My Latest Musings…

My latest musings have been on the prospect that this may be the last year of our lives! Yes, I know that sounds bizarre and off the wall; but that’s the way it is.  No I’m not sick, or planning or expecting any illness or surgery or anything like that; no accidents no premonitions, but prophecy is looming large on my mind as I read more and more and hear more and more of the world news.

I’m not really sure I am convinced of this ending actually because when I think of the fact that if I truly thought this was the end of the my time on this planet maybe I would be far more diligent in doing good works.  I don’t know really.  How does one act when they are told they have only 6months to a year to live?  Do we ever really believe it, does the reality really sink in?

I suppose when the doctors prognosis is so certain then we may become more believing of the fact.  Which tells me therefore i must not truly believe that the end is coming next May.   So that tells me a lot about my certainty the prophecy that I’m exposed to at this time. Its all based on numerology and space scientists theory.

Of course the world is scoffing at these prophecies but that has been true for thousands of years and yet many prophecies that were given have truly happened. One in fact being WWI and WWII.  More to muse on and pray about and think should I be doing something different than I am doing? hummm?

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