My Poetry Selections for the Bay Area Poetry Coalition Contest

The Shoreline

The waters shoreline gives

each wave a

newness to the same.

The edge of ocean waters visible

is where one can touch the wetness.

The soul to the body

is an edge where the waters of

invisible spirit

become visible.

Where an edge becomes a convergence.

Take time for it to happen.

Awaken your ability

to a be with each other and to be intimate.

The visible shoreline

by itself is a loneliness covered over with a fake intimacy.

Find the edge

and melt with those near you.



Cosmic vortexApart_

Simone Weil Might Tell Us

Some said she was a prophet;

maybe she was really a bridge.

The kind that spans worlds.

Worlds of intelligence

and our levels of experience.

She might tell us today that

truth has been taken captive.”

We have settled with a paradigm that came not

from our own deep selves; not our own.

She would say we must

seek at greater depth our own source.”

Why let the powers of today in government and

society lock up our treasure?

She said there are

treasures of alternative ideals”

that are more than customs, styles,

memories, moods, and mannerisms.

Why let the past stand in judgment on our

present, she would say.

She might have said

Awake, and seek the hope that you

secretly know inside–

deeply residing within;

always moving creating.

Uncover the carbon on your heart.

Break off the crust

Like scraping a stone and live

in the exposed light–




always becoming.




A Tavern

We have a sanctuary, a gathering.

A tavern for the soul, an assembly of drunkards.

As the Sufi's say:

“Wise to veil speech when discussing such things.”

Oh we enjoy a drinking which exists

beyond the borders of the orthodox.

Other Drinker's at parties,

under elaborate fixtures of every day life,

have gatherings of social culture,

 people unknowing of their own discomfort,

intoxicated in the surface only.

What more? They ask.

Unaccustomed as we are to listen,

we the world are likely to misread our own displeasure's.

We try to enhance

yet we only brandish lightly our own souls

with objects and possessions.

Drinking more in the silence of the soul

Tavern together we will find Crystals and

Facets of our faces illuminated

that we didn't see before.

There are suddenly many themes on themes on themes; 

our minds registering unfamiliar images;

we see new expanding patterns and resonances unending.

We approach maybe for the first time–

maybe not the first time–

but we find we are no longer blind

to the Light in our Drunkenness

and unaccustomed we shiver.

Then with new sight We emerge

into the darkness again of what we knew.

We can no longer walk as we did — we are different

– no –

we have been awakened in our drunkenness.


Diane Stavrum 2008 c


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