Merry Christmas Happy Birth Day for Our Lord

   What a beautiful quiet early misty-rainy morning with candles this Christmas Day. The clouds are gently misting through the mountain trees as I look out my windows.  The tall sentinel eucalyptus trees just a few yards off my deck stand firm with the strong gusts of wind bursting through their branches and their hanging bark.  Tiny my cat lies at my side and Suzi my dogie drapes half on my lap as she is at my other side while we experience the joy of the gentle moments of this Christmas morning.  I just finished the Bible reading and morning joyful song.  We are truly blessed. My heart sings out somehow even as I remember the shadows that hover over our world community.  In my small way I send out to you from my heart blessings of prayers, of love, joy, kindness, and thankfulness to you all.  I hope you have some moments to settle in to the silence of the earth's family of voices….it is a wonder and it will fill you with His Peace. 
  Merry Christmas!

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