Walking Mindfully – 3rd week of reflection

Oh I know I’m a week late writing a post for the 3rd week of reflection, but I did post a series of thoughts on my other blog just today(also late).

Walking meditations are very insightful as Thich Nhat Hanh teaches or taught. His CD’s on Walking Mediation are still available.  The walk done with mindful breathing brings one into a state of peace and calm. It’s like a retreat from the daily grind to another level of existence.  The threshold of moving in slow rhythm with your breath brings ones mind into an ordered state of calm added to the deeper breathing that gives the brain and body more oxygen.

Clarity of a problem doesn’t need to be pondered over and hashed out with anxiety. A meditative walk with a mindful presence of one’s breath allows the inner unconscious part of your mind to order the details of a problem that may be perplexing.  The state of deep breathing along with a slow or ordered walk releases the emotions from entanglement with the facts of what may be a disturbing situation or problem.  One may find in the hours after the meditative walk, or in a day or two, that those situations that were a distress have dissolved from the flurry they were causing your emotions and the answer or direction is clearly discerned.

Now with all that said, it takes a decision at the beginning of the walk to do so in a slow and ordered way.  I have to admit my walks are not always of this kind.   I find my breathing does make a big difference and that I am alone (other than my doggie Suzi who is with me).  The walk becomes a “room” or a “place apart” where I can relax my thoughts and be free from all the questions of life.  In a way the questions of life that are haranguing (a long pompous speech) me seem to sift away and maybe I can look at one question a little more clearly; at least being isolated from the other thoughts I may see a direction or answer that might have taken me hours to arrive at otherwise.