Musings on Gender Faults

My earnest and kindest feelings to the gentlemen that read this and find it smarts.  If it does that to you then you aren’t among those whom I am discussing here.  You may have actually seen this kind of attitude yourselves among your peers.

Gender Faults:
Too often a helpful suggestion from a woman to a man results in a friendly “shine off.”  They just don’t like accepting help, especially if it is a mechanical idea from a woman no matter how small the incident.  Sometimes it is accepted but reluctantly I suspect.  What makes me say this: two men (50ish) were trying to open the gas cap on a motorcycle (real beautiful chrome) just at the base of my outside staircase.  As I was leaving my staircase I stopped to say hello, watched politely seeing the problem; walked on with my dog; came back to go up the stairs and one guy with a hammer was pounding away on a screw driver trying to budge the beautiful chrome cap to open.  I couldn’t keep quiet, so I shyly as possible said, I have some WD40 (a spray lubricant) I have found works wonders with a stuck cap you can use.  Neither guy looked up. Together they said no,  “it’s stuck, thanks.”  In other words the tone was nice but “bug off chick.”   So a few moments later I could see from my upstairs window they managed to unscrew the cap after banging at it with ferocity, which I’m sure badly scratched the chrome.  It just needed lubricant!  Maybe now you see what I mean.  Okay it could be the male ego with a motorcycle thing,  I don’t know.  But such rudeness for such a small suggestion!  At other times the insult, although probably not intended as one,  isn’t so obvious but nonetheless it is very clear.  The male response generally seems to be more “self” focused than “other” focused;  more concern for one’s own appearance than aware of the effect of comments on women.  After all their only women and shouldn’t be interested in “male” activities.
To even up this muse of gender faults post, I would like to quote this:

“A young man, who did not get married, dies and goes to heaven. When he gets there, he sees two lines filled exclusively with men. The line of his left is a half-mile long and packed three wide, with a sign in front saying: All Wimps and Hen-Pecked Husbands Register Here. To his right, on the other line, is one man standing alone under a sign that says: All Others Register Here. So the new guy walks up to the lone man in that line and asks, “Why are you standing in this line?” And the man replied, “Listen, buddy, my wife told me to stand here and I AM NOT MOVING!””

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