Latest 3 Poems for SS Ministry December 04, 2008

Below are the next three poems I have put together for the Bay Area Poetry Coalition group I attend.  These poems have been in the works for awhile and they may be worked on more, who knows.  In any case I read these December 6th at our monthly meeting.  I was happy they were received well.  Hope you find them enriching.



to separate the grain from the husk…a place to move into more critical and worthy fullness.

Thresholds are like this

A person calls

someone you love just died

before the message finishes

you are standing in a different world

a threshold crossed—

everything important vanishes;

what was is gone.

Thresholds are where we can encounter

freshness of breathe itself.

Unfamiliar sameness brings

disorientation in the beginning;

We are being moved into and over an

Ethereal space wherein we sense

we suddenly are in a new skin in our lives.

The actual threshold is only recognized

once we have made a crossing.

It seems often to be a change that is

imperceptible to any physical reality.

There are no rituals that help us cross

and we do not cross worthily.

The thresholds for us to cross

are not there by our own making

nor by our own discovery,

rather as we move on in our seeking

they emerge and we cross over in true humility.

by Diane Stavrum 2008



There Is A Place Within

Time —

stress is a perverted relationship to time.

A target and victim

what is the true moment.

To be.


Surface time…….rapid

thieved time………over structured

slip down deep below the surface of the ocean

where it is still and things move slower..

Meister Elkhart..”there is a place in the soul that neither

time or space nor no created thing can touch.

Your identity is not determined by your geography

There is a place within each that has not been wounded,

where there is a still assurances in you;

where there is a seamlessness in you;

and where there is a confidence and tranquility in you.

Prayer, spirituality and love is to bring us to visit that

kind of sanctuary.

Soul Love..

by Diane Stavrum 2008



Sharing and Giving the love of God

No mask or pretension;

Beauty..human soul hungers for beauty..

We feel most alive in the presence of it .

It returns us to our higher selves…

Neglected of beauty is at the heart of our modern crises…

Beauty ennobles the heart,

And it reminds us of the infinity within us.

Mandala, said,
“What we are afraid is not our limitations but the infinite that is within us.”

Open the eyes of your heart to face the challenges that you face…

can you judge for yourself what is right?

by Diane Stavrum 2008


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