Another Beginning

July has passed and now August. It has been two months of finding a new home, packing, changing addresses et al, getting a truck, getting helping hands, moving, unpacking (takes longer than packing), finding myself in what feels like someone else's rooms.  Yes. It is over. Well not quite. I am yet to finish the living room with a sofa, table, hang the paintings I will choose at that time to put up. Also have yet to resolve my desk/office materials in locating what that will be.  Other furniture is yet to arrive.  Wonderfully I am blessed with an second floor apt with a living room, kitchen with open dinning, entry foyer, bath and bedroom, with huge closet space.  A wonderful fountain in a pond that is winds through the buildings in right off my deck — see in the photo the decks. Mine is like that and the window on the left is the dinning area, only mine is on the other side of the deck than that photo. Its a small deck but it serves well. It faces west which gives me wonderful afternoon sun shining into the living room. Photos: fountain & ducks off my deck.

Lakeshore July 2009 023Lakeshore July 2009 034

The bedroom faces East which brings the morning light and sunshine into my room. Wonderful.  I am so fortunate.  Did I mention the living room even has a (wood burning) fireplace?  The name this gated community is The Shores. We are a block from the Bay as we are on a jetty from the main land. North of us a short span is Point Richmond an old whaling fisherman dock.  The Shores is surrounded by Marina Bay condominiums, the East Bay PG&E head quarters is just up the road, as is the large building site of the State of California Health Services. Across the street is CVS, Postnet, and three restaurants, and a hair salon, plus a BAC ATM.  The highway entrance is very near as is the Kaiser Hospital.   Costco is down the hwy one turn-off.  It is a very accessible location yet it isn't what one would describe as urban. The trees, a Marina, a Sailing School, and the Bay right here give the whole area a wonderful relaxing and casual and homey atmosphere.
   I am continuing in my membership at All Souls in Berkeley with my every Sunday attendance as well as my ministry work at Chaparral House where I minister every Friday and offer the Sunday Sacrament Service in the afternoon. Both are approximately eight miles from my new home.  Not only did I not have to move far away for a more reasonable living costs, I am close to my ministry work, and am so grateful it is cooler here by the Bay than in Berkeley or up on the Berkeley hill where my last home was.  Every part of my prayers have been answered and I am truly grateful to the Lord for this is no happenstance. Scripture teaches to give honor where honor is due.  Praise God!

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