Sunny and Breezy with promises and hope

             We all know the day is a special day for this USA as well as for the world.  Here in Berkeley, CA the day is sunny with a gusty breeze.  Promises of hope for the greater good of everyone everywhere is on our hearts and minds. This is not a new hope, but the promises of hope coming to fruition seem more likely somehow due to the election of a black man who grew up in Kenya and now is President of the US.  The gusty breeze seems to bring with it a blessing to uplift our wishes and blow away the chaff of indifference and apathy.
 Nothing special in my thoughts today; at least not unlike any one else's. 

My reading at the end of 2008 was immersed in Simon Weil and her Waiting For God.    This January I have loved reading the Anam Cara by the late John O'Donahue, a most remarkable poet.   Both have stirred my heart to its deepest reins and sparked me to even a greater awareness by giving expression to feelings and experiences. 

I want to make some comments on them both eventually as they both have brought into focus for me countless THRESHOLDS; the title of this blog.  I was naive enough to think this was a word I alone had conjured up for those special spaces between the old and the new.  The space that is in a sense infinite; a numinous emptiness that lingers in the midst of one episode of life into another; the transition; the Threshold.  I hope to share those notes soon.  I also have been compiling notes for our Adult Faith Formation classes for Lent. Each week of Lent there will be a study one of five faith words: Sanctifying Grace; Redemption/Justification; Sacramentality /Sacraments; Salvation; Atonement.  Finally, you might want to check out my latest painting on my Flickr photostream. 
 Weekly the Chaparral House has been an enriching time of sharing the Sacraments with the residents there in a small Christian Reserved Sacrament Service.  Now as the Chaplain on Staff this is a regular event for me as well as biweekly attending to the residents for visiting on Fridays. 

  My prayer for today:  Let us all be patient with one another seeking reconciliation in the Christ' Spirit of Love, and remembering our possessions are not the essence of who we are as persons nor do they define our importance or significance.

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