this hawk is following me seat out side my window on a hay bale. flies by my truck like its riding the side of it what does this mean or what’s going to happen I’ve been having a lot go on in my life.

    • Interesting! Karen O hawks visit to a person isn’t very special thing and it only means that there is a confirmation to something that you probably already have an inspiration or ingrained in your spirit about. It simply is purging us to keep a keen eye sight and be alert about those things happening around us. It is not a sign that there is anything going to happen quotes and quotes to you. Karen O honks visit to a person isn’t very special thing and it only means that there is a confirmation to something that you probably already have an inspiration or include in your spirit about. It simply is purging us to keep a keen eye sight and be alert about those things happening around us. It is not a sign that there is anything going to happen quotes and quotes to you.Basically is a confirmation to you from the great spirit from above that you are watched over that you are in good hands and that you are to be simply sharp and aware that you might be able to not miss the blessing for the good fortune or the good feelings or the right things that are coming in or are right for you. Sometimes in our busy life we miss the very blessings that God sends us. Maybe this hawk was sent to you to tell you just to be alert and watch so will see the blessings that before you. This is just like the Hawk is very keen eye and sharp as he looks from above or a high distance as he searches for the prey which is her blessed dinner.

  172. there has been a lot going on with me recently i went to an indian festival and a seer came over to me squated and looked me directly in my eyes and said i came to you cause you needed me to…i thanked him his eyes looked like they had the universe in them and i felt better than i had in a long while inside of me…he cared he came and i felt a silent message…since then i had gone outside and i was sitting in a chair in the still dark of morning and i heard a two-note clear bird call it seemed like it was just for me and thats the only sound i heard for some time only once i felt it was a message also…then i had twice two crickets come up to me one i picked up and moved so it wouldnt get hurt and put on the grass the other came up to me and beside me i began really looking up meaning of things of spirit world/gardians/messages/etc then i was outside and an eagle flew over me close to earth and i felt it was there for me as well yesterday i went outside and six doves flew up and landed across from me and i felt it was a message and today i went out and there were three yellow winged hawks flying above me what does this mean as i want to get the right message please thank you

    • Reading your descriptions and visits us of the natural animals it seems to me that you are a very serious in seeking a message from the divine. All of these events were comforting to you as you were seeking support and encouragement. However not one of them really sounds to me to be a personal visitation other than the man you sautéed in front of you directly. Nonetheless because there are so many that you put together I can understand how you feel there is a message for you. I know from my own experience and from the written word of scripture that when anyone seeks and asks for wisdom and understanding it is given to them her. I can assure you You are watched over by the Holy One All Wise God. As this is the promise given to his through God’s Son, the Son of man. I believe you can trust that a message for you is a positive one and one of encouragement. I think you must stay alert clearheaded open minded honest and faithful to those around you and most importantly to yourself. The hawk visits tell us to be keen sighted as they are and alert, that is free from distortions. Stay focused on what’s before you and stay calm. Trust God not man. Blessings on you Janet.

      • thank you for your kind words and insights i appreciate it very much…since i saw the seer at the indian festival ive felt more life like has a meaning to me and a purpose and that im not alone i will keep seeking gods love and wisdom and i too thank god for sending his son

  173. I love birds and hawks too. However, I hawk crashed into my window on top of a dove.
    So I jumped up and ran over and said “hey – you get outta here!” – because I didn’t want him to kill the little dove. I spooked him off the dove , and the wild crows that l have grown very close to over the last five years were dive bombing him as he flew off.

    I went outside and looked and saw the little dove on her back. I said are you ok? And she got up, looked around and flew off!

    I am glad about it.

    Thank you.

  174. I saw your messages about the hawks and had my own experience. I drove up my driveway and saw something kind of fly away, but it wasn’t flying right and didn’t go very far – I couldn’t tell what it was, but as I searched I found her, she had an injured wing so I wrapped her in a blanket and kept her warm and fed for about two days to give her time to heal. I really thought her wing was broken so I was going to take her to an animal rehab who worked with birds of prey, but she surprised me two days later and flew out of her cage into my house. She didn’t make any warning sounds or tried to bite, but just flew around until she finally landed on the floor and we covered her with a sheet. We took her outside where my husband opened his hands up and she just stood there and preened herself, fluffed, looked at us and stayed for a good 10 minutes until she finally flew away. She landed in a tree by us and then slowly made her way down the hill into trees and finally flew away. She gave us time to take some beautiful pictures of her and it was just unbelievable how she just sat there on my husband’s open hand and looked at us. She was beautiful!

    • Thank you for sharing Becky that’s a wonderful story and such a blessing for you to have helped out such a beautiful creature. You may find your visiting you soon again just to say hello. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Thank you Becky for sharing. House special for you and your husband to have been able to help a living beautiful creature. I’m sure it wouldn’t be surprising if that hawk comes back to you to visit. Such a kind act you did to let it heal protected and warm. Blessing will return to you.

    • As I drove to my brothers house I noticed a couple of hawks keeping up with my car. It quickly increased to a dozen or more all circling above my car. I was in awe not realizing hawks joining together like that
      They circled for quite a long time
      What does that mean??

      Becky Childers commented: “I saw your messages about the hawks and had my own experience. I drove up my driveway and saw something kind of fly away, but it wasn’t flying right and didn’t go very far – I couldn’t tell what it was, but as I searched I found her, she had an injured “

  175. Ok, so today at my job my co worker went to use my car and where I work we just park right in front in a line and she came running in to me and telling me there was a bird on my car. It was a baby hawk. What does this mean if anything only because there were at least five cars beside me on each side and it choose my car? The only reason I know it was a baby hawk is because another co worker went out to walk up to my car and it flew away. Probably not the best move but I one could not go out and two it was right above my door on the top so I wasn’t going there. What does all of this mean?

    • Well you weren’t there so probably nothing. That bird just landed on the most convenient surface. Especially since it was a youngster. A hawk visit is most often a direct personal eye to eye relationship action. Blessing on you nonetheless. 😊

  176. Having experienced many such blessings by many different animals over my life, I agree with Diane. My initial thought was the hawk visited because you are also blessed with an abundance of its prey: mice, voles, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits…maybe you feed songbirds or other animals.

    I spend time and meditation on such visitations and experience them with deep gratitude. When I have shared them with others, some who are open at least acknowledge the spiritual gifts inherent in the encounter; others seem to think it all poppycock and dismiss it (and me) as they move on in their shielded, inattentive predilection. It is as it is.

    Many years ago, I slept under a tree in my yard, without a tent, for several nights after my grandfather walked on. Several nights in a row, a Great Horned Owl rested on a branch above me. Early last year, my brother-in-law walked on. For a few weeks. a certain Red-Winged Blackbird landed on my wife’s rear view mirror at a certain intersection and seemed to share a conscious connection with her, no matter the time of day, until she pulled way.

    Whatever you receive from such an encounter, may it bring you peace, grace, warmth, and comfort.

  177. I haven’t read all of the comments as there are many. This post is old but I’m still hoping to hear back from someone for more perspective. I too have had many hawks around me lately. They have made sure to be seen and heard (loudly). Today as I visited my grandparent’s grave a big beautiful hawk landed next to me holding its prey. ( a rabbit ) It clearly was making eye contact and just watching me. I said ” hello your beautiful! I thanked him as well! I know they are trying to tell me their message but I have yet to know the message.

    • Debbie, thanks for your comment. Sounds as if you had a visit from a hawk with the steady eye contact, etc., in you post. The interesting fact you were visiting your grandparents gravesite makes me want to see it as significant. Mostly because you included that fact in your story which indicates to me that your heart already has recognized its importance. We know that the hawk visits are meant to encourage us, they are positive not negative visits. I believe God answers our heart needs, yearnings, our prayers, especially when we have directed our need to The Holy All Wise God. And sometimes I believe Gods Great spirit uses nature, and in this case a hawk visit. I know only the one visited can really interpret the message. That is because I don’t know nor have any means to know what need or question is in your heart. I know from my own experience, I expected some written out like message when I had my hawk visit, that isn’t how it works to find the message answer. Too many interferences could be involved. So I learned the intimacy of the massage received is already in your understanding, albeit not really clear to you now. Your seeking a message is our human mind wanting instant knowledge. The deepest and most meaningful messages come without fanfare. Trust this Debbie, the messenger chosen to give you assurance you are being watched over is the Hawk, to give you the certainty by the many positive attributes it has, such as, the Hawk is, uplifting (high flyer), insightful (keen sighted), patient watching (watches from distances) until clarity and moment of appproch is right. Be comforted Debbie, you are loved and blessed in God’s care. I personally believe your grandparents are praying for your overcare. Blessings.

      • Thank you so much for the response! I feel like the message is that God will provide. I was a little surprised that the hawk remained at the grave with me for the entire time and that he brought his rabbit with him. My grandparents were not materialistic and took care of my sister and I. They fed everyone. Lol I have recently stepped down from a high paying position and wondered if it was fair to my husband and would we be ok? My husband was a little worried but is now happy to have me at home and more time for him. The finances have been working out as well. I prayed for an answer regarding my job and eventually felt it was finally the right thing to do. I’m very grateful for my blessings and trying to listen for additional guidance in regards to finding my true calling.

  178. while sitting in kitchen telling my aunt we got loan to buy a house, she told me she didn’t want me to move to nh i told her i want to be in country. then a large hawk landed on fence looking right at me. i looked at his eyes and he looked back and then flew away last month my mother died and my fathers been gone since 1993. and i said its time for me to move on and be happy for myself instead of always helping brothers out been here 13ys and never seen a hawk so close what does it mean

    • Donna it appears your hawk visit is a message of confirmation for you. Only you can truly know in your heart the direction for you. I hope wherever you find yourself living you will continue to help others as the opportunities open to you. Blessings and God’s grace go with you.

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