5th Week of Lent

Here it is Friday the end of the week and no post. Well I didn't really plan on writing.  I am mostly busy in visits and prayer. My people, those I visit, have deep needs and I promise them prayers.  Also many requests from friends and church people.
This keeps me occupied; that and reading. 

Thursday was a holy day in recognition of the Annunciation to Mary, of course, to those of us that know that sort of thing.
I was again moved in my time to think this story over and over and meditate on the actual probable experience.  I have convience myself that Mary no doubt(to me) the good LORD prepared her for meeting an Angel by sending Gabriel to her maybe a couple times earlier than this time when he delivered the Big News!  The Great Holy ONE prepared Moses and Elijah and other people. When the weren't prepared they were knocked out, fallen to the ground as dead the stories tell us. So surely Mary had some early experience with Angels. At least that has been my conclusion from Thursday's meditations.

Nonetheless we move into the beginning of Palm and Passion Sunday. Our institutional churches have molded these two recognition Sundays into one.  Most people celebrate the Palm part and not the Passion which is going to be the focus of the whole week–Holy Week. 

It is my prayer that we all each and everyone of us, take time, a lot of time, to be still, to think, to then not think but to be ready to strip off old baggage of ideas, formulations, hatreds, divisions, and all other sorts of malice or disharmony and allow the Great HOLY SPIRIT of LIFE to move through our hearts to others.  May we recognize the LORD Himself; listen to his words and receive. 

I pray.

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