Birthday of Christ Jesus Le Villie de Noel

 Jésus-Christ, la Vie éternelle          Jesus Christ the Life Eternal

                                           Merry Christmas!
"…it was from Christ's marvelous sharing of our nature that the mystery of regeneration shone upon us."
Saint Leo the Great (?-c.461), Pope and Doctor of the Church Letter 31        

  THIS IS truly the JOY of Christmas!

   If GOD the Creator had not loved his creation so much the Spirit would not have overshadowed an innocent young girl whereby the Infinite Love became human flesh and lived among us.
That is the greatest miracle and one so many cannot accept because it cannot be understood. It must be believed in the heart and then sealed by being spoken. Without the Man/God Jesus the Anointed one we as humanity would be doomed to only the spit of life we do have here on earth. Whereas to know him, Jesus Christ, is to have Eternal Life. Those were his words to us. Can you believe? He came, lived, died, and rose again just for you and me.  Merry Christmas! Glory be to Emanuel!

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