Corrie ten Boom the Dutch…

Corrie black & white
Corrie ten Boom Museum
Corrie ten Boom-author
Corrie ten Boom - Evangelist
Corrie with Billy Graham

Corrie ten Boom the Dutch Christian evangelist who miraculously was released from the Ravensbruck in Germany the dreaded Nazi concentration camp during WWII is my re read this week.  "Corrie called it (Ravensbruck) 'the deepest hell that man can create.'" (Rowewell, The Five Silient Years of Corrie ten Boom, Zondervan Books, 1986, p 11)
This marvelous testimony of the power of Corrie's and her sister's active Christian faith while imprisoned in extreme dire conditions and facing death daily is a faith builder for us today.  I marvel at their endurance under extreme cruelty and hardship.  Her many books I fully recommend if you have never heard or read her work.  The book of her ordeal in prison camp is The Hiding Place I am presently reading The Five Silent Years of Corrie ten Boom, which the first half is about her energy at 83 and an eleven month speaking tour throughout the USA, and will cover her last years as an invalid. It is written by her companion in ministry, administration and living help, and dear friend Pamela Rosewell who tells us about Corries' thirty three years of speaking to many groups, shares incidents exposing Corries' truthful and unassuming nature and of her  going to prisons to share her story and living faith, of her relentless need to call others to a deep personal living relationship with G-d through the Grace given to us through Jesus Christ, who is our guide and advocate to the Holy Eternal One. We have only to ask and open our hearts.  Pamela shares stories of Corrie's unassuming but fully loving presence, her simple manner, her direct message in all circumstances without judgment, and the moving of the hearts of those who heard her. Truly G-d moved His Spirit through her messages to reach the closed hearts and unbelieving souls whose hearts seemed sealed off to a conscience of G_d awareness, of people isolated in their hearts and minds from the living source of their very breath.  Corrie's  unwavering belief with her deep heart-felt love and assurance of the Living Jesus Christ surged in her soul to take every opportunity to share in the loving power of her G-d.
Corrie's faith, inspired energy and relentless enthusiasm in face of all obstacles is no doubt G_d given, but she asked and sought for it and then acted on it.  Remarkable and encouraging story. One that reminds us that it is G-d's work and power that is transforming, not who we are, or how we say it, other than to stay on message of the Love of G-d given us through Jesus Christ His Son Incarnate.   May we be so inspired to that faith, and filled with such gifted enthusiasm to share and witness to G-d's power-giving message of forgiveness, love and "Life in God's Grace.  Amen.

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