The Climatic Cosmic Week we celebrate Christ’s Passion

   I am reminded in my aching heart as I pray for my friends at Chaparral House and my relatives who are struggling with pains and disease that we all are going to die; from ashes to ashes.  The hard core of our pain it seems to me can be in accepting the inevitable which is slowly having to depend on others for our well being. It is through a predicament of life,  when ill or in our second half of life, mostly our last years of life that we are to let strange hands do our most menial familiar tasks for us. 

    Christ was always teaching others, healing others, loving others, and in the end of his life he was "taken, spoken to, accused, driven, dragged, spat upon, made to do that which was not his will."  He accepted, complied with the horrible tasks being done unto him, yet he continued in believing his Father was with him and there was a with a greater purpose for his soul; he was compliant in the face of his destiny.  He promised this for Peter as well as for his followers.  Well life itself has
a corruption about it that leads us to death in these bodies.  Yet we have the promise Jesus gave us that his Father is with us and there is a greater purpose for us as well; we will be with him in his Glorious Kingdom. For us today we might translate that to be his Unfathomable Richness of Being Together. 

    A recent meditation on the Apostle Peter who was told by Jesus he "would be taken where he did not want to go"  brought to mind the residents at Chaparral House that I know personally, along with all the myriads of women and men in an aged condition as well as ill children, who are most often restricted to a wheel chair, who need help getting in and out of bed, every menial mundane task has to be done for them, tasks that were so personal and private now are done unto and for them whether they are ready for it or want it.  Strangers come and go performing their "paid job" often acting  impersonally with a cold or distant attitude; a daunting reality of the loss of independence; of "our life."  Maybe the cold distant attitudes may serve at times as the only means of supposed privacy albeit totally sterile and unreal.

    It seems to me this tremendous change from health to sickness, or old age, the understanding that as others are "taking and doing to you" what they are determining is the best for you, and you no longer have any control of most simple movements of a normal existence how deeply this could affect our personalities.  It is a somber reality to think about. The emotional adjustment that has to be made may never fully be possible which no doubt could lead to melancholy, annoyance, and just plain orneriness, and always seems to include confusion.   I am brought to my knees to realize how much more gratitude I ought to be lifting up in my heart moment by moment with every small gesture with ceaseless prayer of thanksgiving; maybe not in actual words, but in my inmost attitude of being.  This may seem selfish. But my yearning heart prayer for these people as I look in their eyes is always active in my heart.  It seems harder for me to remember to pray thanksgiving myself.

   This meditation I believe is a healthy exercise, not an over done introspection, rather for me, it has opened my heart to the wonderful grace given me of freedom of movement, speech, hearing, and touch with whom and when whom I desire it.  I am in my second half of life but still functioning as my own agent in movement.  My heart becomes full with thanksgiving.  I am more aware however, for those others in such dire positions of "having others taking them where they don't ant to go", to them my heart melts with quiet awe and prayer.  How deeply my prayers are for their health to be restored, yet I know God's will for us all is to the perfection of our souls; the old saying the crucible of life is our fire of burning out the dross. May we all be in continual prayer. Amen.

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